An Introduction to Sidereal Astrology and its Meaning

An Introduction to Sidereal Astrology and its Meaning

The exact sizes of the constellations in the sky are used in true sidereal astrology. To put it differently, a person’s birth chart shows the actual location of the planets at the time of their birth. Few people know that the most frequently practiced astrology (tropical astrology) aligns the constellations with the Earth’s seasons instead of the visible sky in the Western hemisphere.

Every 72 years, this causes an increasing divergence of about one degree from the true location of the constellations. The two systems are presently 24 degrees distant, based on which system is utilized. This can result in a two-sign difference seen between predicted and actual placements.

The tropical system differs in that it is based on a fixed astrological depiction of the stars around 0 AD. The sidereal system depends on the constellations’ present positions.

Tropical, Sidereal and Galactic Zodiac Chart

The Difference Between Tropical and Sidereal Astrology

Sidereal Astrology Signs 

Let’s go through all signs in Sidereal Astrology here below.

Aries - Apr 21 — May 12

Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac, but we already knew from the distinctive vigor, aggressive personality, bravery linked with most Rams. You Rams are fearless but committed to achieving your goals, making you exceptional trendsetters.

Aries natives follow their hearts and will do everything that it takes to achieve their goals with their fiery spirit. Although, there can be times where they get impatient and throw emotional outbursts because they can’t seem to get their way.

Taurus - May 13 — Jun 19

Bulls prosper mostly on familiarity since it reassures them of their home and helps them enjoy what they already recognize. Other signs may pick up on your carefulness, but you face the risk of being stuck in a routine.

Taurus have a reputation of being quite stubborn and refusing to see any other point other than their own. They don’t lose their cool very easily, but they can be terrifying once they are provoked. They love giving their all if they truly believe in something and never turn their back on it.

Gemini - Jun 20 — Jul 16

As a matter of fact, one of the most daring signs is also one of the most adaptable. You’re always on the lookout for something completely different, whether it’s a person, a venue, or a concept. Geminis are very knowledgeable, and having conversations with people comes naturally to them.

They need diversity, thrill, and intensity, and when they discover the perfect partner, a companion, a friend, and someone to talk to all rolled into one, they will be loyal and keen to keep their hearts safe. Geminis may make abrupt changes, putting people they love behind, but some lovers can keep up with them, ready to lay a solid base over time.

Cancer - Jul 17 — Aug 6

The crab sums up cancers’ personalities: you may look tough and resistant at first, but your true self is very delicate and attentive to what’s going on — and just feeling everything — around you, even if you do not, however, display it to everyone.

Cancers are highly attached to their dear ones, perhaps to an abnormal degree, in addition to being faithful. They hold family and close friends in high regard and will go to great lengths to protect them, no matter what it costs. Cancers have a strong desire to be at home. They enjoy making warm, safe areas to use as personal getaways and to spend a lot of time in them.

Leo - Aug 7 — Sep 14Sidereal Astrology

Leos are often referred to as the Zodiac’s ruler and with good purpose. You’re a natural guardian and supporter, and while some may find you threatening, you’re overflowing with enthusiasm that you feel free to express.

Leos have a big social circle because they are helpful and trustworthy. This Sun sign is self-assured and appealing, capable of connecting disparate groups of people and guiding them as one toward the same goal. Their amazing sense of humor makes working with others much easier.

Virgo - Sep 15 — Nov 3

Those who label Virgos as too scrutinizing lack a basic understanding of what it is to know what is best. They’re also missing out on what drives you – a desire for your own and others’ well-being drives your accuracy and devotion to your profession.

They are kind, compassionate, and supporting friends and lovers who find solutions with impressive minds and ingenuity. This earth sign loves everything perfect and isn’t scared to work diligently and consistently to develop abilities. Beauty may be found in our weaknesses, and Virgos should understand that flaws are not errors.

Libra -  Nov 4 — Nov 22

Charming and highly social, Libras love to be everyone’s friend. But that can come at a price. To stay on everyone’s good side, you might go to great lengths to maintain a sense of balance between your friend groups.

Librans are at their healthiest when they arrange an adequate time for self-care routines and personal hobbies, as well as allowing themselves the freedom to shift their concentration. Friendly Libras need to grow comfortable spending time with themselves and getting to know their intuition and inner voice to feel more secure in their individuality.

Scorpio - Nov 23 — Dec 6 

You’ve undoubtedly been labeled as deep or intriguing at some time in your life if you’re a real Scorpio. Even if you’re an introvert, you find that people gravitate toward you, and you make a point of treating the fortunate few you let into your life with respect.

Scorpios, like its symbol, the scorpion, have a spiky exterior shell. People who get through the shell, on the other hand, discover a devoted, caring individual whose love knows no limits. Scorpios are bold individuals that welcome everything that life gives them with passion. A Scorpio will be one of your most loyal friends, colleagues, and, if not that, they can be your harshest opponent.

Ophiuchus - Dec 7 — Dec 18

If you’ve chosen Ophiuchus as your zodiac sign, you’ve probably spent most of your life qualifying as a Sagittarius or a Scorpio but never truly felt at ease with either sign. As an Ophiuchus, You have the same magnetism as Scorpios and the same liveliness as Sagittarians.

Ophiuchus is also said to be a symbol of passion. Strong desire, on the other hand, maybe a double-edged blade. Like their zodiac neighbor Scorpio, they’re envious and mysterious but with an opinionated rage as fierce as hot Sagittarius. On the other hand, Ophiuchus is said to be a more introverted zodiac sign that likes spending time alone and has strong creative impulses.

Sagittarius - Dec 19 — Jan 19

Sagittarius’ are popularly known to be risk-takers. Because of your inherent passion and wonder, you’ve amassed a large group of friends. Sure, you have a habit of putting your foot in your mouth, but that’s readily overlooked because your cheerful outlook is contagious.

Sagittarius is a loyal friend and a creative thinker, and they make an excellent addition to any work team because of their infectious energy and excitement. They aren’t seeking frequent input and may jump right into a project. A Sag can be a successful businessman or CEO. A Sagittarius is a pioneer who is clever, competent, and bold.

Capricorn - Jan 20 — Feb 13 

Capricorns are a hardy, sturdy lot, much like their astrological sign. Some would label you an ancient soul because you prefer the conventional, but you cherish security when there is a direct path to achievement, your determined nature blooms.

When you get to know Capricorn signs, you’ll find that they have a witty and sneaky sense of humor—enjoyable to coax them out of their shells. Capricorn is a loyal companion in love, dedicated to assisting their spouse in achieving success and happiness. A Capricorn approaches a relationship as if it were a profession and feels that hard labor may strengthen a bond.

Aquarius - Feb 14 — Mar 9

You’re a well-known original who enjoys traveling the backroads. You’re always on the go, which may make it tough for some to interact with you, but you don’t need a slew of supporters, to begin with. Although Aquarians are a fixed sign, they believe in change and transformation, and they may not consider that they are the “same” person they were when they were young.

Aquarians are big-picture visionaries who discover links in ways that others don’t. Aquarians have a lot of enthusiasm, empathy, and a strong drive to do things. They believe they were here on this Earth to alter the world, and they intend to do so. Aquarians are liberal-minded people who will never settle for “good enough” unless they genuinely believe it.

Pisces - Mar 10 — Apr 20

Being a Pisces means experiencing a lot of emotions all at once. You not only go through emotional ups and down on your own, but you’re also the go-to shoulder for your companions to weep on. When Pisces is alone, they are rarely lonesome and have a vivid imagination. Pisces is a creative sign that loves reading, discovering or producing music or art, and using art to interpret their feelings.

Pisces people may appear calm, yet they are very powerful and have a profound sense of right and wrong. Their moral compass, as well as their instincts, lead them in the right direction. People pay attention when a Pisces speaks out. Pisces are wonderful people to approach for help on pretty much everything since they absorb everything around them.