The Third House: The third  house overview in the Astrology

The Third House: The third house overview in the Astrology

The third house in astrology is also called “The House of Communications,” which refers to “brothers” from the Latin word fraters. On a more personal and physical level, it relates to the zodiac sign of Gemini and talks about the insides of our mind. The central aspect of its positioning describes how one tends to think and the various processes in their head that ultimately lead one to make confident choices in life. It is highly crucial in personal chart analysis because it provides insight into an individual’s state of mind, just as the fourth house speaks of emotions and the heart or the first house of the state of physiology. 

Areas of Life

The third house occupies the area that we are not the closest to, in genetic terms. For example, it includes the relatives and family members who are not a part of the immediate family, such as cousins, aunts, etc. This house represents one’s mind, a way of writing, thinking, and reasoning that is specific only to you. In other words, it talks of our human, rational side that makes a person react to practical issues in a certain way. It is a house that is greatly influenced by the element of the sign it falls into. So, it relates to emotions strongly in a Water sign, practical side when in Earth, social contacts in an Air sign, and proactive fiery thoughts in a Fire sign.

Other than all of this, the third house is also a place of active learning and transportation through seminars, certified training, or short educational courses. It symbolizes our early education on the elementary school level, intellect, and a closely linked ability for childish joy and happiness. In the material world, it could be compared to a place where our neighbors live or a house of local trips and short travels, hikes, treks, or walks. Among all things mentioned, the third house is our car and its color, brand, characteristics, and outdoor hiking equipment. It represents our choices and preparation. In addition, this house will be in sync with any technical devices we put our hands on or use in everyday chores, especially if those gadgets are a means of communication, such as mobile phones and laptops.

The Third House in Aries

The Third House

With the third house cusp in Aries, the individual under this sign is proactive, alert, and possesses an aggressive approach to communication. They are always bubbling with energy and full of active ideas, whose mind seldom catches a break. It could be seen as both a blessing and a curse because the sign of Aries has the capacity for intelligence, speed, and clear reasoning as much as for unresolved anger issues. When this position is accented, Aries has to learn about the repercussions of their words and things said by other people. They need to build up their patience for issues they obsessively ponder upon. As stubborn communicators, they can be pretty annoying in the presence of a large group until they realize what they are required to do to become true leaders: to give respect and listen to everyone around them.

The Third House in Taurus

If the third house falls into the sign of Taurus, the thoughts of these people are often static, slow, and turned towards material or hedonistic matters. This house is one of the most practical and constructive positions, even though it could be irritating for others with third house cusp in zodiac signs that belong to the element of Air. Once individuals with this position discover their talent of creation, it can easily be incorporated into their routine, with ease in handling mundane details and taking responsibility for things others usually turn away from. This will bring them a lot of contentment in the material aspect, as seen through financial gain and the way it is mainly spent on aesthetics and a comfortable lifestyle. The greatest challenge of one such mind hides in their lack of flexibility and their inability to accept change, in both professional and romantic ventures of this sign.

The Third House in Gemini

The position of the third house in the sign of Gemini is the most natural among its functions in all other characters. It could be considered a blessing in their life as they always seem to have solutions to unsolvable problems and always project clarity in their choice of words, which is only a reflection of their clear mind. If one were to tie it down to a physical setting, it can be compared to one’s attachment to their sibling and speaks of the importance of communication in a person’s life. Depending on the dignity and position of their ruling planet, Mercury, one can grasp how positive or challenging their mental state is. The one quality that individuals with the third house in Gemini lack are a sense of compassion and reason when it comes to real material issues. Often, these people need a healthy schedule to learn how to be respectful of the time and their bodies to be satisfied with the thoughts that emanate from their hearts. 

The Third House in Cancer 

The third house in Cancer indicates inherited intelligence, which could either be a blessing or a curse. Suppose a person under this sign is born into a family that consists of well-educated folks with a vast knowledge base. In that case, they will probably follow in their footsteps to be deeply rooted in their ancestry. However, issues that arise due to their reasoning abilities, especially when it comes to separating the rational from the emotional, have roots in the same place as well – their parents. They need to build a strong-willed personality and protect their individuality from releasing some pressure from their heads in a cool-headed approach. The main task of every Cancer is to express their true feelings and desires practically and acceptably. They need to construct a solid foundation rooted in reality for their overflowing emotions. In this process, they might constantly find themselves in a dilemma between the mind and the heart when an amalgamation of both rolled into one.

The Third House in Leo

When the third house belongs to the zodiac sign of Leo, thoughts are primarily focused on one’s Self. Although this seemingly self-obsessive trait might cause troubles in long-term friendships as well as partnerships in the life of Leos, it is their mission to create their character and personality with clear set boundaries towards other people and circumstances. Once they achieve this, they might find an attraction for unnecessary challenges that only fuel their ego unless enlightened and entirely aware of their abilities; one of them is that when they understand there is nothing in this world that should be taken personally. These individuals hold the potential to become one of the happiest people once they learn to nurture and accept the child within. In a rush to pursue their goals and desires in life, they should never forget to fulfill their responsibilities and duties. Only then will they express their authentic personality with ease and spread positivity with everyone around them. 

The Third House in Virgo

The Third House

The third house set in the sign of Virgo is a strange position that is as often empowering as much as it is weakening. While, on the one hand, Virgo exalts Mercury (its ruling planet) and symbolizes intelligence and incredible clarity of the mind and other mental abilities, it is also a sign of practical matters, issues of routine and physiology, and minor health problems that they exaggerate at times only as a force of instincts. However, in many cases, individuals born with this position are often burdened with health issues, reduced to the role of a victim, and some may also end up in a state of mild or severe hypochondria. It results due to their lack of emotional satisfaction and their almost obsessive need to find faults in everything around them, particularly in themselves. These people have to harbor a strong sense of faith and leave room for creativity, love, and inspiration to visit, without looking for logical explanations for every minor detail throughout their lifetime.

The Third House in Libra

When the third house cusp is set in the sign of Libra, it shows one who thinks and speaks of others way more often than required. This position is favorable for their love life. It can manifest into an unexpected romance with a good-looking neighbor, a reunion of childhood sweethearts, and their remarkable ability to see both sides of a story. However, it is also an enormous challenge for one to give in to their inner core unless enlightened and adequately built in terms of upbringing. So, Libras have to harbor a solid personality to make good use of this position and be aware of their attitude and judgment before talking to other people. Once these individuals learn to incorporate their opinion and voice into society, they make great thinkers and orators, blessed with the ability to touch hearts and raise the confidence, clarity, and awareness of the ones surrounding their aura. If they feel that they have become too judgmental, it is usually a push to take the plunge and make an inner change to create a more satisfying and meaningful life.

The Third House in Scorpio

When the third house is in the sign of the Scorpion, it is never handled with ease. Scorpios have a deep, strong mind, often enriched with a sense of dark humor that makes it difficult for their thoughts and words to remain pure and liberated from the clutches of dissatisfaction. This position is beneficial in research, science, and occult matters. Still, it causes challenges when it comes to the issues of the heart and building a stable emotional connection with the people closest to them. The darkness of a Scorpio is best observed in their choice of words. So, they need to take everything with a pinch of laughter and joy in life and practice profound emotional clarity in their quest to accept their shadows with beauty and grace. The best practice for such firm personalities is to indulge in whatever defines beauty and choose a creative line of work. Once they manage to recognize all that is positive and good in their environment, it will clear up the haze and help them discover valuable treasures within. 

The Third House in Sagittarius

With the third house in the sign of Sagittarius, it takes shape into a talkative individual. In material terms, this position is suitable for philosophical thinkers and people of varying perspectives. These individuals possess the ability to view seemingly dark opinions in a positive light. Perhaps the most impressive quality of this sign is their determination to manifest their beliefs and values in practical existence. This position can also represent answers that might seem distant at the moment when the absence of direction in life is accented, and one exhibits no awareness of their true path and destination. If one were to view the positives of these individuals, it would be that Sagittarians are perpetual travelers, optimists, and teachers, who are blessed with a giving heart and a mind that is forever ready to learn. However, in a hostile setting, they tend to get lost. In a chatter of their thoughts, they begin to talk excessively instead of acting in their best interest. Scattered expressions and opinions may take over when they are tired and feel astray in their path throughout life.

The Third House in Capricorn

With the third house starting in the sign of Capricorn, it manifests into a pretty tough personality. Although Capricorn is the sign of rationality and depth and finding the practical usage of all artifacts in life, it is also symbolic of karma, mistakes, damaged relationships, and coldness of heart. To keep their third house in balance and harmony, these individuals need to avoid detachment from their emotional core. Compassion should be followed by rest to combat any challenge of this house, such as when a sibling is suffering from constant chronic issues, no matter the condition (physical, mental, or any other kind) of their state. At the same time, firm boundaries and the need for rest are accented in this house. While it is easy to give in to stress and pressure, they will soon realize that their mind can gain the clarity they seek with enough sleep, making their future more hopeful or at least acceptable at the moment. If these people learn to live life without taking it too seriously, they can become excellent in-depth, practical mentors and genuine inspiration to everyone around them.

The Third House in Aquarius

When the third house belongs to the sign of the water bearer, it represents a rich social life and an innovative mind filled with brilliant thoughts and ideas. A person born under this sign is a natural rebel who never relies on other people’s advice without having gone through it themselves. However, they tend to give others around them endless advice that might cause their fall into the field of problems when they begin to associate their ego with it. They need to acknowledge that everyone is blessed with a specific type of intelligence and knowledge, so they need not give anyone unnecessary advice unless others specifically ask for it. With a mind that possesses the ability to find alternative ways of reasoning coupled with liberal expression, these individuals make great innovators, astrologers, and friends, as long as they do not give in to expectations and stress and take good care of their physiology and their overall physical state. Without a muscular physique, their great mind loses its grounding and becomes unable to execute their intelligence in a material, practical way.

The Third House in Pisces

If the third house is set in the sign of Pisces, one has to keep in mind that it is a sign of Mercury’s fall. These individuals are in a ceaseless conflict between emotion and reason, resulting in significant challenges in this individual’s ability to write, speak, or even think clearly. However, the sign of Pisces is a breeding ground for great talents too, and depending on the positions of Jupiter, Neptune, and Mercury, their unique skills can find their grounding through positive changes and dignities of the mentioned celestial bodies. For the third house to reach a state of clarity in Pisces, all mind-altering should be avoided at all costs, including narcotics, alcohol, medicaments, and even nicotine. The purity that prevails within their heart will have the same effect on the mind causing their words and choices to reflect innocence with rationality. If these individuals practice what they preach, they might discover that the magic of life is theirs for the taking.