How does a Libra react to betrayal?

How does a Libra react to betrayal?

Libra is a person who always goes to his ball. He does not go where he is not called, and loves peace. Avoid any conflict, even if it is very hurt. When they betray him, things change. Faced with a lie of this type, Libra will not be able to sit idly by and pretend nothing. Here’s how Libra reacts to betrayal:


Although he realizes somewhat late, Libra is entirely innocent regarding treason. He has no bad idea, and that is why he becomes a little more suspicious. But nothing compared to other signs. Libra neither wants nor can live distrusting people, not at least until they fail him or give him reasons for it. Although betrayal hurts him, he prefers to be innocent than living with paranoias that get him nowhere.

  1. He is sorry about what happeneda Libra react to betrayal

If there is one thing that Libra cannot avoid after feeling betrayed, it is regretting. He does not understand what could have done something like this to them, something as ugly as a betrayal. Why? He will ask you over and over again until he finds the logic. Even if you cannot forgive easily, you will need to know what led that person to act this way. You may blame yourself for your good deeds for a while. He thinks that perhaps by giving himself so much, he makes others take advantage of them. Libra does not understand the malice some people can have, which sometimes gives them an odd headache.


Libra does not pass through there. You can forgive many things, but infidelity? NO. Libra may be the most charming of the Zodiac and one of the most devoted signs in love, but from there, to overlook infidelity. There is a long way to go. When Libra is in love, his partner has shown him a series of things that make him admire him deeply. If he betrays him, he will never be able to look at her in the same way, and therefore he will not be able to continue with the relationship.


Having seen what is seen, Libra forgives according to what things. For them it is essential to get along with everyone. That is why sometimes they overlook some other behavior. Now, when it comes to betrayal, things change. Libra suffers like any human being, and if they hurt him, even if he speaks to that person, he wants him to get out of the way deep down. For Libra to forgive will depend on the degree of the mistake made. If it does not directly affect your feelings and emotions, you will forgive without much problem. But if something has touched your little heart, then it may be difficult for you to give way to forgiveness.


For Libra, second chances are only good when the betrayal has not exceeded the limits. We all have the right to be wrong. What there is no right, according to Libra, is to persist in error. When it comes to betrayal, second chances are only possible if infidelity is not. If the person who made a mistake with Libra acknowledges his mistake and asks for forgiveness, there may be a second chance. For Libra, it is very important to receive a sincere apology, made from the heart and with a sense of regret.


They say that time makes oblivion, and Libra is not one of those eternally touched when they betray him. Yes, it has a bad time, but it ends up forgetting, as long as the wound has not been massive. The desire to live in Libra will make that after a disappointment, and after the necessary time, he can overcome and move on. They will neither live anchored in the past nor leave the wound.