The Twelfth House: The twelfth house overview in the Astrology

The Twelfth House: The twelfth house overview in the Astrology


There is something bizarre about the twelfth house, and no matter how hard we attempt to describe it, it always tricks us. The moment we think that we have got its meaning, we will be eluded. The twelfth house has the Latin name ‘‘cancer’‘, meaning “prison,” and it may make your life a prison or jail, in any way you can fancy. It is also called The House of Self-Undoing. 


Areas of Life

This house is about our dreams and fantasies, our subconscious mind, our secretive and concealed things. It talks about imprisonment in the sense that it describes our unfulfilled wishes, desires, and wants that we have held up to for long and that are still somewhere deeply buried in our hearts. It is the second logical house after the eleventh one. It is a space of great understanding that one can derive from their friends and social circle while others may seek and get spiritual support. 

Other than the “prison” thing, the house also sheds light on the remote institutions, say hospitals and mental illness curing centers. It is a sort of illusion and mysteriousness that cannot be seen or experienced with open, naked eyes; one has to calm down and close his/her eyes to feel. Also, If one does so, then also it may not be easy to decrypt. It is our space of quietness and peace, isolation, of our reflection. It is our place of solitude and meditation, retreat, and self-reflection. At the same time, our beautiful garden has different, bright, and lovely flowers of desires, curiosity, and imagination. This house reflects things that are unknown to us and things that are hard to understand. 


The Twelfth House

When the twelfth house is there in the astrological sign, Aries, it means that there might occur problems but in a manageable and reasonable environment. Others will enter their life so easily and effortlessly, like they are almost identified. They may consume Aries’ personal energy a lot. Hence, Aries should remember to speak and stand up for themselves. While Aries would like to focus on particular goals with all their power, their mind seems to be getting deviated and may result in a strange state where it is not used up to its total capacity. It may indicate some events of the past that ended in frustration or fire weapons or sharpened objects.


If the twelfth house is in the sign of Taurus, this is essential for those who never had pleasure in real life and of the secret sexual act. Spirituality and original expertise fall into the sign ruled by Venus, meaning imaginativeness, curiosity and inspiration come, but they should be discovered steadily. Secret relationships can have strong bonds and intimacy. But firstly, there is a need for sign-born individuals to identify themselves and then look for a partner who may appreciate them for who they are. If one wishes that their dreams should be fulfilled, it is an ideal position. Because it brings in Earth in our personal space, making everything achievable that we dream of for success. 


The twelfth house in Gemini is a bit hard due to its Piscean nature, and whatever its relation with emotions is, it is entirely different from logic. It is also a position that could give an excellent power for writing, words, and the art of languages. Such talented people should stop wasting their time and energy on other people’s businesses. Those born with the twelfth house in Gemini must have completed their past life with their extensive inclination of speaking out of their mind, expressing themselves freely, being themselves. Their bond will be manifested somehow, be it their relationship with children or friends. 


With the twelfth house in the sign of Cancer, you may sense family confidentiality. It also signifies their propensity to look up to their one or both parents, idolize them. It represents the line of descent and shows the sign of emotional indebtedness. The unusual matter is hiding in the twelfth house, and when Cancer is here, you can see this unusual matter in an intimate and close relationship. The significance of emotions can also be traced here. We will come to discover that the twelfth house positioned in any Water sign gives one the capacity to feel what others feel, and many times may erase the boundaries of a person and his/her emotions. 


When the twelfth house begins in Leo, the personality itself seems to be odd, anonymous, and unspecified. These individual personalities will need to learn about their true capabilities and superpowers. However, it remains secretly present. It is a sign that our previous life had a saga of success, happiness, and fame. It can be highly fulfilling because these deep memories can bring satisfaction and content to the mind. However, if there was an impurity in their approach to anything previously, this is the time to correct it. Since the actual image of one’s self is muzzy and indistinct, help to others and the service of humankind will be highly rewarding at some point in time in life. 


If the twelfth house is in Virgo, we can almost visualize the situation when a person tries to act over-smart and fails badly instead. Also, this can be vice versa too, and the personality can be unbelievably intelligent in the most uncertain circumstances. They will depend on their brains mostly but can be secretive too. That fair principle of Virgo can be quite tricky when we speak of someone’s twelfth house, for dreams and hopes get suppressed by reality, the head can be considered before the heart. If a person with the twelfth house in Virgo wants to find joy, they have to recognize where their true potential lies to make use of it to show others their power. Mostly they will be good at writing, communicating, and doing in-depth analysis. 


With the twelfth house in Libra, it seems necessary to deceive and be deceived. Nonetheless, we can find the mystical story of Libra in the twelfth house and understand that we have left someone dear to us, and we may as well find that person out. Things that were missed in our twelfth house tend to show themselves someday. It is always someone’s talent to recognize art and beauty, with an artist’s mindset, often channelized through paintings, drawings, and music. However, they have to be cautious of not being disregardful towards anybody to develop and grow themselves. 


The Twelfth House

The twelfth house in Scorpio is a fascinating place. Something as taboo and as mysterious as being unable to find a place for a hideaway. Although, his position permits them to be. The highly misfortunate things that could happen here are that of suppressing one’s feelings, wishes, aspirations, and desires and, at last, ending it up in a state where they are unable of their true self. It is the sign that speaks of our shadows and everything we want to conceal, hide or keep shadowed. And when things are hidden or kept secret for long, it becomes a practice. It can make these people baffled, and they may end up finding themselves in strange, bizarre, and crazy situations or circumstances. The charmingness of a Scorpio can fully be felt when you are unbiased, unprejudiced, and accepting of their deep, dark, and scary emotions.


When the twelfth house is set in Sagittarius, we may think of someone who’s lost and has no sense of where he is heading up to in their life. It seems inherent to these people that they have no idea where they are going. Throwback in the past to determine what made them lose track of things. Or what made them derailed if their beliefs and hopes may help. Grace will be showered by the most unexpected people and situations. These people can judge the morality and goodness of others even from a distance. It is a powerful position for spirituality and meditation, but it is not worthwhile if they lack good sleep. 


With the twelfth house in Capricorn, it becomes difficult to know who has been appointed what duties and responsibilities. It is a complicated thing because this weakness is due to our non-realization of the fact that a good, sound base can do the work, and great ideas can also be elevated if they are implemented correctly. Even though it might not seem like it, this is one of the most challenging positions in the twelfth house, for it speaks of karma and our firm and solid connections with past experiences. If Saturn is vital in a person’s chart, there will be a sense of safety and security and intelligence if doing the right things in life. It will open their door for building their true self and peace and beliefs.


The twelfth house in Aquarius speaks of a burden demise that occurred in our previous life. It is a place of pressure and tension with odd mental attitudes. Resolving the differences and patching up seems complicated and challenging to these individual personalities. There is a need for them to be more compassionate and kind, and benevolent and charity would be convenient. It would be great to be Secret Santa for someone and do good without other people knowing about it. Even though they might prefer aloofness and solitude, getting married or getting into a relationship won’t disturb their peace of mind. It helps them make a good impression about their personality rather than always being on their own. 


If the twelfth house is set in the sign of Pisces, all confidential and undisclosed things will be buried more deeply than others. It means that digging through the subconscious will be more rigorous and exhaustive. Usually, these individuals look forward, being utterly unknown of their connection or link with the past. These people will not be enlightened about their true inner self and need to have a good, tight sleeping routine to stay calm and at peace. Mostly, they will sleep for grueling eight hours daily, ditching late-night outings or affairs. It would be best to be aware of their hidden talent and potential and use it to make the world a more solid place.