How do the zodiac signs behave when they have deceived you?

How do the zodiac signs behave when they have deceived you?

Although there are signs more faithful than others, let the one who has not been unfaithful cast the first stone. You can be unfaithful in your thinking or wishing your neighbor on the fifth daily or through social networks, no matter how innocent some flirtations seem to be. There is some deceit to the couple in these events, even if it is subtle and part of a fantasy. These ramblings aside, the real deception is usually the horns of all life. And once put, how does each sign behave when it has deceived you?


The love life of Aries is one of the most intense in the Zodiac, often due to passionate impulses, some so intense that they are not with their partner! Remember that Aries, many, many times, act first and think later. So it could be that when you have been unfaithful, it is the product of fire of the moment, intense and challenging to control. After committing the deception, their guilt will have something childish, as when children do a prank: they are not very aware of having done something so bad, nor do they seriously regret it. The position of Aries will depend a lot on how you take it: if he sees you suffer a lot, he will give him remorse, and he will suffer for you, but if he sees you fighting and harassing him, he will fight to defend himself while asking for forgiveness. Ah! And you will want to turn the matter around,


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Taurus is one of the most faithful signs of the Zodiac. It is good to know this fact to understand possible infidelity on your part. Because of as little experience as he has, surely you would end up catching him soon. And I would not deny it because those games and those strategies do not go with them. With Taurus, if you love him, it is better for him to feel safe and calm, and thus you will not have to worry about his infidelities. And if the issue of the horns does arise, investigate the origin because it sure has to do with you. After all, Taurus feels insecure because you believe that you have betrayed him, something like that. And the horns would be like a kind of revenge for making him feel that he has committed to you but that you do not feel as delivered. This is how each sign behaves when it has deceived you.


Geminis always flirt, always flirt, and of course, all that sometimes pays off even if Geminis have a partner! So much was the pitcher at the source that it broke. And the infidelity of your Gemini will be there, with all the pain that discovering it may mean to you. The first problem is that Geminis see everything as a game, including sex. His cheerful and optimistic demeanor prevents him from seeing the drama in these situations. Gemini’s way of not taking life too seriously, as a rule, gives it important but not so much as to live bitterly. So if you catch him, Gemini has enough intelligence to weave a web of excuses, lies, apologies and justify the situation for days and days. As long as you let him “tell you about it,” he will wrap you up by telling you everything that comes to his mind, and however clever he is, you will almost end up believing him (if you don’t quite believe him). Among his excuses, the number one will be to blame “the other person” and that if there is someone innocent who has been cheated on, it has been Geminis.


Cancer enjoys sex the most, although we think someone so romantic lives on beautiful words and chaste kisses. Well no. With sex, Cancer seeks pleasure, but it also feeds on the dedication of its partner and the intimacy that the touching of bodies supposes, the search for mutual pleasure, and continuous and intense looks. But Cancer likes sex with her partner, and if she allows herself to take her feet out of the pot, it is for revenge. That is almost certainly. So if it falls, as everyone falls sometimes, what comes next is a drama. The regret will be real and the fear enormous but of the consequences, like being abandoned. And there, Cancer can flood his neighborhood with tears, asking for forgiveness, asking you not to leave him, that he does not know what has happened and that it will never happen again. A classic. You will ask yourself how each sign behaves when it has deceived you, and this is how Cancer behaves.


Leo doesn’t like being unfaithful. When you are in a couple, the commitment implies being for each other, and each other, 100% or 200% better said. And three is a crowd. But there is a saying that ensures that everyone can be unfaithful at some time. It all depends if it is with the right person and at the right time, in addition to the fact that Leo, when he gets angry with his partner, sometimes takes the anger a bit far. And in some of those moments, someone may look for you and maybe find you. And when that happens, Leo will regret it from minute 0. The best thing is that if you catch him, he will swear and perjure that no, no, and no. As surely you have not caught him red-handed, and you will not have proof, he will hold on to whatever it is as long as NEVER RECOGNIZE being guilty of the accusation of being unfaithful. And you can bury him, and he will keep saying NO.


Virgo likes sex more than many imagine. Spending your life busy with other things does not mean going through sex. And when it comes down to it, the proof is his spectacular fame as a lover (fame unknown to many people). In some stages, even Virgo goes crazy with sex and, blinded with pleasure, assumes it even if the person who proposes it is not his partner. It is as if discovering all the pleasure that sex offers clouds his common sense at times. And although it tends to self-control, it can fall into this type of deception from time to time. If Virgo becomes unfaithful, he will have a lot to blame for believing that their relationship is not as committed as it should be. As soon as you do, a huge fissure opens in your consciousness. And Virgo will look for why something like this has happened; you will need to have an answer to find the solution. If you catch him, he will blame half humanity minus himself. Certain situations were chained to push him to be unfaithful in his mental process. That is what he will tell you as he assumes his true guilt and that of other external circumstances.


To Libra, he likes sex, although it is a sensual sign rather than passionate. He knows it would be easy for you to fall into an infidelity product of a very sensual moment with a person who can attract you a lot. Someone with a spectacular physique, perhaps. And it is not that Libra is superficial and frivolous. Still, to understand him, you have to know that his aesthetic sense is enormous and that when faced with beautiful things, ideal situations, and beautiful people, he feels inevitably drawn. The right time and the right person will be the magic mix to lead Libra to cheat, although he will regret it as soon as it is finished. It is as if he suddenly woke up and found himself in a situation that did not suit his way of being. Because Libra has many values, respects people, and does not like to do anything that could hurt someone. And for your mind, How does each sign behave when it has deceived you? This is how Libra acts.


Scorpio is one of the signs of the Zodiac, if not the one that most exploits and enjoys his sexual streak. He carries it in his DNA to give pleasure to the other person and to experience it himself. Scorpios like sex, especially because it allows them to express the passion that devours them inside physically. Love and sex will be the perfect union if it is with your partner. With people you have less commitment, you will continue to be an exceptional lover, one of those who leave their mark. So when you like something (sex in this case), Scorpios find it difficult to say NO in certain circumstances. And although it is a faithful sign, you can sometimes fall into temptation. And if they catch him, it will depend on how the accusation is, because if he notices a very intense attack, he will defend himself tooth and nail. If the tone is conciliatory, he will apologize quickly because he does not like to commit such acts against his partner. And the fear that you will leave him will take away the desire to do it again.


A Sagittarius loves the game of conquest, and sometimes he doesn’t know how to stop even though he’s in a relationship. But he is driven crazy by strong emotions, hunting, and even risk adventure. And above all, 99.9% believe that whatever you do, it will turn out well. For Sagittarius, life is a risk, and if there is no risk, life is less exciting, and they do not want it that way, so bland, boring, and uninteresting. That is why it is easy for him to fall into infidelity. But Sagittarius will deny it if caught after cheating on his partner. And it will end up complicating it when it extends into numerous nonsensical explanations. Deep down, it is because they believe they can get out of any situation well. His character comes out of feeling a little superior and believing that he can always do whatever he wants and has justification for everything.


It is difficult for Capricorn to cheat on his partner for many varied reasons: because he does not have time and believes that if he has a partner, it is to have sex with her and not with other people. How absurd! I’d say Capricorn! But a sexual outburst could take him by surprise, and there he could fall, but like almost everyone else. We can all fall; we can all fall with the right person and time. If this deception were to occur and you found out, Capricorn would answer all your questions and acknowledge his actions. It’s that honest. He would punish himself enough for having fallen into this disloyalty, especially since he is critical of those who make such mistakes. His character is upright, responsible, and unfaithful, even if it has been on impulse and only once, is unforgivable. And seeing him punish himself like this, Surely you end up forgiving him because you will understand that it has been a mistake. And everyone deserves a second chance.


How does each sign behave when it has deceived you? To understand what infidelity is for Aquarius. The first thing to know is that this sign does not understand jealousy, nor that fidelity is measured by not having sex with other people other than your partner. People are nobody’s possession, and freedom is linked to each one, always, to do, say and think what they want. And also, we already know that Aquarius passes the rules there, and the conventions are the same. And monogamy at one point, too. Knowing all this and that Aquarius is usually faithful by nature (but by concepts such as respect and honesty), if he cheats you, you will have to show him that it has been. And if you allow yourself to be fooled by his arguments, he will have fooled you twice. None according to your version. And it will give you enough proof that there has been no deception.


The best of catching Pisces, having been unfaithful, will be his face. He is surprised as if he hadn’t done anything wrong. And perhaps it is that, in his head, he has done nothing wrong. What he has done is let himself be carried away for a moment, escaping from his relationship, but Pisces would tell you that he is on a therapeutic plan. He will tell you that he was feeding his fantasies, that he wanted to go a bit far in things he imagined, not to say that he needed space, period. They will tell you and may even end up believing it themselves. Believe him in one thing: he does not do it evilly, nor does he prepare it, nor is it premeditated. If you do not want to forgive him, do not do it, but if you listen to him well, you may end up understanding him in some way. If you don’t believe him, don’t force the situation too much either, and keep giving him that I hit you with the interrogation because then the one who will end up getting angry will be Pisces.