Jupiter Planet Meaning in Astrology

Jupiter Planet Meaning in Astrology

Teacher, travel, distance, philosophy, religion, justice, protection, blood, width, moral

Day: Thursday

Colors: Blue

Jupiter is, shoulder to shoulder with Venus, one of every of the best beneficent bodies within the sky. It’s the ruler of Sagittarius and, therefore, the traditional ruler of Pisces. Where it resides, prosperity, width, and progress are inevitable. Its purpose seems to be to present our purpose, push us into the intense future, and produce hope, faith, perspective, and blessings. Even within the weakest of positions, Jupiter isn’t maleficent, and it’s only lousy manifestation shows through unrealistic expectations or a stiff, inadaptable set of beliefs that puts boundaries to our abilities and possible achievements. Jupiter is large, and we can almost imagine it wearing a smile. At the same time, it’s named by the Roman king of all gods and seems to rule all other planets, dignified and uplifted way above earthly comprehension. Its mental role may be too vast and take over us, making us forget our abilities within the material world. 

Planet Jupiter

Jupiter Planet

Jupiter is the largest and most massive planet within the system, with a mass so big that it rotates with the Sun around some extent set outside of it. Its day is extremely short because it spins incredibly fast. Mostly made from gas and with 67 confirmed moons, Jupiter is a planet of incredible features. Due to its strong gravity field, it’s often seen as the protector of the globe as we all know it, for this characteristic has the flexibility to show meteors and space debris off beam, and attract them to its surface so that they never reach the world. Colorful clouds we see on the surface of Jupiter are not very thick, and they are made out of ammonia crystals. Together with Saturn, it represents the last boundary visible to the oculus and is brought up mutually by the “gas giants.” 

Jupiter in Astrology

The beneficent nature of this planet gives us hope, and it’s no wonder that we wish to determine it through pink goggles, expecting all the wonders it’ll bring into our lives. On every occasion we approach Jupiter in an exceeding horoscope, we’ve got to recollect that no transit, progression, or direction will cause any incredible favorable circumstances to happen unless they’re fully supported by the probabilities seen through one’s natal chart. So if Jupiter currently moves through your seventh house, it’d bring marriage or eternal love into your life, but provided that there’s a possibility in your natal chart for this to happen in the least. If there’s no obvious connection between Jupiter and, therefore, the seventh house ruler or planets in it in its natal setting, seldom will these incredible opportunities it’d bring come to life. In general, each natal chart encompasses a point of protection and width presented by the position of Jupiter. It’s our teacher and everyone we decide to find out, additionally as our system of beliefs and convictions that outline our reality. If it’s set in Capricorn (fall) or Gemini (detriment), we can assume that either these convictions are too stiff and don’t make progress possible, or the person keeps them on a mental plain, unaware of the way to search out a connection to material reality. Each problem with Jupiter results in problems with vision, imagination, imagery, and also the sense of purpose. The best challenge it can bring could be a total lack of meaning and purpose in one’s life.


Jupiter is recognized in our lives as wisdom, moral, and our noble attitude. We can provide from the guts and believe in the most effective possible future, optimism, and our life philosophy. This is often a planet of great mass and diameter and always speaks of excessive overdoing of all styles of things. So as an example, if it’s set within the second house, it’ll talk about overspending and overeating, a bit like it might during a challenging aspect with Venus. The foremost Jupiter can give hides in our family and our home, and while we primarily seek for it outside of ourselves, traveling and circling our beautiful planet, its greatest treasure seems to be in pointing us to the sensation of home found inside our hearts. This planet is our guru, the faculty we arrange to attend, our calling, and our mission in life brought down on an earthly plane. It’s pricey, rich, and crammed with expensive things and wealth. It stands for justice and lawyers, salvation and asylums, further as all amulets and lucky charms that we believe protect us and convey us luck. Speaking of distances, travel, and destinations that are isolated or unknown, Jupiter may be a tool to widen our perspective and lift our consciousness through satisfaction, movement, adventure, knowledge, and acceptance.