Why does nothing stay the same when a Pisces loves you?

Why does nothing stay the same when a Pisces loves you?

a Pisces loves you

Pisces, that sweet and romantic little person who, when she surrenders, does so with such passion that sometimes, it even borders on madness. Today it’s their turn. Pisces will always be willing to run after their dream, even if they may call him foolish, even if you can. Believe that you have lost your mind. The fish lives because, thanks to dreaming, its escape from the world that often hurts it so much. He evades, even at times, from the people who want to hurt him. He feels much more than any sign the details, the actions of the people, the good, the badness. And little by little, he learns that the world is a place where things are not always right, in which not all people have a good heart, and in which if you don’t protect yourself, no one will.

How many times have you wondered where your real better half is? How many times have you failed in your relationships? How many times have you suffered and had to start that search again? Many, many, but it does not matter because each failure is a new opportunity to find your true love. Because each fall means getting up again with more force, because you will never stop dreaming. And with Pisces, dreams often come true for the simple reason that you blindly believe that you can achieve it, however unlikely it may seem.

Finding the love of your life, love in any form, in any being, that love that takes care of you, that protects you as if it were the most valuable thing you have, that unconditional love, is one of the main missions Pisces has. He refuses to think that there is no person in the whole world looking for them, between the streets, between the bars, in the most beautiful place, or the dirtiest place. He knows that he exists, and he knows that sooner or later they will meet, and when he does, he will idealize it as he almost always does. And he will look into his eyes, and no one will be able to take away those minutes in which he will feel the happiest person on earth.

Pisces eyes are no longer for everyone, Pisces eyes only have one direction now, and not because I don’t know that there can be others or other better ones, with more charisma, with more grace, even more handsome, it’s not about that It is the spiritual bond that he creates with the person he loves, it is all the feelings that exist between them, it is that transparent thread that unites them almost for life.

Pisces knows that he gives himself body and soul, and is comfortable that way because, at times, he can become themselves, without caring what may happen next, without the need to think more than necessary, without having to put on barriers or limitations, and is happy. The problem comes after the first love disappointment. When you suddenly start to depend on the other more than necessary, you want to break something and realize that you have been hooked to the core when love limps and fails for some reason. That is what destabilizes your world because your dreams are shattered and shattered. And he wants to escape, but his legs do not respond to him, and he wants to put a full stop, but he “gives” himself an opportunity for things to change. That’s when the fish got lost.

After that first deception, nothing can ever be the same after that first jug of cold water. And he drowns in his pain and has constant nightmares, and obsession can make much more than reason, and everything is black. But Pisces is Pisces, and although the wounds take, sometimes, a long time to heal, someone will come to make him feel special again. It will dry her tears and end up giving love a new chance.

And although, at first, he is suspicious and very cautious, he will open up again little by little. Because Pisces has a good, pure heart, and in the depths of his soul, he will continue to dream that love could be just around the corner. He will keep dreaming that his other half was looking for him…