Why isn't everyone ready to give their heart to Libra?

They say that when you give the key to your heart, you must be sure to give it to the right person. Will it be Libra? Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful souls in the zodiac, the kind that will make you tremble in every way. However, it is a sign that marks a before, and after in your life, they say, the most difficult to overcome not everyone is ready to give their heart to Libra. Why?

Do not give your heart to a Libra unless you are willing to love without grays, with the certainty that you will not know someone the same and that you will probably compare their history with others. And it is that not everyone is ready for such genuine love and is desperate to know what an ‘I love you means. Libra does not like filters. If something displeases him, he prefers to say goodbye.

Do not give your heart to a Libra if you want to be arguing all the time because the first time they leave. It is a healing sign. His empathy and solidarity distinguish him the most from the rest, so do not be surprised if he stops insisting. It’s just that he’s getting ready to end the relationship.

Don’t fall in love with a Libra 

Libra is so not very vindictive that even if they break his soul into a thousand pieces and he feels that he can no longer take it, he prefers that time does its thing. He does not wear himself out in speaking ill of the chapter that you starred in his life. He will let you go. So don’t expect Libra to beg you for love.

Don’t fall in love with a Libra unless you’re ready to find out what it’s like to be respected and cared for because Libra is shameless when he tries to make you smile. A sign that is capable of pausing their dreams to help you fulfill yours; that’s Libra.

Do not give your heart to a Libra unless you want to wake up every morning with a nice message and have conversations that will steal a thousand laughs. Do not do it because it is the person who will see the best of you even in your worst moment and will remind you of why you have to continue.

No, not everyone is ready to give their heart to Libra because they stay by your side even in the storm. Do not do it unless you want to have a bond forever because without realizing it, you will tell him that you have not told anyone. Don’t do it because it will scare you to find out how much you can love.

On second thought, fall in love, yes, let’s change the ‘No’ for a ‘Yes’ because believe me it will be the best story of your life, even if one day it ends.