How can you know if you still feel something for your ex according to their sign?

How can you know if you still feel something for your ex according to their sign?

If they have fallen in love beautifully and then ended their relationship, it hurts most people. Hide it more or hide it less. Getting over a breakup is a process that takes time. And it depends on each one what they do to minimize that duel and overcome it as soon as possible. But how do you know if you have feelings for your ex according to his sign? Find out and learn to cope with this time so that it affects you too much and you can smile again soon.


With how sincere Aries is to everything, it seems that it’s not too clear when it comes to showing if you have feelings for your ex. You will know that he is lying by all the explanations he gives about what happens and how little he cares about where he is, how, or with whom. But Aries gives itself away quite clearly, and let’s not kid ourselves if there is something that Aries cannot hide. His energy, intensity, and impetus that he puts on everything. And when he talks about his ex, you can see that there is still a “topic that burns you” because you do not get so upset when you pass someone. And it is not the case. You will also notice it because it talks about what happened, what that person did to him, the bad, only the bad. And that is reliable proof that something is not passed. But it will. It is often Aries to get what it wants.


With Taurus, if you observe him in his day-to-day after a breakup, you will see someone who seems calm, does not talk about his ex, not even anecdotes, seems even happy, but he is not. Inside, Taurus will be waiting for everything to be the same again, for that person to come back, for them to be together again. It takes a lot for him to forget, a lot, a lot. It’s all because when he starts relationships, he is completely convinced that it is forever, and when they are over, he heartaches. And it hurts self-love to admit that he had made a mistake when choosing that person when choosing that relationship so committed. And Taurus refuses, refuses to assume the loss, that he was wrong, that everything is over. It is also true that he will overcome it, and when he does, it will be forever. Taurus has a lot of determination, and what he proposes he achieves,


Gemini will have no problem knowing if he has feelings for his ex. If you ask him, he will tell you, and he will not lie to you when he tells you that he is okay and what happens to that person because Geminis feel such a release when they leave a relationship that the joy will almost be greater than the sadness. But the ruptures do not come suddenly. They are usually wounds that sting, start small and get bigger, and become infected. And Geminis will be happy at first. Over time, the hard will come. That will be when you know if he remembers the other person more than he would like. When Geminis calm down is when they miss what they had, and there you will see them talk too much about their ex, or on the contrary, not wanting to speak at all. Proof that the wound still stings. And that even if there is no trace on the outside,


With Cancer, you don’t have to ask if you will still have feelings for your ex because you surely WILL. Because of his being very sensitive and how he clings to relationships when they end, it is expected that they leave a lot of footprints, a lot of emptiness, and a lot of pain. The worst thing is when the ex is one of those who leave, but they do not leave, and they return, and they go, and they return, and that for Cancer is a horror. Because he cannot get over the loss of someone still there, he cannot move forward because he does not know from where. The good thing about Cancer is that no matter how sad he is, he believes in love, and his desire for love pushes him to try again, to fall in love again. And he ends up succeeding because that is another of his virtues: he always gets what he wants. One nail removes another. And when there is another person around, the ex will be just a bad memory,


Leo has so much social life that it is easy for his ex to be found among so many friends. The test that gives you away on what you still feel is that you have not deleted that person from your social networks, avoid going to the places where they went together, or stop going to a celebration of mutual friends. What can happen when Leo is still in contact with his ex has a double explanation: he had not been in love, so he does not care to have some connection. It does not affect him. Or if you do fall in love, still feel, and hope to return. So that contact in the same social circle allows you to have hope. On the other side, if Leo has fallen in love, but the relationship is in bad manners, and there is no turning back, Leo distances himself and moves away. You will want to fall in love soon, and that life goes on.


A Virgo ex let you mark. When he falls in love, he discovers a facet of himself so extraordinary that he will enjoy it like a child and always be grateful for it. When the breakup comes, depending on how good or bad it was, Virgo will take more distance if it hurts or will stay close if it doesn’t hurt so much because you will feel that there is a bond between the two, no matter how small, that will always unite you. How do you know if you have feelings for your ex? Because you have such a relationship that you even continue to take it to friends or family gatherings. Oh, Virgo, recognize that you still have something left, and you don’t want to break the bond entirely. You recognize that it hurts but the ultimate loss hurts more, right? And that’s why you resist letting go of your partner forever.


Libra can tell that he has not forgotten someone because of his nostalgia for the things they lived together. When she has a partner, Libra, she lives it all with great affection. The shared moments catch him, what they did together, what they laughed at, or everything they talked about. When it’s all over, Libra can’t help but think about all that. It’s as if it is more reassuring and calming to think about beauty, about travels and places, than about the person. The ex or the ex is represented with the worst, with the breakup, and Libra prefers to escape from what makes him feel worse.

For the same reason, when someone new appears in his life and starts a relationship, Libra avoids doing the same things and going to the same places he went with his ex. Partly it is because it does not tarnish your memory and partially because the memories do not stir you inside, and you feel that you are taking two steps back in your new life. And she doesn’t even want to be tempted to call him back.


With Scorpio, it is challenging to know if you have feelings for your ex because, once your relationship is over, you do everything you can to forget that person, to erase them from your life, nor do you want to mention their name. But that is his penance, that no matter how much he wants and does everything possible, it is very difficult for him to overcome the pain of having lost someone he loves. His way of loving is very passionate. He gives himself whole. That is why, when a relationship ends, Scorpio feels that he also loses a part of himself, which is why he is so wrong. What is most noticeable in him that he still feels is when he finds out that the other person has already rebuilt his life. Their jealousy can burn you, and you almost miss your breath due to the deep drowning. But the famous phrase of the bird that rises from its ashes was invented with Scorpio in mind. And it surpasses it. It always surpasses it,


your ex according to their sign

Sagittarius can be pretty tough when it comes to breakups. He has character, determination, and plans for tapas nostalgia and heartbreak. But when he loses someone, if he was in love, it hurts him, and it also hurts him that it hurts. For this reason, perhaps, he tries to seem that more is happening than he wants to show. He tries too hard to appear cheerful and happy, which he usually is, but he is already over the top. The point that betrays him (proof that he still feels something) will be that he wants to continue being friends with that person. Do you think that since you are friends with everyone, why can’t you maintain a certain friendship with your ex? That is the excuse that sells. He does not realize that in his case, that friendship hides the need to have that person in his life, but because he still feels something. There is not so much innocence in what Sagittarius tries to sell about that friendship that crosses borders. Share something with that person that you don’t want to lose. And maybe even try to come back at some point. Better not rule out anything because this sign always makes life happen.


With Capricorn, it will be challenging to know what he feels after a breakup. If it is already hermetic in its expected life, it closes even more when the relationship is over. You will notice that you cross a huge line between your ex’s life and yours, and you never cross that line. Even if there are mutual friends, you give them to your ex. You don’t want them. He does not go to familiar places again, and if it is someone from work, he can even request a transfer. It is his way of putting physical distance to put a distance of the heart. You will only notice it if he agrees to talk about it because it can break. Capricorn is more sensitive than it seems, which is why it hides its feelings so well so that they are not visible and someone can trample them. But they have them, and they run deep when he falls in love. Much.


With Aquarius, When someone tells you that their relationship has ended, you will ask yourself: what if I saw them the other day together? And yes, it will be true because Aquarius values friendship above all else and wants to preserve it even after a romantic relationship ends. Aquarius is one of the signs that when a relationship ends, it almost always says: “we can continue to be friends.” So it will be challenging to know if he has feelings for his ex because you can see him even hug him if they are in public. Internally, the matter will be different. In addition to pain, which there will be if he has fallen in love, Aquarius will notice that he has not forgotten that person because he does everything possible to help him when he needs it. And he tells her: “call me for whatever and whenever.” If the breakup was terrible and in bad manners, this would be more difficult. But because the other person wants to put distance, if it is for Aquarius, he could see her daily without any problem. More or less, perhaps it is exaggerated, but Aquarius processes its breakups very well. Really.


A Pisces shows a lot when he has feelings for his ex because he is romantic, sentimental, and nostalgic, resulting in more than a sigh, wet eyes, and a tight heart. But in all this, there is a sincere part - because Pisces feels the breakups a lot -but there is another part of staging - because Pisces is stronger than it wants to show. Thus, after a breakup, we will see Pisces resume his life, and who feels and suffers, but will be less devastated than many expect. And besides, it won’t take long for him to get back to his old ways. And soon, we will see him with another love, if not accurate, if dreaming of its arrival. He will keep some things of his ex for a long time, photos of the two of them, he will look at the gifts he gave him, and he will remember that past. And that’s when you will notice that you still feel something. But when he wants to pass at all, he will,