How dangerous is your zodiac sign?

How dangerous is your zodiac sign?

Things as they are, sometimes you feel like being nasty too. Maybe for revenge or because you have to teach someone a lesson, but everyone gets that dangerous streak on some occasion. That malice can come out at the most obvious moment or at the moment when you least expected it. It can come out in a moment of anger or when you seem calmer. Something was brewing inside you. How dangerous is your zodiac sign?


Perhaps your sign is one of the most dangerous in the zodiac, Aries, and because? Well, because you act 99% of the time without thinking. You can take whoever is ahead when you are on your ‘do not care about everything.’ You can take whoever is ahead. You will yell, you will kick, you will cry, you will rant about whoever it is necessary, you will insult, you will blow all the shit that you have been holding and that you did not say. You will stay calm afterward when you have taken everything out when you have neither tears left nor the strength to kick another kick to the wall or any object that crosses your path. The moment you lose your papers, you don’t think about the damage you can cause. You don’t even stop to think about it. You don’t premeditate it or have that bad cold blood. Not at all. You spit it out and out without any sensitivity. The problem is when you react. You probably hurt yourself more with what you did than the person who received it, even if it looks like a lie.


You are dangerous, yes, but you can be seen coming Taurus. They have had to touch your nose a lot to bring out your most dangerous side. You don’t explode at the slightest bit of change. You are to accumulate and keep everything for yourself until you can no longer. Once your patience runs out, you have no brake. Once the line has been crossed, they have screwed up. You are very stubborn, and you don’t stop when you start something. It’s very typical to see you go from zero to full fury in a matter of seconds. And that is very dangerous.. At that point, you are unable to give in. You will not pass a single one and you will surely be able to leave and never return. You don’t mind losing someone by sending them to hell after what they did to you.


Gemini, you can be dangerous because you can play your cards very well. If they don’t hurt you, you go your way, with your people, without messing with anyone, without creating bad vibes or a bad atmosphere. But the problem is when they make you angry. There comes that Machiavellian Gemini that many know and that Gemini is not pleasant at all. You will not make a mess. You will not be enraged like a madman to be like someone outside of himself who does not know how to control himself—none of that. You are dangerous because of your mouth, because of your gift of words, because you can invent something to screw up anyone’s life. Gemini, you are not normal bad, but if they find you, they look for you.


Cancer, you are one of those signs that it seems that you have not broken a plate in your life. Yet, you can become a real beast if they hurt you. You are dangerous because you do not forget, and it can last a long time when it comes to hurt. Cancer, you get mad fast. Still, the real danger is when you don’t when you start to accumulate, let go, and suddenly break down one day. If they hurt you, sooner or later, you will get paid. It is challenging for you to forget, and you writhe with rage when you remember situations that hurt you in your day. You think of revenge and come up with a thousand ways to harm the other. Maybe, in the end, you will not do anything, or yes. Or perhaps you just hope that life will put you in the perfect situation to teach the lesson of the century.


Leo, you are dangerous because you have a lot of pride, and when you are hurt, you can become very aggressive. You have no filter. You can release the greatest atrocities through your mouth. You can blame everything they promised they would do and have not done. You can cry and laugh almost at the same time. And worst of all, you can make wrong decisions just to screw up whoever has hurt you. That is why you are dangerous. Because in those moments, you do not think that you have something to lose, and you go for everything without fear of doing whatever it takes when you are out of control. The truly dangerous thing about you is that you do not care what happens, that you are probably so disappointed that you do not stop to think for your own good.


Virgo, you can be dangerous, but not more so than other signs of the zodiac. You have too much patience to put up with stupid things and it takes time to explore. But you can’t be seen coming. You may be simmering some revenge on the inside, you may be hatching some plan and yet smiling on the outside. You have patience because good revenge is always savored on a cold plate. And if you have reached that extreme, it is because there has been damage involved, perhaps not much, but enough. Sometimes you don’t have to wait for something serious to happen for the damage to be irreversible. If you feel like you have to take drastic and dangerous measures, you will. And the dangerous thing is that you do not forget until you execute your plan, you will have something pending.


You are dangerous, Libra Sure, but when you feel like they betray your trust or someone you care about. You are generally peaceful. You should give lessons in knowing how to be to others. But you can also go crazy, rage, and become the saddest of all. You always go straight ahead, Libra, and if something feels wrong, you will say it right away. It sounds good, or it sounds bad, with good or bad words. But you won’t keep it inside. You don’t want to do it because you know that afterward, everything accumulates. You become dangerous when they play with you. If everyone knows that you are a peaceful person who is always upfront, why don’t they act that way with you? You hate it, you hate the hypocrisy, the falsehood, the people who speak from behind, and although sometimes you want to go through all that, you cannot. You stand up to anyone, and you get into trouble for not knowing how to shut up in time, but it is what it is.


Without a doubt, you are one of the most dangerous signs of the zodiac. At least you are in the top 3. Your danger lies in your mind. You can’t go through things as usual. You know perfectly when there are malicious comments, when there is something hidden, and when they want to hurt you. Then you think about it and start thinking about giving it what it deserves. With you, nobody gets involved, and whoever messes it up, will pay for it sooner or later. Months, years can go by. You forget nothing. And you will give that person their own medicine. If it can be a little more, the better. You have to charge yourself interest. You have to be careful with yourself because you are dangerous.


You are dangerous, but at a given moment, with a given person and in a specific situation. In addition, you are a sign that is very upset but that later does not have that evil to damage left and right. Nothing of that. You are dangerous because you do not measure the consequences of your actions at the moment. You explode, and you get ahead of anyone. But you have to really explode. There are times when you scream but you are not angry. It is just part of your personality. You are when you have endured a lot and have repeated things a thousand times. That’s when you go crazy and lose your papers. You have to remember that you are a fire sign, that you do not measure your actions, words, or the level of damage you can do. Unintentionally or willingly, you will do a lot, and if they continue to bite you, you will continue to release poison through your mouth until they stop.


Capricorn, you can be very dangerous. You don’t forgive, you don’t forget, and sometimes you keep remembering the hurt over and over again. First, to avoid making bad decisions again, second because you are a bit self-destructive, things as they are. Capricorn, you will only be dangerous for one reason: when they re-betray. Otherwise, you can put up with just about anything before going crazy. But when you are betrayed, you can become cruel and ruthless. But the best thing is that you always notice it before. If they are disloyal to you, you are able to hatch the most bastard plan to get paid, and there will be no end. You won’t think twice. You have to give them their own medicine so that they learn, and above all, to stay at peace with themselves. The problem is that many times you do not stay in peace. If not, you stay even worse. But the impulse to take revenge cannot always be repressed.


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Aquarius, you can be dangerous, but it must have been a long time to lose the papers. Before consuming you, you will always try to get away from pain, bad people, bad vibes. Because of this, you are hardly ever in trouble. But you also have your limits, and if they push you all the time, you will fall. And if you fall, prepare yourself. Aquarius, you have incredible sensitivity, so when you become dangerous, everyone knows that you have been insisted on so that you lose your nerves in the end. Despite everything, you will always try to measure your words to not harm for free. You will try to say everything tactfully so that no one feels bad. And the rest takes advantage of that. But everything has a limit, and if they exceed it, you will treat them as they deserve.


Pisces are dangerous because you can do a lot of damage when you explode. Part of it unconsciously, but much of it consciously. You are not looking to annoy anyone at all, but you have a horrible mania of approaching what does not suit you. Although you do not want confrontations with anyone, the confrontations come to you alone. You can lose your papers quickly when you feel cornered and when you lose them, you can be very cruel. You can throw poison darts in the form of words that drive you deep. And your danger may be long-lasting because the damage you suffered first was also for a long time until you finally exploded. Your problem is that, even if you think it is driving you crazy, you will still be stuck in that bubble of madness. You will not turn away from what makes you dangerous until you realize the damage it does to you. And it may take a long time.