How do the zodiac signs react when you don't reply to their messages?

How do the zodiac signs react when you don't reply to their messages?

We live in an age where most of us are glued to our mobile phones 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There may be times when we try to disconnect, but then, in the end, we end up looking at all the notifications. Therefore, it is rare when a person takes a long time to respond. Each sign of the Zodiac has a way of acting when it feels that you have left it in reading or made it the famous ghosting. Read on if you want to know how each sign reacts when you don’t respond to their messages:


When Aries feels that you have left him reading, he gets very frustrated. He gives everything in his relationships and does not like behaving like that with them. He will be the first to provide you with your space if you need it and also the first to understand that you will not be glued to the phone all day, but he also wants to hear from you. As you let him read, little by little, the feelings he has towards you will fade until they are nothing. He’ll probably ignore you back so you can see how he’s been feeling all this time. Aries will pretend that they don’t care what you do or don’t do because they hate admitting that they care about you more than necessary.


Taurus will pretend that they do not care or do not care that you have not responded to their messages when it hurts. He will tell you that nothing is wrong, that he understands that you have been busy or focused on other things, but it is not like that. It may even tell you that it hadn’t even noticed when it has probably been aware of when you have been ‘online’ and when you have not. They will try to convince you that they have not wasted their valuable time watching you when they have. Do not be fooled by his reactions, and if you have read him and you feel guilty, do not hesitate to ask for his forgiveness.


How does each sign react when you don’t respond to their messages? Geminis don’t care if you don’t reply to their messages. He’s too busy with the rest of his social life to investigate whether or not you’ve read him off. He probably won’t realize it unless he cares a lot about you and is on his priority list. Their things change. Do not think that he will make a great drama and that he is going to cry around the corners. No one usually crawls Geminis. His mind will begin to imagine movies and think about what he has done wrong so that you do not respond to him. You may even feel guilty and punish yourself for anything silly. Be careful. This is only if he cares a lot about you. If not, you will skip the topic directly.


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You probably imagine the worst of the worst. As soon as Cancer realizes that you have not responded to the messages, it will begin to analyze the entire conversation word for word to see what has been said wrong. They will examine every little detail and investigate what could have hurt you. He won’t stop wondering if you’ve been scared by his character or his way of being. Cancer worries that you will stop responding to their messages without explanation. That ghosting bothers him a lot. He will be in tension until you talk to them again.


Leo will be the typical one who does not stop uploading photos indirectly to his social networks. And it will watch if you have seen them or not. He will do whatever it takes to get your attention again, but he will never admit that this is all a strategy to get you to talk to him again. You know what Leo is like. He will start to share things on his networks, showing you that he is living his best life since you do not respond to his messages. It will make a great drama when it is silly, but Leo is distraught to leave him in reading. Who do you think you are to ignore their incredible messages?


More than pity, Virgo is angry that you can ignore their messages. It will have its strategies to investigate if you do not respond because you are doing something important or do not feel like it. Those strategies never fail, so you’d better explain yourself later and be honest. Virgo won’t be surprised at all. You think Virgo’s mind is too busy to pay attention to you, but when you go, he’s already coming back from there. Don’t worry, because Virgo may be upset that they invested their time in you, but from that ‘read’ on, they won’t waste a second on you.


Libra will try to send you another message as if it is giving you another chance, but if it sees that you have no intention of responding, it will turn the page forever. He will do everything possible so that conversation does not fall into oblivion, but he is not silly and will not waste his time on you anymore. If you want Libra to keep you on their contact list, do a little bit of your part and show more interest in them. If not, the less you expect it, you will realize that it has blocked or silenced you forever. This is how each sign reacts when you don’t respond to their messages, and this is how Libra reacts.


As soon as Scorpio realizes that you have read him, he will tell his friends about it and start throwing shit out of his mouth. Scorpio can’t stand people who one day show their affection and the next day are unable to respond to a single message. When that happens, you need to get out all the rage that you have accumulated inside. He may be reserved for many things, but he needs to vent to someone when something like this happens to him. The sooner you do better, this will leave an empty hole in your heart for someone else to fill. If you do not know how to take advantage of that opportunity, they will give it to someone else who knows how to take advantage of it.


If you don’t respond to their messages, Sagittarius will give you a taste of your own medicine. He will have no problem letting you read for a couple of days when you deign to reply. Sagittarius will count the time it took you to answer, and then they will multiply it by two. Nor do you think he is mounting a drama or anything like that. Sagittarius does not care a bit whether you answer him or not. But in this way, it makes you see that he does not have all the time in the world to wait for your messages. Although he may not care, Sagittarius is quite impatient.


Capricorn is still in his life when he realizes that you have left him in reading. Enough time has already been wasted on you to waste more. When he discovers ghosting, Capricorn decides to move on with his life and turn the page. It’s not going to give you more opportunities than you deserve. When you choose to ask for forgiveness again or to try to resume the conversation, you will probably find a great silence. You had a chance and wasted it, so sorry. Capricorn will not stay with a person who ignores him when he feels like it.


When you do not respond to their messages, Aquarius will probably think it was their fault. You know, he always has his head in a thousand things, and he often passes his phone. Aquarius believes that you are upset because they have been the one who has been slow to respond. He might even send you a ‘sorry I’m taking so long’ message, but as soon as he realizes you’re entirely ignoring him, ciao… Aquarius will pass on you as much as possible and more. He will continue with his things and not give you more importance than you have.


As soon as Pisces discovers that you have read him, he will give you the cross and swear that he will never speak to you again. It bothers him a lot that they leave him in reading, that they make illusions of him and then disappear in that cruel way. He will promise that he will never be deluded again or let anyone play with his heart that way again. But then, as soon as you show the slightest interest again, he’ll change his mind completely. And it is that although it wants to be wrong, Pisces cannot. Even if you have not been very good to them, they have too big a heart to mistreat you.

And this is how each sign reacts when you don’t respond to their messages. You better not leave it in reading. If not, there will be consequences.