Mercury Planet Meaning in Astrology

Mercury Planet Meaning in Astrology

  • Brother, hands, writing, car, street, words, children, expression, mind, voice, ears
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Colors: Yellow, Grey

Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun, and intrinsically, it’s a special connection to that. It’s the messenger of gods, a deity that carries information from one level of existence to the opposite, from one person to a different person. It learns the way to incorporate knowledge into everyday choices practically. The role of Mercury is incredibly important, although it’s small and infrequently observed as this tiny trickster who will take us one way or another, standing for our inner split personalities. Mercury represents how we predict, and its position in element and house shows how we reason, pointing towards thoughts that preoccupy our entire existence. As a ruler of both Gemini and Virgo, it seems to possess a task to connect our mental plane - the sector of ideas and the practical, Earthly side to our attribute that speaks of our physiology, working habits and routine.

Planet Mercury

Mercury Planet

Mercury is the smallest planet within the system and is found closest to the Sun. Although this might make us presume that it’s also the warmest of all planets, this is often not the case, and Venus, with its thick atmosphere, took over this heated role. Mercury will take the sunshine of the Sun, circle it at incredible speed, making a full circle thrice per one revolution of the Earth. It implies that three years on Mercury fit into one year on our planet, and it’s the most reason its retrograde motion happens about thrice p.a. within the geocentric system we observe. From our perspective, Mercury seems to travel forward only to travel back every now so, a small amount hasty and turned to wonder while making many human mistakes along the way. The speed of its movement led ancient civilizations to believe that it was two different stars – one among which appeared within the morning. Therefore, the other appeared within the evening.

Mercury in Astrology

It’s a planet of knowledge and an area where our mind goes most during this lifetime. When accented in one’s chart, it often speaks of a special relationship to a sibling, a brother, as its rule of Gemini always puts stress on the story of solidarity and its challenges. It’s some extent of verbal understanding and self-expression, helping us search out how to explain our inner truth to the outer world. It can be a planet of full awareness, with a frequent close-up view of the Sun. It shows our ability to form rational decisions, choices that we’ve analyzed well and decided to make with the support of our brain and the amount of sunshine we’ve got in our lives.


The way we talk, walk and think hides in Mercury, but beyond its primary roles, we want to recollect that it always has two sides to the story. Irrespective of our natal position, Mercury’s greatest strength, and weakness lies in its duplicity. It’ll make us intercommunicate many alternative sides in the hunt for answers. Being set, as an example, within the seventh house, it’ll show an inclination to appear for love in two different partners at the same time. Multifunctional and arranged by pure mental power, Mercury may be a planet of all that we came on this Earth to mention and do, representing our humanity in its core, also as our awareness and talent to not exchange one place even for a second. As a master of movement, it’s accountable for driving, transportation, and walking.

A wanderer in its core, this is often a lonesome ranger that never stops, except when something needs its rational attention and a fixing hand. It stands for reason and words we elect and shows our thoughts, speed, and quality, as well as our brilliance or preoccupation with matters far from reason. On an objective level, Mercury represents our hands and our ability to use them, in addition to our dark and light-weight thoughts, colored by the words we decide to listen to from people. The greatest challenge of our little trickster seems to be hiding within the element of Water and the sign of Pisces.

It’s the sign of Mercury’s detriment, for there’s no clarity in Pisces, and faith seems to be this distant illusion that rational Mercury encompasses a hard time accepting. A skeptic and an affordable little analyst find its most significant task to be the acceptance of emotion until able to relate to that, putting our ego tendencies in restraint. If we break away the guts, Mercury will become superficial, cause the shortcoming to speak to others on a deeper level, and make us incapable of soaking up new knowledge that inspires and truly excites us. To keep the energy flowing, we want to maneuver, talk without concern of judgment, and stay up-to-date with our loving core.