Aries Zodiac Sign: Compatibility, Dates, Facts and More

Aries Zodiac Sign: Compatibility, Dates, Facts and More

Aries corresponds to the first house of the zodiac, which represents vitality, strength, and initiative. It also associates with new beginnings, childhood, and origins.

Born between: March 21 to April 20.

It symbolizes The beginnings, the morning, the spring, the predatory animals, the bosses, the command, the force, the violence, the impulse, the authority, the masculinity, the youth, the arms, head injuries, danger from iron, fire, and weapons.

Element: Fire

Season: Spring

Character: Impetuous

For their sense of duty, they are hard-working, enterprising, and energetic.

Against: They are too possessive. Somewhat rebellious and aggressive.

Day of the week: Tuesday

Color: Red

Planet: Mars

Sign: The Ram

Perfumes: Sandalwood

Precious stones and metals: Ruby, Diamond, Iron, Amethyst, and Garnet.

Aries’ facts

Aries is a fire sign dominated by Mars and Pluto. The Zodiac Sign possesses excellent strength and energy. Arians are always ready to take the initiative. Instinctive and dynamic, sometimes make severe mistakes due to a lack of reflection. It is the first sign of the zodiac, a symbol of spring, and therefore of impulse, energy, independence, and courage.

Arians are often accused of egocentricity. The reality is different because they know how to be romantic and loving with a warm display of affection and security. Both at work and in life, they tend to take on the role of leaders. Among the professions indicated for Arians, the most suitable ones are that of a designer, representative, writer, lawyer, politician, or actor, people who prefer to direct and live unconventionally.

It is the most vital sign, and often, the natives of this sign find a way to channelize their energy in sports. Sometimes they express themselves in a terse and violent way, they live their love passions furiously, but they are not precisely a fidelity model. The true Aries loves risk and speed. Order at home and the workplace is not their strong suit. The fascinating thing about this sign lies in the unpredictability that leads to aggressiveness and adorable weakness at the same time. It’s easy to offend Aries, and it’s hard to make it up to them when they’re offended.

Aries like:

Adventure and challenges. Arians always want to win and be spontaneous. They also like to support a good cause.

Aries dislike:

Aries cannot bear to fail or make mistakes. They do not welcome the advice of others. Nor do they admit tyrants.

Most compatible signs


Libra is the most balanced sign having the highest compatibility with Aries for marriage purposes. Libras are mysterious, yet they know how to be attractively elegant, which drives Arians crazy.


Leos and Aries do not have much future as a couple but as friends. Leos will teach Aries to be emotionally stable and to express themselves calmly.


Aries and Sagittarius love and admire each other. Sagittarius brings Aries the sweetness that is lacking in many aspects of their life.

Aries’ positive characteristics

They are pioneers; they are enterprising, dynamic, and eager to take the initiative. Aries are combative and passionate; stimulate other independent, active, daring, original, and adventurous people. They are quick to react, trust their strength, and do not think about obstacles.  Aries have great self-worth and self-discipline. They are not going for slow or routine work. They love taking up new challenges that need energy and heroic effort.

Aries’ negative characteristics

Impatient, impulsive, dominant, reckless, irritable, violent, intolerant, fickle, thoughtless, impertinent, abrupt, undiplomatic, and aggressive.

Aries love and sex Life

You can always count on Aries to be in love. Love for them is courting: it is the knight in shining armor in search of the princess. It is an idealization. The most exciting thing is to pursue the object of their love or to conquer. They love the hunt rather than the prey itself.

Many Arians follow this behavior, but their style is unmatched. It is a stylized ritual dedicated to relationships. The handsome prince always falls in love with an unattainable lady. Sure, some princes/princesses are present in their life, but those are not so idolized. It’s what they can’t get that they love to have the most.

It is not that this sign is not capable of loyalty, fidelity, or constancy. Aries man or woman tend to be a little restless in very monotonous relationships or ones that do not provide a stimulus or healthy conflict. They will tie themselves into a relationship if they find that they cannot fully dominate it. So, gentle souls, be warned!


Arians are born romantic like the rest of the fire signs. The most common aspects of love do not interest you. For example, they will not prepare a special dinner for that night. But they will be interested in a dinner on an exotic beach, which requires arriving by boat and crossing dangerous cliffs. As soon as they collide with routine, they start to yawn.

It seems like an impossible task trying to live to the rhythm of the adventure and excitement of Aries. It means that you shouldn’t try to tame them and keep them away from challenges and changes. In this way, you will achieve it.

One way or another, you won’t get jaded. Unless you have a denied and repressed Arian by your side. With Aries, you will never get bored. If you want a comfortable, peaceful, and serene partner, stay away from Arians. They do not want to know anything about conformism. Challenges and defiances are their tasks. If you want peace of mind, you better think of a Cancer or a Taurus. Otherwise, you could get scalded.

Aries Career and money

Arians are intellectual and objective, although they can sometimes go to extremes in religion or politics. They are intelligent, but sometimes they are too optimistic and try to do things too quickly. However, suppose Arians are capable of exercising self-control and discipline.

In that case, they contribute positively to their professional environment and society in general. Aries are excellent athletes, climbers, doctors, explorers, soldiers, pilots. They are also good leaders in both business and politics.

Aries personal relationships

An Aries is usually honest and direct in their relationships and makes excellent friends. Sometimes they can be irritable and hurt the sensibilities of others. Aries tend to have a high sexual libido and love with great passion. So much so that, sometimes, they make mistakes in their first relationships and find it difficult to be faithful or find the love of their life thereon after. Aries are faithful parents, willing to do everything for the well-being of their children. There is no parent more protective of their children in the entire zodiac than Aries. They are vital, energetic, and enthusiastic.

Aries is interested in truth and justice above all things. They are unaware of falsehood, diplomatic strategies, and pretenses. Zodiac sign Aries people live in the present, without being tied to nostalgia. They do not like making plans for the future.

Compatibility with other signs

Aries with Aries

Aries are very passionate and demanding, so ego shocks are likely to predominate in a relationship of this combination. The Arians are also usually convinced that they are always right, so the discussions between the two can be long and complicated.

However, if the couple focuses their energies on being constructive rather than competing, the relationship can flourish positively. Arians are spontaneous, impulsive, and creative. So, together, they can inspire each other to reach even higher success levels in any endeavor they undertake. The Aries-Aries combination can be dynamic, exciting, and daring.

Aries with Cancer

When Cancer begins a relationship with Aries, an immediate connection is usually established between them emotionally. The sign of Cancer will be very attracted by Aries’s passionate and confident air and enthusiasm, who, in turn, feels at peace when being with a Cancer.

It is an exciting combination of elements that can be positive, although possibly more as a friend than as a long-term relationship, because the way of being and the emotional needs of these two signs are quite different.

In a serious relationship, Cancer should continually try to keep up with Aries and get used to the swift pace of this fire sign. At the same time, Aries should do everything possible not to get bored next to Cancer. Cancerians are usually very demanding people - with themselves and with their partners.

Although both signs are cardinal and have moving characters, indicating flexibility and movement in life, Cancer is much more withdrawn and homey than Aries. At the same time, Aries is more energetic and prone to making quick decisions. The continuous demands of Cancer may end up stifling Aries, so they may constantly feel the need to go out and socialize both in their professional and personal life.

Cancer needs much more commitment than Aries can offer and is a much more emotional sign than Aries. It means that Aries will need to be prepared to move slowly and sensitively for a long-term relationship to work. Aries can be an ideal match for shy and cautious Cancerians. It can encourage them to take the initiative and motivate them to explore other possibilities.

The most compatible Aries with the sign of Cancer are those born between March 21 and 30. The most compatible Cancer with Aries is those born between July 3 and 13.

Aries with Aquarius

Arians and Aquarians have a lot in common. Both signs are independent, caring, optimistic, and enthusiastic. They like strong emotions, and Aquarians’ courage and progressive nature tend to attract Aries a lot.

Aquarius is the sign of friendship for Aries, so this is a perfect combination for relationships with friends, even if it does not become a romantic relationship. For the same reasons, it is possible that if a romantic relationship ends between an Aries and an Aquarius, the two will continue to maintain a friendship.

A possible barrier to a relationship between Aries and Aquarius is the self-centeredness of many Aries who often put their interests before others’. The contrasts with the tendency of Aquarians to care about others before the happiness of their romantic relationships. Aquarians work very well in large groups, while Aries prefer to socialize on an individual level. However, this difference does not create too many problems because Aries are usually friendly and open to new situations.

The most compatible Aquarians for this combination are those born between February 10 and 18. The most compatible Aries are those born between March 31 and April 10.

Aries with Taurus

Taurus is an earth sign, while Aries is a fire sign, so the relationships between these signs usually focus on the financial and materialistic side of life. It is an excellent combination for people who want to make money. However, focusing too much on money in any relationship can lead to greed, excessive materialism, and neglecting other important aspects.

For the couple to realize their financial potential, Aries, the more impulsive of the two, must be more restrained so as not to cause anxiety for the more practical and conservative Taurus.

At first glance, there are many differences between Taurus and Aries that could pose quite a challenge for a long-term relationship. Aries is spontaneous and controversial, while Taurus is more upright and calm, preferring a more regular rhythm. If both members love each other enough to absorb their opposite qualities, they will gain a lot as individuals and as a couple. Aries will become more balanced and Taurus more energetic.

From an emotional point of view, while Aries can be quite changeable and unpredictable, Taurus is usually possessive and dependent. Hence there may be some discussions when the unpredictability of Aries relegates Taurus. Taurians need to be sure that their partner will be there with a total commitment to the relationship.

Thanks to the influence of Mars and Venus in these two signs, this combination usually has very passionate sex. There is a natural attraction between the two, which will probably become apparent as soon as they meet. The impulsiveness and passion of Aries zodiac sign combine very well with the sensuality and desire for love and warmth of Taurians.

The Taurians that are most compatible with Arians are born between April 20 and 30. The most compatible Arians with Taurians are born between March 30 and April 10 due to Leo’s influence on them.

Aries with Leo

The immediate attraction between these two signs is powerful, and both Aries and Leo will grow up in each other’s company. They will want to get to know their partner better on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual. Both are signs of fire, which can lead to some confrontations and a clash of egos. However, compatibility is high, and Aries and Leo can expect to share a great social life and a long-term committed relationship if they manage to share the limelight.

Aries with Scorpio

A combination of Aries and Scorpio offers a very passionate and intense relationship with marked ups and downs full of fireworks. Arians are born leaders and like to dominate most situations. Even Scorpios are dominating, but they both use different methods. Their tenacity and willpower are unique. They are compassionate yet easily affected by the circumstances around them. Although Scorpio seems happy that Aries takes the initiative, they expect to make decisions within the couple dynamic.

Aries with Libra

aries zodiac sign

Aries and Libra are opposite signs, which can be good at the beginning of the relationship because of the attraction of opposites. However, as time passes, the novelty wears off. There may be too many differences for the relationship to work in the long term unless there is a solid foundation of love and goodwill in both to adapt to their relationship— a suitable personality to your partner’s.

Aries is very determined and often bossy, with a tendency to jump to a conclusion, even if this involves making a strange error in judgment. On the other hand, Libra is quite stubborn and takes time to decide by seeing things from different perspectives. This often exasperates Aries, who may take their indecision as a personal offense rather than understanding their real motive. Zodiac sign Libra will also need to feel that Aries is sympathetic to their broad outlook. This contrast in styles can create some complications.

Aries with Virgo

Virgos tend to be quite cold, practical, and sometimes critical, which contrasts Aries, quick, reckless, and sometimes impulsive. Many Arians run around like there’s no tomorrow. On the other hand, Virgos are fast and dynamic on an intellectual level. In a Virgo-Aries combination, they both have a lot of energy but channel it differently. I could say that it is not a combination for the faint-hearted. These two signs combine better for a long-term friendship and connection rather than for a stable relationship.

Virgo is an Earth sign, so Virgos have their feet on the ground and value professional and material safety. Virgos don’t like to leave things to chance; they would rather have a plan than rush into the future. Aries, on the other hand, loves the excitement and the unknown. They often function as pioneers.

Aries with Gemini

Aries is often drawn to the creativity and energy of Gemini. This combination promises great friendship, brilliant conversations, and exciting moments of leisure together. Geminis like to talk and socialize. They generally have a great sense of humor, attracting Arians who love to have fun and play pranks at the drop of a hat. Both signs have a great sense of fun, so they are very compatible in this regard.

Aries tend to have a lot of energy than Gemini, who can feel exhausted due to the hectic lifestyle that Aries likes to lead. Gemini wants to be active, but it contradicts with their need for resting. That is why at times, Geminis may find Aries’ constant energy and drive exhausting.

Aries with Sagittarius

Both Aries and Sagittarius are fire signs, so this combination will not lack any variety and emotion and can be explosive at times. The relationship will take off right from the start.

Both signs have a relatively short attention span and need constant change, which will determine the tone of the relationship. The planets that rule both characters are very friendly, and this guarantees an open and communicative relationship.

It is a combination of great joy and fun, and both Aries and Sagittarius understand that each of them reflects some of the qualities of the other. This will ensure a good basic understanding and facilitate communication.

Aries with Capricorn

It is a highly complex combination. The Aries and Capricorn couple will have to do a lot of their part for the relationship to work due to the enormous differences between their characters. Their ruling planets - Mars and Saturn, are diametrically opposite forces.

Aries tend to be outgoing, confident, and impulsive. They do not tend to take criticism well. Capricorns are much more introverted, down-to-earth, conservative, and even pessimistic sometimes. They are very organized in their approach to life and relationships and need a carefully detailed plan for their entire lives. Aries are drawn to the thrill of strangers. Capricorns are usually very fair, quite severe, and complex so that Aries can feel judged by their Capricorn partner.

Capricorns find it challenging to commit to a relationship fully and, to do so, they have to feel very secure with their partner. Although they may envy the energy and optimism of Aries, it will be difficult for them to experience the taste of freedom in this. On the other hand, in Aries zodiac sign, people need variety and a life spiced with different hues to not feel entirely trapped in a relationship with Capricorn. It can also get boring because Aries likes to live faster, while Capricorn prefers to slow down.

Aries with Pisces

aries zodiac sign

It is a complex combination with many challenges. Despite a strong initial attraction, essential differences between these two signs will have to be overcome for the relationship to work long term. If they manage to form a stable relationship, it is likely to be an unusual relationship.

As Pisces represents Aries’ hidden and secret zone, there is a lot of possibility of a relationship of secret lovers or a forbidden love between the two signs.

Aries will try to change some Piscean traits that are not compatible with Aries, but it will have to be done tactfully. Aries is a very optimistic sign, while Pisces tends to be much more pessimistic and cautious. While an Aries zodiac sign tends to judge others and put them in their place, a Pisces is much more tolerant of the defects of others. Pisceans are also more sensitive, and the strength and audacity of Aries can hurt them.