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May 9 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Taurus born on May 9, you are well known for your tact, diplomacy, and charm. You have an innate ability to always say the right thing at the right time. You have repeatedly used this ability to keep the peace and protect the feelings of others. While the people closest to you appreciate your tact, perhaps what they love the most is your charm. You have a special mind and a unique sense of humor, which explains why people find you so pleasant and likeable.

The elemental pair of your sign is the Earth, and in fact you have the only constant connection to the Earth of all the signs of the zodiac. Like an unmoving boulder, your special connection to the Earth makes you stubborn and powerful. As with all earth signs, your earth influence makes you prudent and practical in all your endeavors. While others live their lives in the clouds, your connection to the elements keeps you grounded and realistic. Embrace your elemental strength as it will play a key role in your future success.

Your determination will always give you the opportunity to succeed, so your biggest challenge may be finding the profession that you enjoy the most. With the gift of communication and understanding, you can excel in teaching, selling, or lecturing. Similarly, your intellectual interests can lead you to higher education and philosophy. Your charisma can appeal to an audience as a writer or journalist, as is the case with Mike Wallace, who was also born on May 9th.


(Pluto) – NEPTUNE – (Pluto) – MERCURY

The story of one thing ending just for another one to start is the story of those born on May 9th. Neptune and Mercury have a tale to inform, affecting the health of those individuals if they don’t vent and share what must be shared. The natural difference between these entities is vast and speaks of a significant imbalance that stands inside one’s Soul, as an inner battle that has got to be untangled and dropped at a place where understanding and self-expression become obvious. The Sun and Saturn tell their hidden story within the next step of the numeral analysis and show the rigid Nature of their personality that stands in their way for shining. It’s the conflict of a father and his son that may only heal through words, expression, and talent shared with society.


May 9


The Sabian symbol for Taurus representatives born on May 9th of an intercalary year and two years following it: “A New Continent Rising Out of the Ocean.”

Two symbols like these represent the old versus the new. It emphasizes the importance of change, movement, and the element of Air in people born on this date. The mix of a disagreeable woman with a whole new continent pulls the scales towards the new, but history shouldn’t be neglected and dismissed based on the longer-term one wishes to achieve. These vast distances, the view, the Air, and the ocean, speak of Nature. All of those things are out of our control but may be used as a wind in our sails if we only yield to the present.


The entire existence of every person born on May 9th comes all the way down to the way they’ll show their inner world to people. It’s their task to become light and versatile, open for all possibilities and lots of sharing, while at the same time being aware that what they need to share may be a lot bigger than some individuals can be willing to handle. As time goes by, they’ll start surrounding themselves with the good crowd and become pleased with their convictions and their faith. Once they are doing it, it’ll get easier to relinquish the message meant for the planet to listen to through any variety of expression and any talent they were born with.


As soon as the person born on May 9th stops rationalizing emotional and sensitive issues, their relationship with someone special and their entire emotional world will have an opportunity to blossom. They’re compassionate and infrequently unwilling to admit this, but still putting emotion. It might affect their career path greatly, distance them from education and personal progress, and make them dissatisfied with the potential for greatness they feel they need to be wasted along the way. These individuals seek someone to share their goals with, inspire them and make them feel whole. The dream they carry in their mind won’t be easy to identify or understand by others, and therefore the lack of compassion and love might shake up their world of convictions intensely and make them lose faith. Luckily, they’re aware that their only chance for happiness is to heal, learn and mend their hearts from all the losses they’d have to address so that they can communicate and be ready to run for something new.


A person born on May 9th excels in art, psychology, and any creative work that asks for his or her sensitivity to use. They’re excellent orators, and their communication and expression skills could make them even better in acting or any kind of role-play. Their mind is formed for significant and important issues, music and art, and it won’t give them an opportunity for rest if they aren’t in flow with their mission and inspiration.


May 9

Fluorite could be a truly wonderful stone for those born on May 9th because it gives them the creative push they generally have to understand which new things they must undertake. It’s a stone that will deflect all sorts of negative energies, psychic manipulation, and chaos in one’s environment. Thanks to its ability to soak up such a lot of negativity, this crystal should be cleaned daily.


The best birthday gift for someone born on May 9th may be a fantasy novel they need which they have never read. They have something to remind them of the magic of life and someone to point out that there’s nothing during this world that ought to be considered impossible if they have enough faith. Positive psychology could help them overcome some superficial issues with communication or their assertive strengths. It’s always safe to settle on something exotic and different, something to maneuver them, concert tickets, or a visit to a play they wanted to determine for months.


Charming, stuffed with belief and light-weight, their idealism can lead the way for several. They’re talented for several things, diverse, and predestined for greatness with their emotional core shared and yet intact.


Dishonest, living in their bubble for ages, stiff in convictions that hurt their Soul and possibly their body, they’re the strange, elusive manifestation of the unknown that those around their fear and don’t understand.


  •  In 1949, Billy Joel was born, an American singer and songwriter, a six-time Grammy Award winner, and one of the best-selling artists of all time. Except for his talent, Neptune in his planetary row brought problems with depression that even led to him drinking an exceeding suicide attempt at one point.
  •  In 1961 John Corbett was born, an American actor who starred in Sex and The City, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and United States of Tara. Besides his talent in acting, he has done voice overs for restaurants and drug stores and recorded two folk albums.
  •  In 1962 Dave Gahan was born, an English singer and songwriter, best referred to as the lead singer of the band Depeche Mode. His biological father disappeared from his life not once but twice, as if to only emphasize the problems of the Sun with Saturn within the interpretation of the second numeral row.


  • 1386 – Treaty of Windsor, the oldest diplomatic alliance within the world that’s still effective, is ratified by England and Portugal.
  • 1874 – In Mumbai, the primary horse-drawn bus starts traveling on two routes.
  • 1901 – The primary parliament of Australia was openeda.
  • 1904 – The primary time a railway locomotive exceeds the speed of 100 mph (160 km/h).
  • 1960 –It’s announced that contraception is approved as a further indication for Enovid, making it the world’s first approved oral contraceptive pill.

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