Ceres: Explore its meaning and significance in astrology

Ceres: Explore its meaning and significance in astrology

The fundamental role of Ceres, one of the dwarf planets that circle the Sun, just like Pluto, has to be discovered in our natal chart. Although there are suggestions to turn Virgo into a modern governor, its feminine impact has still not been determined and astrological research is still needed so that we can make its role clear. Being the smallest of all dwarf planets, it was not seen as much as you would expect in astrology and there is still a long way to go before we get to know the meanings it speaks about in our birth chart.

We must first look at it as a motherly, earthly personage, a female entity who gives us products from our hard work and makes us work even more modestly so as to feed those around us hungry mouths.

Mythology and the Rule of Virgo


The Roman Goddess of agriculture, cereals, fertility and motherly relationships was Ceres in mythology. In April, the main Ceres Festival was organized and called Cerealia, which recalls our daily routine and was ruled by the sign of the Virgin in an insignificant play that indicated her possible rule.

Laws of Ceres have been considered crimes against the people, determining the course of lawful, civilized life and crimes against land and harvest. We will find that it is one of the rare righteous and intelligent signs of men if we try to find another link with the sign of Mary. It is often connected with Astraea, the innocent and purified goddess who gave up people when they were broken and “tainted,” leaving the earthly world in the afterworld to measure souls (symbolically speaking of the transition of Virgo to the sign of Libra). It is no wonder that Virgo is constantly looking for pureness, cleanliness and celibacy, always turning to our human, intelligent, feminine role. Against the magic of the fish, Ceres can be considered once again to be one of the symbolic masters of the Virgo if we believe that the former Ceres laws prohibited the magic charm of the farmland and called for the death penalty for the illegal removal.

However, the most interesting fact lies in the symbolism of the Greek mythology of Demeter. Demeter was Persephone’s mother, a lost girl who is linked to Venus’ role. Currently, it wasn’t that Venus fell into the Virgo sign, although it is pretty evident that it coincides with, or is at least its counterpart in Greek mythology, the basic archetype of the Dwarf planet.

Ceres in Astrology

If we look at Ceres’ position in our diagram, we find that this stands for fertility and how to ensure our physical life. It will show a great feminine role in our lives as a practical nature that helps us put food on the table if a personal planet or our Ascendant comes into contact with this. With sufficient breadth and if it is placed in the signs of Jupiter’s rule or in touch with Jupiter itself, we see it guide the way to humanitarian efforts, to show the tendency to save children, lives of the lost and the entire human race from convictions that go beyond the individual.

Ceres is the ultimate sacrifice and brings the energy of all the sacrifices that you can imagine made in the name of the harvest. Vegetarianism is an excellent way to circle the energy of life taken once when your second house-customs, ruler, Venus, or moon is in touch with Ceres. In such cases, a person’s sensitivity often goes far beyond the need for meat intake. Although they may not feel compassion for the killed animals because their roles are overly rationalized, the whole emotional body vibrates with more clarity after cleansing and freeing themselves from the energy of killing.

The most unfortunate role of Cères in our chart is to spend a life in search of the beauty it depicts by the loss of a daughter or a younger sister in the “underworld,” a bad man” (just as Persephone loved the Devil.). The hidden nature and fall of Venus will be hard to understand, and satisfaction in this life will be difficult to attain, as we chase carrots every day to find them only in the darkest underworld and all we ever feared. This symbolism speaks of the “malignant” need of Ceres to face us with our shadows and the profound fears of our lives, a loss of love and beauty only so that we may flourish and be free.

The Earth Mother is the most comprehensive method of describing Ceres. It is universal nourishment that penetrates and affects all we touch on health, nutrition, agriculture, and overall. It also symbolizes fertility, women’s transitions through the different stages of their lives, maternity, and the fierce energies with which families are interwoven. Ceres describes what we need in our lives to be nurtured and how we nurture our surroundings.

You know how profound, dark, and gorgeous is the love of a mother? The sharpest, most indestructibility of the knife cannot carve a mark into it. It is so strong. Ceres represents the depth of love that sits in us. It’s amazing to think that we commit a fire from Ceres in any loving act, isn’t it?

Do you take any astrological sign in your chart with Ceres and let him know how that invincible love shapes your world exactly. If it is, for example, a Gemini, perhaps your love extends to your loved ones through conversation or art projects. On the other hand, your love may take the shape of fierce and uncompromising devotion and the foundation of stability when you are a Taurus.

Ceres also represents grief, loss, and our response to the abduction of whoever we love the most on the other end of the motherhood spectrum (namely our children). She is also the problem we can have in our relationships between parent and child.

Ceres almost lost her daughter, Persephone, to Pluto (AKA Hades) after he abducted her, mythologically speaking. But, with the ferocity of a mother’s fondness, she was ready for anything that allowed her to return home eight months a year after that, even to make a deal with Hades. The four that she stayed with him were during the winter season, which explains why when Persephone is away, our earth is without harvest and unclean; Ceres, the agriculture leader, is in pain, and her daughter is missing. Feminine love is an awareness-raising force.