What does your ascendant reveal about your personality?

What does your ascendant reveal about your personality?

The sun sign is not the only sign you should know. If you are interested in astrology, you will already know that not only this sign exists. In your astral chart, you can know what all your signs are and the planets’ positions in those signs on the day you were born. Everything matters, but normally the signs that are paid more attention are the solar, the lunar, and the ascendant. In this article, we will see what your rising sign reveals about your personality.

The rising sign is the sign that is on the horizon at the moment you are born. Therefore, to know it, you need to know your exact time of birth. To be clear and differentiate them well, the sun sign is your deepest self, the moon sign is how you manage your emotions, and the rising sign is related to how you present yourself to the world and how others see you. There is much more behind each sign, but this, by way of introduction, will help you to have things clear.

The ascendant is the first impression you make on others. In a first contact, people perceive you as their ascendant. If you tell someone, without hardly knowing you, to try to guess your sign (referring to your sun sign), they will probably guess your rising sign without knowing it. Let’s see what it reveals about your personality:


If your Ascendant is Aries, you probably appear brave, strong, and independent. You have a very strong and imposing presence, to the point that you can often fall ill first. You intimidate many people, and that’s what causes some rejection. You are VERY competitive, and something inside you tells you that you have to win every time you face something. You are one of those who would rather ask for forgiveness than ask for permission. Regardless of your sun sign, you tend to be a person who relies a lot on your instincts when making a decision. You are very good at being the leader, being in charge, and being the one in control.


ascendant reveal about your personality

If your ascendant is Taurus, you transmit a very strong vibe. You seem to be a person who can be trusted and who doesn’t give up just like that. People see you as strong and sweet at the same time. It is good for you to enjoy the good things in life. Come on, you are what is called an enjoyment, but you are proud of it. You like good food, good drink, small details, etc. Many people may think that you are materialistic, but quite the opposite. You prefer quality over quantity. In addition, you are a very hard-working person, who leaves the skin to get everything he wants. It’s difficult for you to cope with change and new situations.


If your ascendant is Gemini, facing the outside, people perceive you as a person who likes to talk, communicate and express their opinion. Even if you are shy or a bit introverted, you like to say things clearly, and you cannot keep quiet or hide your opinions. You are a person who likes to be doing thousands of things at the same time, going to different places, and meeting thousands of new people. Many times, even people may think that you have a double face, that is why Gemini is a dual sign, and they can perceive you as someone like that. But you think that’s not a bad thing. In general, you are pretty creative, your mind is always going a thousand an hour, and you can’t stop coming up with new things. You often feel overwhelmed because you wish to take a break from your little head.


If your ascendant is Cancer, you first appear shy, reserved, and even sweet. Those are the words that people could use perfectly when describing you. Your friends see you as someone who will always be there to take care of them. They know that you will never abandon them and always help them when they don’t know what to do. You are quite a familiar person. Your people are the most important thing for you, and when they disappoint you even the least, it hurts a lot. You are a fan of routine because changes scare you a little bit, but then you are the first to complain that everything is too monotonous. You have mood swings that you don’t even understand yourself, but you have learned to manage over time.


If your Ascendant is Leo, people appreciate you as confident, fun, and very optimistic. Although later, inside, you are probably the opposite: a little dramatic and with more insecurities than it seems. You have no problem talking to others. You have a very friendly and outgoing personality. You are also quite creative, especially when expressing yourself, dressing up, leaving your mark. You can inspire many people, more than you think. You are too demanding of yourself. You like to do things well. You like to set the bar high. You can even become competitive, not only with others but also with yourself.


If your Ascendant is Virgo, you can come off as serious and introverted right away. You can even get many people to dislike you for that first impression you convey. Throughout your life, you will have to deal with a lot of criticism related to just this. But you don’t care anymore. You are like that because you do not trust people first and prefer space before that person can hurt you. People who know you know that you are not borderline or unfriendly. You are a loyal and sincere person. You tell the truth above anything else. Your friends and your people come to you when you need an honest opinion because they know that you will tell them without mincing words.


If your ascendant is Libra, people first see you as a nice, close person with incredible charisma. Although probably, behind that shell, reality does not correspond to that. But generally, you are a friendly person, who loves to be here and there, meet new people and enjoy life. Regardless of your sun sign, you are quite an indecisive person. It takes you two hours to decide how you will do things, what clothes you are going to wear, which path you are going to take, etc. You are not superficial, but you like to take care of your appearance and worry about how others see you. That is so whether you like it or not. You are super kind, too, you always want the best for everyone, and there are times when you get mad because it is not always possible.


If your Ascendant is Scorpio, you seem mysterious, dark, and quite attractive. You command respect, which can scare many people and attract many others. There is something about you that makes you very irresistible. You have a very sexual charm, which makes people see you as super attractive. You know that there is the opposite behind that image, but you like to give that spicy and mysterious touch to life. You are a very intense person, and you know it. You take everything very seriously. You can go from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds. You know that you are not easy to deal with, but you do not care. You are very proud, and you will not change for the world.


If your ascendant is Sagittarius, people see you as a super fun, smiling person without mincing words. Outgoing is the word that could best describe you. You have a great enthusiasm for life, and your priority is to have fun. There are times when you can be more dramatic than necessary, but you like to be. Without drama, you know that life would be a bore. You are one of those who only look at the good side of things; you always see the glass half full. You will tell the truth at all times, even if you try to avoid it. This will bring you many problems throughout your life because you cannot shut up when you have something inside of you. You have no tact whatsoever, and maybe it’s something you have to work on a little more.


If your Ascendant is Capricorn, you seem serious, mature, and even somewhat cold. People see you as super responsible who always has your feet on the ground. You are a very reserved person, and it is normal for people to see you that way. You are not going to trust your secrets to the first exchange. It is what it is. Once people start getting to know you, they realize that you have more of a sense of humor than you might think. You are a person who leaves the skin to achieve his purposes. You expect a lot from yourself and also a lot from others. Which can be quite disappointing but you are too strong to fall for that kind of disappointment. Safety is something super important to you. You are one of those people who has to have everything planned in 5 years from now.


If your ascendant is Aquarius, people see you as eccentric, weird, different, and unique. You transmit a very different vibe to the other signs, which is why you are so special. Many people criticize you for your appearance, and you often feel like you are a freak, but then you look in the mirror and see that nothing hurts anyone. You are a person who draws a lot of attention from social causes. You always worry about making everyone happy, and you don’t want anyone to suffer. You are very intelligent, more than others think. You look at the world in a way that no one else can look at, and you are proud of it. Even your friends are happy to have such a special person around.


If your Ascendant is Pisces, you seem sweet, dreamy, innocent, and somewhat childish. People say that your head is always in the clouds, and they are right. You are a very spiritual person, and that is why it may be difficult for you to put your feet on the ground. You have a very strong sixth sense and intuition. You are incredibly empathetic. You connect with others with incredible ease. When you meet someone for the first time, people think that you are not paying attention, but in reality, you observe absolutely everything. You analyze every word, every message, every intention.