Houses in Astrology: Everything that you should know about

Houses in Astrology: Everything that you should know about


Personally, this is the house that reflects the importance we place on ourselves and everything we do. In it, we can materialize our energy into something we can touch, use, or keep in our hands as if it were a natural result of the energy we bear in our bodies, which is embodied by our first home. Our horoscope’s second house represents our area of habit, the food we consume to satisfy our appetite, which is fueled by the animal we bring in the first house. It is a source of income that improves our bodies and leads to higher-quality thoughts. It is associated with the Taurus zodiac sign, represents money, and is also known as the house of worth.

Areas of Life

Houses in Astrology

Personal property, possessions we want to have in this lifetime, and the food we love to eat are all matters of the second home. It denotes the point at which our first, materialistic goal of life is established. It reflects the impact of our eating habits on our financial condition, as seen by philosophical connections. Fasting or eating a balanced diet will help us cleanse our bodies of harmful substances that have accumulated. 

The Second House in Aries

If the second house begins with Aries, we can deduce that this individual follows their instincts to construct something tangible. This is a deep hunger that often refers to instinctive overeating or undereating in response to one’s fears. This stance speaks of fast gains and a clear focus on self-worth and the importance of everything in life.

The Second House in Taurus

The most natural location for this house is the second house cusp in Taurus. People with it are born with the ability to appreciate all things, relationships, other people, and life experiences. This may refer to a specific challenge in which a person is expected to learn about their worth through a series of demeaning experiences. However, this is an unusual occurrence that must be verified by a daunting Venus location in one’s natal map.

The Second House in Gemini

Houses in Astrology

If the second house is in Gemini, we can assume that the individual will make money through fast, freelance activities rather than a serious job that will provide much deep, stable satisfaction. This person can make money from publishing, journalism, constant movement, oratory abilities, or strong trading skills. Suppose planets in this house or Mercury pose a problem. We can see how superficial approaches to valuing things cause discord and make a person worried and agitated while also preventing them from creating anything stable or large enough to suit their requirements. When Mercury is retrograde or in the sign of Pisces, this can also signify a “trickster position” or someone who makes money from unscrupulous practices.

The Second House in Cancer

If the second house starts in the sign of Cancer, it is a clear indication that an individual will earn money through a family business or their own private company. This is someone who can work from home or who goes with the flow and trusts in fate to provide them with money. In general, if the Moon isn’t firm, this isn’t a solid place, but it does offer the opportunity to find incredible joy in food, cooking, and family gatherings. This viewpoint emphasizes one’s inner desire for gratitude and love, and it frequently refers to genetic predispositions as a source of personal advantage. It can also refer to an inheritance that they have been spending since the day they were born, as opposed to inheritance matters in the eighth house, where someone must die or give up something for gain to occur.

The Second House in Leo

We can see the potential to pose for money if a person’s second house cusp is in Leo’s sign, which is often seen in models, performers, and people who have to be theatrical to get something for themselves. Depending on the integrity of its ruler, this is the second house position that speaks of high confidence regarding material matters. However, it can also make an individual susceptible to other people’s opinions regarding their worth. This is a difficult place for the second house since it is so closely linked to one’s ego, and the outcome of every scenario is linked not only to one’s self-worth but also to one’s self-respect. This can be difficult if a person lacks the courage or strength to confront all of the challenges that may arise from other people and society.

The Second House in Virgo

If the second house begins in the sign of Virgo, it’s fair to assume that this individual is still learning about satisfaction. This is a sign that Venus is about to collapse, and since Venus is the natural ruler of the second house, we can see that the challenge here is to value one’s deeds and achievements rather than looking for flaws in anything they do. We can see someone reasonable and capable of fixing everything that comes their way if powerful Mercury colors this place. However, it is still uncommon to meet someone with this setting who is content with their possessions. Money is earned via hard labor, devotion, and meticulous attention to detail, and it is carried out by someone who rarely gains anything quickly or earns what they do not deserve.

The Second House in Libra

When Libra rules the second house, it gives a person a sense of self-worth based on their relationships with others. In specific ways, this can be troublesome. It can lead to jealousy and other types of judgments that the Soul isn’t ready for while still offering material blessings by relationships or a chosen spouse. This may cause a person to see their spouse thinking about their possessions in vain and turning to other people’s belongings in a poorly set position. 

The Second House in Scorpio

If the second house has a cusp in Scorpio’s sign, it indicates that our ancestors have left us money. This can be a blessing or a curse, depending on our genetic predispositions, since it is highly dependent on those who lived before us. When this situation takes over, it may seem that we have no control over our well-being. This is a position that challenges a person to find joy in change and agree that energy must flow and circle at all times to find joy in the material world.

The Second House in Sagittarius

If the second house cusp is in the sign of Sagittarius, it would not be easy to keep money or stick to tried and true methods of earning it. Even if this is someone who will benefit from teaching, philosophy, or travel, the amount received would be difficult to track and spend quickly. There is always much success where beneficent Sagittarius is, but there are also many idealistic methods and a tendency to overdo whatever the house symbolism is concerned about. This is precisely why these people tend to overeat, overspend, and earn excessively, or to be unrealistic about their worth and the value of their work and successes.

The Second House in Capricorn

If the second house cusp in Capricorn is present in one’s horoscope, it is also interpreted as a fated cross that cannot be reversed. The most serious issue here is remorse, which is held deep inside one’s Soul and contributes to unfortunate circumstances and financial or eating habits errors. This is not a forgiving position, mainly if one is not prepared to take full responsibility for one’s life and financial or material possessions. 

The Second House in Aquarius

Matters of value can continually alter if the second house starts in the sign of Aquarius. The person’s only constant value can be seen in their partnerships and shared societal aspirations, although it will be difficult to stay stable in one financial approach. This is a person who feels compelled to take significant financial risks, just as they will risk their health and all their body can handle by eating far too much fast and junk food for their liver and heart to take.

The Second House in Pisces

Many belongings will go missing from time to time while the second house is in Pisces’ sign. This can be seen in someone who can’t find their keys or who is unsure of when or when they will make money independently. The tricky part is that with Pisces, illusions can take over. One can feel genuinely and profoundly fulfilled without having much, just as they can overestimate their abilities in specific fields, losing sight of their true mission and focusing on material goals.