Till when should you stay alone?

Till when should you stay alone?

Love, sometimes I wish it were as simple as writing it, but then I regret it because if it were like that, I would lose the essence that shakes you until you forget yourself. Those accelerated beats would be lost. They rise and fall in the stomach and have a crazy desire to kiss the loved one. But trust me, stay alone until you find someone who embraces your soul like Capricorn.

When a Capricorn appears in your life, patience, honesty, and the desire to improve yourself also come. They have the subtle gift to bring out the best version of you, and you don’t even realize it. Stay alone until someone makes you feel calm, like a little piece of home but with a touch of adventure. A person who takes the time to conquer you.

Whoever embraces your soul like a Capricorn

stay alone

Stay alone until you meet someone who trusts you, who does not overwhelm your days, on the contrary, fills them with life. Stay alone until the person who knows how to love arrives. Capricorn will teach you that it does exist, that your wounds will not go away, but they will be caressed. Stay alone until Capricorn shows you what it’s like to fight with mind, soul, body, and heart.

And you will know, Capricorns are distinguished at enormous distances. At first, they may seem unbearable to you because their humor is not for everyone. However, when you look beyond, when you ignore the faces of a few friends, you will discover an adorable chicken heart. She is the strongest woman you will ever meet, but also the one who one day collapses and only needs a hug.

Stay alone until you meet someone who won’t think twice about crossing a wall for you. Capricorn is not going to let you go. Even at your worst, he can see you with a soul full of cracks and with a body screaming that he can’t take it anymore, but he will stay. Because when he truly loves, he also learns to love your shadows, and in the worst moments, he will draw a smile to you.

Seriously, stay only because you may regret not waiting for the Capricorn of your life, the one who will put you on edge, who will remind you that you can and that the rain does not last forever. Capricorn is that person who will fill your life with details, but also the one who will give you a hand to get up, the one who will wipe your tears, and the one who will teach you why it is worth every moment.

Until they embrace your soul like a Capricorn, because more than your love, it becomes your life partner, the one who does not leave you alone, the one who will tell you that she loves you out of nowhere, the one who cannot hide her feelings and the same He will ask you for a kiss at sunset than in the rain. And it is that it does not matter the place. His company makes your heartbeat at the same speed here and in China.

Stay alone because you deserve someone to truly embrace your soul because Capricorn is waiting for you somewhere. Because it is a very beautiful explosion of emotions that comforts you, heals you, makes you a better person in all aspects. And yes, it makes you want to stay to have breakfast, watch your favorite movie and fall asleep talking about everything and nothing. It is the gift of Capricorn.