Fixed Stars Astrology: Everything That You Should Know About

Fixed Stars Astrology: Everything That You Should Know About

Beyond visible planets that look plenty like stars within the night sky, there lies a series of these we can’t see with the oculus. Most Astrology branches target this first line of celestial bodies that belong to the scheme. However, fixed Stars Astrology goes far beyond these boundaries and into other galaxies and large stars that shine a light-weight on us, existent scores of years ago. These stars that don’t move around the Sun and appear just about static from our perspective are appropriately called fixed stars.


Just like the sunshine from each star dates way back, as far as the distance from the star to our planet is light-years, this whole branch of Astrology is closely linked with our history. Their light will manifest through stories and myths that after were. People who weren’t forgotten have many ways of expression and function incredible pointers for the trail one’s life can take. In general, other constellations, similar to astrological ones, carry ancient myths that were once told by the hearth while gazing at celebrities.

Fixed Stars Astrology will mostly depend upon classical mythology since it seems to be remembered and more colorful than many others. However, this is often not exclusive, and that we will see that many constellations will remind us of the Romans or the Bible. Regardless of the case, there are multiple ways to interpret one’s natal chart in correlation with these stories if we only discover the most connection of the person to the outer Universe.


Constellations are often confused with signs of the zodiac for a few reasons, and we will use this chance to emphasize that these two don’t seem identical. There’s nothing that an indication and a corresponding zodiacal constellation have in common except a glimpse of history once they were close and a story that hides beneath their nature. This story will usually be one (or more) of the myths, too, similar to it’d be for other constellations we all know today.

Each constellation within the observable Universe has its projection to the ecliptic, the Earth, and therefore the zodiacal belt. Many constellations are visible only from the hemisphere, while others are visible from the Southern. Still, there are enough resources and ways to find where our planets, the Moon, or cusps of homes fall and connect with one in all the points of these constellations. We’ll rummage around for strongly set conjunctions that carry stories supported by a natal chart, and this could help us understand which story fits one’s life path. If an orb between a private point during a chart and a set star is larger than 2°, we rarely see it as relevant.


Fixed Stars Astrology

All of the stories from the earlier period seem to be in some wonderful correlation to the sky. There’s no way of claiming if people imagined and built all of them supported watching the celebrities, or did they only link to at least one another by pure “chance” as if they wanted to encourage us that synchronicity does exist. Each storyteller is an artist in an exceedingly way, a pillar that has to ground something that vibrates “up there.” These stories don’t seem to be always “catchable,” and that they are by no means always ended with a sleeping beauty being kissed or any prince arriving on a white horse. But if we understand which of them is ours, we would find how to play it out, live it in an exceedingly way the Universe needs us to, and eventually find our happy ending by simply moving forward and resolving its tasks.

Take a glance at fixed stars in your natal chart and see where they slot in. take a look at your planets for support and see if you’ll conduct their larger story, which will ultimately color your life and facilitate you learn the way to bond with the society on the next scale. Once we fit into this web of stories, we become one, with everyone else living them out. All we’ve to try and do to require control over our lives is to accept that there’s no good or evil in them, and dualities are simply made up when it involves the human Soul.