How does a Gemini react to betrayal?

How does a Gemini react to betrayal?

Gemini is a sign that loves to interact with others. Live by and share your life with more people. She loves being here and there, meeting new people, enjoying her relationships. But, there are times when people unexpectedly betray you. This is how Geminis reacts to betrayal:

  1. ANGER

Who has not felt anger after being betrayed? Well, Gemini even more. You even want to disappear completely from the world for a few moments not to feel what you feel when you realize a betrayal. Geminis are not those who scream, cry, vent, and go to another phase. They do that and much more. It is very difficult to assimilate a betrayal for Gemini, so much so that it even seems that anger takes hold of him for a long time. This feeling of helplessness is so great that it is difficult for him to manage it. In those moments, he might even come to hate that person, but his heart does not allow it. Of course, looking to the future, Gemini will take certain measures with that person. It was not going to be less.

  1. Who betrays you, pays for it

Yes, poor Geminis betray him, but also poor those who dare to cross him. Geminis will investigate everything they can to find out the whole truth. Once you have the evidence in your hand, you will take that person to the stand to make a statement and pass a sentence. He will be straightforward with his arguments, especially if he has physical proof of that lie. Geminis will have no qualms about singing forty to that person, as many times as necessary. It does not matter to him, that person has betrayed him. Geminis will do everything possible to make that person feel guilty. It is what it is.


Gemini is not vindictive, but it will be the sign that shows the most indifference to the person who has betrayed him after settling accounts. Gemini cannot avoid the need to be indifferent to someone who has been able to betray them. He will do it so naturally that even if it costs him mistakes to get over it, others will think that Gemini has erased him from their mind completely. On the outside, it is total indifference. On the inside, he continues to dwell on betrayal. But he knows that he has to do it like this. It is one more phase. He will not be indifferent by way of revenge or hurt that person’s back. He will do it because he knows that this will heal his wounds. Indifference will undoubtedly be your best weapon to overcome disappointment.

  1. GEMINI FORGIVES?a Gemini react to betrayal

Geminis know that giving way to forgiveness is a way to shake off bad energy and free yourself from that anger forever. But of course, all in due course. You will first have to go through the process of pain and disappointment, and then you will figure out what to do. It will depend a lot on the person who betrayed you and what they have done afterwards. If it is someone from your family or a person very close to them, Gemini may come to understand and try to forgive. When we talk about a couple, it may be more complicated. Maybe by mouth, yes, but the reality is that the doors of your heart will close completely, and most likely, you will not be able to forgive infidelity.


They say that second chances were never good. Geminis can forgive and end up forgiving sooner or later, but giving a second chance is considerable. First, you will have to measure very well the consequences of the mistake made by the other person. It depends on the degree of disappointment it causes you, whether or not it will be possible for Geminis to give a second chance. He knows that no one is perfect and that we can all make mistakes, but hey, he can’t forgive so lightly either when it comes to betrayal. Trusting and rebuilding a relationship is not easy, and less if the person who betrayed you was cruel and harsh. Geminis want to get along with everyone and perhaps this is why they suffer so much with a betrayal.