How can you survive the mercury retrograde?

Mercury retrograde strikes again. On January 30, the planet of communication begins its first retrograde movement of the year. It will be like this until February 21. This time go back in the sign of Aquarius. During those days, you should expect last minute changes that throw off your entire agenda, misunderstandings with the people around you, failures in your technological devices, etc ... Aquarius is a sign closely related to creativity, technology, digital and also to friendship, so during this Mercury retrograde be especially careful with everything that has to do with digital ... Surely you wonder how to survive Mercury retrograde .

Surviving Mercury retrograde is much easier than you think. To start, try to keep your mind clear at all times and force yourself to be aware of reality. During these days, avoid making decisions that may affect your future, decisions of which you are not entirely sure. Like, for example, do not sign anything that you know that could get you into debt or do not buy anything that may stop working in the future. Check everything to the smallest detail, read all the fine print, don’t even trust yourself. It is also important that during this Mercury retrograde you write everything down on an agenda. Being in Aquarius, we are likely to forget important things.

Mercury retrograde also has its good points. It will help us go one step further. The energy of Aquarius makes us remain calm in the face of any unforeseen event and that we do not get upset more than necessary. It is a good time to review all the decisions we have made recently, to reflect on our future, to prepare for everything that is to come. If you want to know how to survive Mercury retrograde according to your zodiac sign, keep reading ...


If you want to survive this Mercury retrograde, 

cultivate your patience to the fullest

 , Aries . During these days you will need a lot of it, so it is better that you prepare yourself right now. If you do not have it, you will end up saying things you should not and making a great drama, especially in matters related to your work. You know, Aries, during these days meditate, do yoga and cultivate patience as much as you can.


To survive Mercury retrograde, 

don’t sulk or get pissed off when things get delayed

 . Above all, Taurus, in relation to your work or your studies. You have to understand that not everyone is at the same pace as you. Try to put yourself a little more in the shoes of others. Even if it is difficult for you, there will always be something that will help you understand what is going on in the minds of others.


Put your feet on the ground and don’t get carried away by the bad vibes

 , Gemini . You are very given to let yourself be carried away by the drama and in the end you end up with an impressive mess. But this time it’s not going to be like that, this time you’re going to survive Mercury retrograde. Try to be open-minded and grounded. Be aware of everything that can happen, but do not anticipate dramatic situations. Live the day to day as you normally do, but making the most of your emotional intelligence.


To survive Mercury retrograde, 

trust yourself and your inner self , Cancer , to the fullest

 . It is very common that during Mercury retrograde the past returns to our lives, but if you trust yourself, you will be able to overcome those wounds from the past that overwhelm you so much. You know and are aware that this past has already been stepped on, now it is simply time to put it into practice.


This Mercury retrograde can directly affect your relationships, Leo, so to survive it, 

be as honest as possible

 . This can also bring problems, yes, but in the end it will not have been for not having told the truth. Take advantage of this moment of chaos to say what you feel you should have said a long time ago, Leo. It’s never too late. Don’t let Mercury retrograde ruin your relationships.


You are a super organized sign, Virgo , but these days there may be more setbacks than you would like. To survive Mercury retrograde 

try to be flexible, as much as you can and even a little more

 . Don’t be pissed off when things don’t go according to plan. Think that if they have to go out like this it is for something, Virgo, EVERYTHING happens for something.


Creative blocks will be the order of the day when Mercury retrograde begins. So, Libra, how do you survive Mercury retrograde? You may wonder ... Well, as you know, Mercury also puts us in contact with the past again. So, for the next few days, 

look back for inspiration

 . You will realize that many ideas that you discarded in the past can turn out to be incredible in the future.


Regardless, Scorpio, Mercury retrograde is a good time to reflect to the fullest. To survive it, keep 

your hands quiet and don’t make decisions for a couple of weeks

 . It will cost you a lot, because you are a person who needs to improve your life constantly, but you will have to make an effort if you want to survive this Mercury retrograde. The best thing you can do? To meditate.


To survive this Mercury retrograde, Sagittarius, 

do not send messages by letting yourself be carried away by your impulses

. During these days you will live situations that completely break your peace of mind. So, Sagittarius, don’t argue with who is not worth it. Your fuse is very short, but during Mercury retrograde try not to let your patience disappear. Take a deep breath, count to three, and don’t blurt out the first thing that comes to mind.


Don’t expose your bank account

 during Mercury retrograde, Capricorn. To survive it, what you have to do is leave your credit card quiet. Buy what is necessary and you are done. Because if not, you will regret it in the future. You may feel confused about money during these weeks, so for this, it is best not to buy ANYTHING that you do not need.


This Mercury retrograde happens in your sign, Aquarius , so you will notice that it is very personal for you. In order to survive him, 

try to take it easy, slow down, and give yourself time

 . Perhaps it is important that you make a clean slate of many ideas that you already had preconceived but that were a bit toxic. If you have an open mind and don’t let your impulses carry you, you can get a lot out of Mercury retrograde.


For the next few days, try to be as practical as possible. There will be time to let yourself be carried away by emotions, Pisces. In order to survive Mercury retrograde, 

try to take things at face value

 , read the messages perfectly, double-check before making a decision. This may not be normal for you, but it is the best thing to do during Mercury retrograde.