Medical Astrology: Everything that you should know about

Medical Astrology: Everything that you should know about

To genuinely comprehend what Medical Astrology is, we need to understand the association of various body leaves behind one another and how the whole arrangement of our body works. Medical Astrology depends on the relationship of each body part and every organ with specific imagery, and like this, functions admirably with Energy Astrology. 

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In the utilization of Medical Astrology, we need to remember that our body is one entire, rather than parting it into numerous pieces while maintaining our emphasis on explicit things that may surface as states of being because of planetary positions. The main thing to comprehend is the significance of every component before we begin making ends on somebody’s ailments and their force. 

Each actual state and our propensity to permit the issue to dive this deep are constantly associated with Earth’s components. This is why individuals with the absence of this component in their outline can be so fascinating to see in this part of life. A staggering illustration of elements in Medical Astrology is unmistakably found in those that have just a single planet in the component of Earth, as they depend on it enormously and in a manner spend it, prompting a wide range of conditions identified with its imagery regardless of whether it is set in a generally excellent spot. 

Altogether, for an issue to arrive at the level of our actual body, it must be ignored while it was on our psychological and passionate planes. This is particularly valid for ailments that require a medical procedure and the evacuation of something that should be discovered where it is. Albeit this may sound unusual, each surgery talks about unchangeable factors, things we were unable to determine, lastly, drove profound enough into our obliviousness, where they needed to show as a foreign body inside our own. 


Whatever the issue in our physiology, it is not an outcome of our conscious purpose but rather oblivious energy of the activity previously made. We may say that every one of them boils down to the idea of Saturn, and this would be, as it were, right. They come as a feature of our hereditary legacy and karma. However, this likewise focuses on our awareness of others’ expectations and their amount. 

On the opposite side of this condition, the Sun stands glad and tall, as light emission and life constrain itself. It instructs us that there isn’t anything we can’t process and transform into gold on the off chance that we raise our mindfulness sufficiently high. Every medical examination of one’s outline boils down to these two bodies, the light, and the ambiguity, that give the general equilibrium when consolidated. 


Every organ in our body has its capacity and identifies with a specific prophetic picture. There are contrasts in ways to deal with this imagery, and you will sometimes experience difficulty characterizing which planet rules which organ and why. For instance, our heart is associated with the Sun and the Moon simultaneously, and it won’t generally be not difficult to perceive where the medical issue comes from. Remember that our objective in Medical Astrology isn’t to highlight the body part being referred to. However, we characterize expected difficulties in their center and work on a route for them to be settled. Our principal objective is to adjust our customers and help them figure out how to restore the imagery of planets lost, fallen lastly found. We have an assignment to move them from the mark of disappointment that prompted their sickness in any case and accounts for self-awareness to crush it. 


Medical Astrology

Soothsaying as applied to the medication has old roots, for instance, in India, China, and Egypt. However, it arrived at its fullest blooming in Europe in the late archaic and early present day time frames, c1450-1700. The impact of soothsaying additionally entered European medication from the Arab nations. Fundamentally it is no misrepresentation to say that soothsaying ruled everything during that period. Consequently, numerous frameworks of information relied on it, were harmonious with it, or made reference to it in their perspective. On account of medication, stargazers allocated indications of the zodiac to administer over pieces of the body, planets to run over organs and frameworks, and worlds to lead over illnesses and medications. Accordingly, the entire framework is one of perception and translation dependent on an intricate arrangement of given Rulerships. 

Momentarily the organs of the body are managed as follows: 

Cerebrum and Nerves by Mercury [and Uranus] 

Respiratory by Mercury 

Heart by the Sun 

Courses by Mars 

Veins by Saturn 

Kidneys by Venus 

Liver by Jupiter 

Stomach related framework by Venus 

Muscles by Mars 

Generation by Venus and Mars 

Endocrine framework by Neptune and Uranus 

Testicles by Pluto 

Ovaries by the Moon 

Skin by Saturn 

Teeth Nails and Hair by Mars 

Bones and Skeleton by Saturn 

The personality of sicknesses given to the planets include: heart and spine issues by the Sun; cuts, wounds, and wounds just as fevers and aggravations with redness and warmth by Mars; liver issues by Jupiter; infections of extension and abundance by Sun or Jupiter; feminine and mammary grievances and dropsies [fluid retention] by Moon; urinary protests by Venus; illnesses or decrease, breakdown, squandering, blockages and constriction by Saturn; poisonings by Saturn; quakes, despondencies, madness by mercury, stomach related issues by Venus 

Medical Astrology 

Medical Astrology

Taking the Signs first, they are associated in this route with the body. 

Aries: Head and face, the eyes. 

Taurus: The neck, ears, throat, larynx, tonsils. 

Gemini: The arms, shoulders, muscles, and bones in these, the lungs (counting the windpipe and bronchi), and the hands. 

Disease: Stomach, bosoms, sunlight-based plexus, stomach, upper piece of the liver. 

Leo: The heart, spine, and spinal parts. 

Virgo: The digestion tracts, nutritious trench, lower part of the liver. 

Libra: Kidneys, flanks, supplements, lumbar vertebrae, and the skin by and large. 

Scorpio: The organs like bladder, colon, and rectum. 

Sagittarius: The hips, thighs, and sciatic nerves. 

Capricorn: The knees, joints of the body, and the hair. 

Aquarius: The lower leg (calves and lower legs), the teeth, and the dissemination of the blood. 

Pisces: The feet and toes.