How can the zodiac signs resolve their anger in relationships?

How can the zodiac signs resolve their anger in relationships?

When we are happy with each sign, we express that joy in a way, and we ask in return that they share it, understand us, and join in our good vibe. But when are we angry? How do we pay for our anger with others? How do we handle that anger? How do YOU resolve your anger in your relationships? Well, depending on your sign, there are twelve ways to do it. Please get to know them.


Anger loses you, Aries, so it’s easy to imagine that the first thing you manifest when you get angry is that anger. And you do it with the vein in your neck throbbing, spitting out very harsh words through your mouth and with some signature tap of the house: slapping the table hard or coming out like a thrombus with the door slamming included. If it occurs with your partner (or with family or friends), this will be more intense because trust is disgusting. And your partner, even if they already know you, will always be surprised to see how you turn on the first time, with so little control on your part. As you get older, I’m sure you will control these attacks more and more, but you are tough when you get angry until that happens. You attack whoever has angered you without thinking about anything, reasoning, and measuring consequences. The good thing is that your partner will know that you are over soon and that with the right approach (not too soon, not taking too long), you will calm down, you will regret it, and you will apologize. But it will help a lot to all this that he has also agreed with you, let’s not fool ourselves.


Taurus, you get angry occasionally, but when you do, those who suffer from it remember it every day for a long time. Because even the universe trembles with your anger. Since feelings count a lot for you when it is with your partner, the offense will be a mixture of anger and sorrow for feeling moved towards that situation. Because you did not want it, you do not seek to remove yourself, and when they lead you to it, you get doubly pissed off. Since you are slow-moving, you won’t be the one to run out and slam the door, but you can feel relief when you hit something—or imagine some revenge.

In some cases, you may even cry because of helplessness in the face of such annoyance and because you feel angry when your partner hurts you. For you, it is almost a tiny betrayal because you always try not to mess with her or make her mad. So yes, you experience your anger as a great injustice.


Gemini, when you get angry in your relationships, the first thing you need is space to get away from who has made you angry. Of course, before putting distance, you release what is not written through your mouth. And with ease, you have to mix words, deeds, past matters, irony, and sharpness. The result is a direct torrent of reproaches and bad temper towards your partner (or a friend or family member) that can knock you out in the first place. Moment. And then it will be even worse when he calms down and remembers well everything that you have spit out of your mouth. When you calm down, and for that, you have to spend a little time (a few hours or a day at least) you return to being that cheerful person as always, although you also devote some hint to warn that you have not forgotten the whole thing. 


Get angry? You know this topic well, right, Cancer? There is a dark side in your loving nature that constantly has you ready to be angry, annoy you, and get angry, and you are never lacking in reasons. And if you lack them, you look for them because you are pretty good at looking for the confrontation to let out your most negative emotions. When you are already angry, your partner will know (and if not, he will find out) that what comes next is a desperate passive-aggressive attitude. When you get mad, the truth is that you prefer not to talk a lot, not say what is happening to you, not give clues about what you think, you prefer to act, punish, isolate yourself, far or near but without opening your mouth. Let him suffer, you think. In your anger, you want to manifest your revenge, your punishment. This is how you resolve your anger in your relationships, Cancer, all at once—leaving tracks of anger not clear why isolating yourself and wanting to come back to make amends. And while he thinks better of it for another time.


Anger, Leo, puts you in a situation that leads you to act doubly alarming because of how little you like it. Come on, more than solving, you force the matter a lot, and at times you make it worse. Let’s go by parts, as you do not like to get angry. It would help if you punished your partner (or that friend or relative who has touched your nose) so that he knows the big mistake he has made. Your ego presses you to be above. You will feel terrible, but you need the other person to feel bad too, worse. Because according to you, he has a lot of faults, that’s how you see it. That thought of not believing you have any (or minimal) guilt leads you to be too harsh with that person who has made you angry. And from there, you give a howl, or you spend an attitude of do not touch me, do not talk to me, do not look at me. And you wanted to fix it but without giving in at any time.


Virgo, when you get angry with your partner, with a friend, or with someone in the family, you do not have the need to let go, be noticed, or talk about it. Because you know that will mean giving more thought to the subject. And since you give it a lot of laps on your own, you prefer to save yourself lengthening the story more and making it an endless tale. Of course, when you have processed it in your head (well, process it more or less because you will never be delighted with your sense of perfection), you will want to talk about it. Do not look for you until then because you will get even angrier. Your anger, anger, everything that bothers you, you like to swallow it yourself and think about how to solve it. You don’t trust others to fix anything before you see it. Then, once processed,


Libra, when you get angry, you let it be noticed but not much. Your partner or that relative notice something in you, something that tells them that you are upset, but they do not know for sure because you do not say so. To speak it, you have to be more confident in explaining what is wrong with you. What you want is to be guessed without exposing yourself. You don’t want to say it yourself. Rather, you want the other person to help you, taking it out, talking about it, helping you fix it by doing something. You will help him, of course, you will make it easy for him that he does not imagine it. But these issues are dirty work, and you don’t like dirty work. This is how you resolve your anger in your relationships. Deep down, you like that all your emotions are shared, the good and the bad. You don’t want them for yourself. You don’t know how to solve them; rather need others just as you need them to give you the best in you.


Scorpio, you get outraged with everyone and even with yourself if necessary. But you are capable of not showing anything, except that your eyes (your soul) cannot hide the shine that anger gives you. Your annoyances are always brutal, but many are not the kind that goes out. They are almost always inward. Inward is where you want them to be in control, as you always do with everything in your life. And if that friend or your partner asks you if something is wrong with you, you could even swear on your life that no, that nothing is wrong with you. All parts of you are pure emotion, and anger is an emotion, of the negative ones, and you will want to hide it, because hidden and controlled you feel that it maintains your strength, instead of showing it and showing your weak points. And you, Scorpio, what makes you feel stronger, deep down it also gives you a certain peace. You turn the anger around and control it to your advantage—pure magic.


You are to get angry, fast, and just as quickly it passes you. But you have a short fuse as a good sign of fire. That means that getting angry is easy for you, spouting through your mouth what has also angered you. You release it, you make your position clear, and your smile. Brutal honesty, as in almost everything you do in life. Sincere, direct, making everything clear and always. That easy. Except that perhaps this way of resolving your anger is still good for you, but not for your partner. Because it may not be so fair for her that the drip of your reasons falls on her and that you barely let her say hers, by the time you have calmed down having released your anger, and allow yourself to listen to the other person, perhaps she is still shaking and not even the words come out. Measure your anger, measure your arguments,


Capricorn, you resolve your anger almost always the same: you shut it up. That to begin with. Information is power, power is control, and you like to have control. So you keep to yourself what you feel and think about what you will do with that whirlwind that upsets you so much in your serene way of being. If the anger is with friends, you control it better, but if it is with your partner or family, you make it worse because it touches your heart (yes, it hurts, in some way) and also because those who know you make you angrier. They put you in that position, knowing how you are and how little you like that they fail you. It seems to you of negligence that you want to punish. So you isolate yourself. You don’t want them to look at you or talk to you. The safest thing is that you will be able not to spout even the slightest word about the subject that has angered you. In any case, you get up, you leave, and the door slamming might make the windowpanes shake. For another time, they think better of it.


Aquarius, if you get angry, you do it with your head. No anger, knocks on the table, red face boiling with rage. Your thing is to get angry with your partner or friends but controlling, eating the anger inside, but with a lot of resentment. Which, in the end, translates into an internal bitterness that only affects you because the other person doesn’t even realize it (unless they are a very empathetic person and know you very well). So you solve minor annoyances on your own mentally. If anger is about something that interests you, you mature and talk about it (which is always the best solution to resolve any emotion). And if anger is already a significant mark, then you do explode, but because you have kept trying to control it, and in the end, what heats boils, what boils abscesses,


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It is difficult to know that you are angry because you are not one who clearly shows it. Yours borders on subtlety, and you drop somehow that you are upset by this or that. And you trust the other person to guess what might have angered you magically. You get the romantic vein, that of a movie. The protagonists always know what the other wants, without talking about it. Everything is ideal. Everything flows and is lovingly resolved. But of course, the reality is different. Your partner (or with whom you have been angry) either rack their brains thinking what can happen to you, or it ends up happening to you. And that hurts even more. You are stronger than you think, but you swallow a lot, and it burns. It is difficult for you to say that you are bad Pisces, but that is your essence, that in which you do not want to steal time from others. You do not want to provoke them or ask for anything.