How do the zodiac signs ruin their chances of finding love?

How do the zodiac signs ruin their chances of finding love?

Life is not as bad as we sometimes want it to be. Life gives us more than it does not take away. In love, for example, we should recognize the number of opportunities we have to find it, find it, keep it. But we always blame someone or the other, family, friends, work-life. Well no. Most of the time, the only ones to blame for what happens to us are us. Do you want to know how you ruin your chances of finding love? You alone? Keep reading, and you will see.


Aries, your strong character, together with your impatience, make a perfect but explosive mix to ruin many relationships. Think that when it comes to people, you have to consider their desires, interests, and ours count. You are not ahead of anyone. In any case, you would be on par. And believing yourself with some personal rights above those of the other person is what spoils your relationships. Because also, when you do not get what you want, you get so angry that you lose your mind because of the ways (if you were right, sometimes you are not). Come on, a mess. You make the other person feel like a tiny bug next to you, and that won’t work in the long run. Admiration quickly turns to disappointment. You seduce the first Why do you spoil it so quickly by bringing out the worst in you when there is so much good? For authenticity, come on!


Your possessiveness is the biggest problem in your relationships, Taurus. And you know. The worst thing is that you think that being so possessive is good. That is how you are out of love because you want to protect the relationship. After all, you don’t want anything to cloud it, but it isn’t. People are not things you own, and besides, you wouldn’t want them to do the same to you. Relationships like this do not work even though it may seem that they do because it exists as an invisible prison that makes the other person feel trapped. He wants to get out of there, but since you tell him that it is out of love, he wants to believe you. Well, he stays and endures what you throw at him, but inside he suffers and is not well. You, Taurus, are not people who like to be manipulated or sold weird ideas. You want them to trust you. Do the same. It doesn’t matter what you ask. And if you’re going to be possessive, do it, but explain why to explain the truth, don’t lie in the name of love and relationship. It is your problem. And period.


Gemini, you ruin your chances of finding love by showing two faces. Yes, it is true, it is your essence, and everyone has it, but fight against the dark side of their way of being. You, for example, are independent and your partners, so you make it clear, and then you are not so much. It is as if, mentally, you were more pushed forward than later at the moment of truth. As if your optimism makes you see everything in pink, and then you realize that there are many grays around you. You are successful in your relationships because you are happy to whom everything seems good and always see something good in every problem. But since sometimes reality is imposed and life gives problems, admitting it gives you the slump, and you see yourself with less strength than you have. Your mind returns to control you and decide for you, and you become vulnerable, dependent. And the worst thing is that you can’t think of a better way to solve it than by throwing yourself into the street, and you evade, to feel good and forget the problem. But problems must be faced, not avoided.


Always wanting to manipulate your relationships and the people you are with is not good for you, Cancer. Because also, that dark side of you contrasts with your most loving, caring, and protective side. And create some confusion in the other person, because if you ask him to change so much, you do not like anything about that person. Or so it seems. And then why did you get into that relationship? So much demand creates anxiety for the other person and mistrust. Think about it, Cancer, you show distrust, and you end up creating distrust in the other person as well. Likewise, you ask, and you ask, and although it seems that it is because of the relationship, it seems that you are only thinking about your interests. And there is still more: if the subject does not come out how you want, you turn it around and become the victim. And of course, so your partner or that particular person is on guard and prepares. And maybe to do something you don’t like. Think about it. You have it very easy because you know how to adapt when you want, and if you don’t, it is because you settle down and no one can with you.


With your strong personality, You seduce, conquer, fall in love, but when that strong character shows its dark side, you become someone superb who wants to impose himself at all costs. And if you don’t get it, you get angry and break the deck. Either you play what you want when you want and how you want, or you don’t. Understand that your couples with more personality and character may be amused by your desire to dominate. Still, other couples with a calmer character will be horrified by such arrogance. And you will make your relationships become an I want and I can not because at first, you attract irresistibly. But when you bring out that dark side, you produce rejection. And from there, the relationship can become a battlefield to see who wins you will want to be because you can be stubborn and domineering like no other.


Do you know how do you ruin your chances of finding love? Because of your desire for perfection, you need to control what happens according to your script. Because for you, everything is governed by a plan and a relationship. And if the relationship does not go as planned, you start to boycott it. Suddenly you are distant. Then you come back. You move away again. Think that relationships are not things and people are not machines programmed to function. Any mistake in the program already makes you stagger, and your immediate reaction is to drag the relationship to where you feel most comfortable. If it’s with more distance, that’s what you do. And you leave the other person wondering what happened, not knowing that your head does not stop analyzing data as if it were an FBI computer. And as instead of leaving you to opt for the attack, to that partner or possible partner,


Libra, you know that your indecision gives you problems. You know that many plans, jobs, and relationships slow down because you can’t decide. Sometimes you don’t choose to take a step forward, and other times you don’t decide to take a step back. And you get stuck in the middle and block the situation. When you are in a relationship or meeting someone, there always comes that moment of doubt that hugs you, imprisons you, and prevents you from acting. You don’t know if you want to move on with that person; if you have a relationship, you don’t know if you’re going to go further if you commit yourself if you even leave it. A sea of doubts always surrounds you. You are afraid of what that person might think. You don’t want to do anything. You don’t want to influence them to come on, Libra. It’s like you neither eat nor stop. You don’t want anything to change if you think that’s forcing, and deep down, You end up pushing many situations because you do not decide on one side or the other. Think of the symbolic scale of your sign, nailed in the center. That’s how you stay. And that person, according to what he sees in you, will begin to distance himself, thinking that you do not want him, when deep down what you want is for everything to remain in balance as if any step to one side or the other would spill one of the balance pans.


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Scorpio, your enormous sense of independence and that strength you dominate life may be a handicap to finding love or maintaining it in case you have a partner. You always talk about how intense you love, about your capacity for passion, about your suffering for having to tame your emotions all the time. You always sell your passion, but above it is your dominant character, and no matter how much you love, do not bend. In the couple, you have to set the guidelines, you want to know everything about the other person, but you do not want to talk about yourself or what you like or do not like. You don’t want to seem in love, but you want the other person to open their heart for you without limits. If you love so much, if you feel so much, let your partner see it, do not hide behind your strong character so that he does not see how vulnerable you are, sensitive or in love. Open up! Don’t be so afraid of being hurt.


Sagittarius, if you overthink what each relationship means, what each person inspires you, and what falling in love can tell, you will be putting the brakes on love. You will be boycotting a possible relationship with the future. You like your life so much, you like yourself so much, that many potential partners see them as a threat to your life, to your way of being, to your freedom. You anticipate problems. You see them where there are none. Having many feelings makes you feel vulnerable, and you want to apply the band-aid before it has hurt. Bad past relationships are not suitable for you, of course. And your usual optimism is overshadowed by thinking that something will go wrong if you don’t put some distance. You want to control everything, and in matters of love, not everything can be controlled. You want the other person to open their heart for you to see what there is, but then you don’t want me to have feelings for you if you haven’t given the go-ahead. Stop imposing yourself, go!


If you never forgive or forget, it is difficult for your relationship to continue, or when you start with someone, you can move forward. Capricorn, you are too hard with everything. You are indeed in life. And that you do it to avoid suffering, to get what you want, it is a shield, but in love matters, you have to loosen up, you have to lower a little that being on your guard continuously. If anything your partner does to you, any dislike, any insult, you consider unforgivable, it will be difficult to maintain the relationship. You have to be more forgiving of the mistakes of others. If you want to be hard on yourself, do it, but the rest are not as strong as you, nor are they prepared to live in continuous training. What happens to you is that it is difficult for you to solve emotional problems, repress yourself, want to appear invulnerable, and when in doubt of being soft and serving as a precedent, you go to the extreme and tense the rope too much. If your partner does not see more understanding or warmth, only distance and resentment, it will be difficult for her to continue excited. In any case, she will move away from you so as not to suffer and not to become even more frustrated with you.


Aquarius, you have a hard time expressing what you feel, and this is how you ruin your chances of finding love. With you, your partner, or that person with whom you are fooling around, they do not know if they can take a step forward or if they have to take two steps back, or if they have to stay stuck in the place waiting for a signal from you. Because sometimes you neither do nor stop doing either. You want freedom, and you want to move at your own pace, and when the other person takes the initiative, you put yourself on guard. There is too much logic in your head, Aquarius, which is very good for life in general, but it slows you down in love matters and restricts you. That special person will admire you for your active mind and because you are not someone who does not go crying around the corners. But perhaps he does not understand that any feeling always goes through the head and little through the heart. She will fear that you are not very understanding with what she feels, that you are not going to understand her, that you are not going to commit yourself, that what awaits her with you is a lot of detachment and few romantic details. And he will lose hope, and perhaps it is when he takes those steps back, many, and he moves away.


You’re too emotional, Pisces, admit it. You take things so seriously and let them see that EVERYTHING affects you so much that the other person feels overwhelmed by your feelings and sensitivity. Deep down, you like the drama a bit, and you like the anticipation you create with some tension in your relationship. You exploit your sensitive vein but in an exaggerated plan. And when your partner does something that annoys you, you make a drama for him, and you convince him that he has hurt you, but you know that it is not valid. You suffer, yes, but not so much. Besides that, you are stronger than you show. Of course, your partner hurts you, not once, but many times, but you take it to the extreme, and you respond with a kind of subtle and psychological attack that sinks her. Leave these strategies for real enemies, with your partner do not abuse because they will think they do not understand you, and as it is blocked, it is unable to make you happy or to be happy by your side. Crying is good, but your partner is baffled when the drama is excessive. Nobody wants to live pending at every moment of not hurting you, of not knowing how to treat you.