How do zodiac signs manipulate you?

Have you ever seen yourself doing something that you really didn’t want to do? Suddenly you feel that you should not be going through that, that you are in that situation for someone. When you realize it, it is too late. We can even lose years in relationships that go nowhere, or with jobs that someone else should be doing. Many times we have been feeling it since school, with close friends or with our own family. Do you want to know how they manipulate you according to your sign ? Keep reading…

We are not all the same, each one has its weak point and each sign is manipulated in a different way. That is why it is best to know what affects us the most, so as not to be easily fooled. To be more free to decide what we really want in our life, listening to others, but not being blindly carried away by what they want from us.


Aries we know that you work very hard to achieve your goals, but do not depend on applause, to tell you how well you do, or to acknowledge how hard you have worked. Some have realized your need for recognition and may use it against you. They know that the more they thank you for things, the more things you do. And that’s not the case Aries, we all have a limit, including you.

And then we have that point of yours as a lover of challenges, what better way to manipulate you than to put yourself to the test, tell you that you cannot do something, hint that it is too much for you ... At that moment you jump, you get going even if it is a stupid request that it is not going to contribute anything in your life. Aries, stop for a bit and think if that’s really what you want to do.


You do not like anything that Taurus contradicts you , so if someone knows you already, they will try to make you think that an idea has come from you, and for that they will take their time. For example, if someone wants you to go shopping with them, they may spend a few days complaining that they don’t have clothes, showing you old-fashioned or torn clothes until you offer to go to the mall.

On the other hand, manipulating you is not easy. But not impossible. You don’t pay much attention when they start paying you meaningless compliments, you know perfectly well that they want to achieve something and you don’t fall into the trap. But what can you tell me if they offer you that material that you are looking for. A way of life, a promise of vacations… In the most basic case they can even manipulate you with food. Be careful with these conditions, Taurus, in the end you value a lot being calm and without missing anything. But how much are you willing to give in exchange for that?


Your friends have the power to lead you on their way as long as you are not sure where you want to go. You like to blend in with them and many times you find yourself playing the role of a person that you really are not. And Gemini , we know that you are many things, all that you want, but there are some that you do not want to be and no one can force you. You let yourself be dazzled by people who have a lot of energy like you, you get excited and you lose the north. And you don’t like being left alone in life, so sometimes you give in not to lose a friendship.

Also, you tend to understand people very well, and you may come to think that what is good for them may be good for you. But no, each person is a Gemini world and you have to think for yourself, stop for a moment before letting yourself be carried away by what others do or what they tell you to do. Hold on to the freedom of your mind, because you have a lot of potential to live according to your standards, without being manipulated by anyone.


You are the king of emotional blackmail, so you can tell right away when they try to do it to you, the crocodile tears, the scenes of sorrow ... But if someone who really cares about you does it, it may be a bit difficult for you to look the other way. Also, it is difficult for you to say no to the people you love, or to the people you really see as helpless. The important thing is that you make the decision to act, that you analyze the situation and see if that person really needs something from you, or if they are manipulating you for their own benefit. When this happens then Cancer takes its toll. You don’t like being abused. Sometimes you open your heart, your house, the most important thing you have and you realize that they have used it in a bad way, they have made you waste a lot of energy and everything to feel bad for having done something that you really did not want. Don’t come to that again, the first thing is you, Cancer.


Manipulating you is as easy as flattering yourself excessively, and many have already figured it out. Surely you even know it, but you don’t want to see it. It is clear that you have many qualities that stand out for the way you are, but they don’t always tell you out of admiration. There are people who have verified after a while by your side, that the best way to get things from you is to flatter yourself, to compliment you, saying that they like your new shirt, your new haircut, that you are the best in a sport, with a subject… Accept that not everyone likes the way you do your work or dress, and ask yourself if when they give you a compliment they are doing it to get something or because they really like it. They can even put you in compromising situations in front of a lot of people so that you can’t say no. Keep an eye on this Leo, don’t let them lead you on their way.


To manipulate you, you have to be serious. Have a thorough study prepared that convinces you of what they want you to do. And that is not easy. To begin with they have to do it without you realizing it and you, Virgo , are not stupid. But if they make you see that there is nothing wrong with what they are asking you, which is the most logical thing to do, be careful. Virgo you know very well that if something has coherence, you are going to do it before anyone tells you. But if you notice that they may be making you go down a path you don’t want by painting it pink, and for a long time it’s not worth listening to. If something has to be done, it is not necessary to give it so many laps, it is obvious, why so much insistence on convincing you if it should be clear?


Conflicts? No Please. We know that you run from them and that is precisely what people do to manipulate you. Innocently telling you that if you don’t give in to their requests, you are likely to get into a fight with someone, get mad at you, or destroy a relationship. Also, you know that you tend to be a trusting person, you think that everyone is as sincere as you. Well no, there are people who lie Libra , you have to assume this. There are even times when a friend warns you that they may be manipulating you and you excuse your manipulator. This cannot continue to happen to you, Libra, do not be so confident and always give yourself a moment to think what is the best, what does not hurt you or take away your energy.


Scorpio, you really tend to be the one who manipulates, so when they try to do it to you you immediately realize it. It’s very rare for someone to get you to do something that you really don’t want to do. You do not usually give in to compliments, you distrust people who are friendly through life. And if you have something safe, you do not get carried away by a path that is not the one that you think is convenient. But be careful because you have a weak point that you may not have seen yet. And if someone has noticed, they will surely use it against you. Scorpio, when they try to take control of something you go crazy, you fight and fight with all your might to get it back. They can manipulate you into believing that you will lose control of a situation, of a relationship if you do not do such a thing, or make you see that you have already lost it so that you become hysterical. Perhaps the purpose of the other person is that you lose your temper, or that in the end you go the way he wants. Scorpio, do not let that be your Achilles heel, try to let things flow without having to control everything, stop squeezing life and do not allow that to condition you.


If someone comes along, with their spirits on the floor and with a sad face, telling you that an injustice has been committed against them, what do you do? We already told you, you draw your warrior’s bow and you start to fight to save that person, but have you taken a moment to think if it is true or not? There Sagittarius, you have the way they manipulate you. Making you believe that something very unfair has happened and they need your help. You, as a good person that you are, it is enough for you to see the bad face that they bring to you to jump to help. But it would be better for you to analyze the situation a bit, put your feet on the ground and be more analytical. Although the person who comes is one you love very much, that is not enough to close your eyes to the obvious, you have to differentiate if it is really an injustice or is a product of bad decisions that the other person has made,


Capricorn have such clear ideas that manipulating yourself is not easy. For you, a compliment that doesn’t make much sense triggers alarms and makes you distrust. If they want to make you change your mind, or do something you don’t want to, they have to disguise it as a “duty”. That is, convincing you that it is an obligation, is what has to be done. We already know you Capri, if they make you feel responsible for something you are not going to let it pass, you are not one of those who look the other way. You take care of what you think is your responsibility. And if it deals with relationships, your loyalty can put you in unpleasant compromises. That is why it is very important that you be clear about your own path. That you know what it really takes to do the right thing. What doesn’t go against your goals so they don’t waste your time. As much as you are loyal to someone,


Nobody manipulates you, right? Well you’re wrong Aquarius . Knowing you a little, people know how important freedom is to you. And it is as easy as making you believe that you have it, for example for you to stay in a relationship. That person may not fill you enough, do not bring you anything new or inspire you to evolve in your life, but since it is a relationship with a lot of freedom you stay, and you do not realize that you are actually tied, because that person It gives you all that freedom so you never leave. Maybe you have really found the person to share your life with, or maybe you haven’t and that doesn’t let you move on.

On the other hand, they can make that same play on you at a job, or even your family. Seek your true freedom Aquarius, which is within you, you know what I mean, you were born to live it.


What are we going to tell you if you are one of the most manipulatable, it is not because you are stupid, but because you are too good. You don’t like to see anyone suffer and you are prone to emotional blackmail. Be careful when a friend comes to you with a sad face, to tell you that he needs your help, or that he is having a very bad time. Listen to him but activate your alarms, analyze the situation well, lest you end up doing something that puts you in a bad place. Of course there are people who really need help, and you can give it to them, or support them with affection to overcome a losing streak. But sometimes you open yourself up too much and end up suffering for things that don’t belong to you. Or you just think they need you when it’s just a ruse designed to get something out of you. Down to earth Pisces, ask yourself what is behind what is happening. And follow your true intuition, If there is something inside you that makes you doubt, try to reflect. Ask yourself if the person in front of you really needs your help or is just making a scene to get you to do something you don’t really want to do.