How does a Sagittarius reacts to betrayal?

How does a Sagittarius reacts to betrayal?

Sagittarius is noble at heart, generous, honest, and friendly, but beware! He does not have a fool’s hair, and that is why when someone betrays him, he does not sit idly by. Sagittarius is a sign that shows a lot of momentum in all aspects of her life, and although she may decline from time to time, she faces life’s adversities with great determination. If you want to know how Sagittarius reacts to betrayal, watch out.

  1. Create a research plana Sagittarius reacts to betrayal

If Sagittarius has something, it is that they smell everything. Let’s say that your intelligence connects the dots more than your intuition, and you realize very quickly when someone is playing it behind your back. Or what is the same, when they are betraying him. As to be able to judge a person, enough evidence is needed. Sagittarius will activate an investigation plan with which to be able to make sure if his suspicions are true or if, on the contrary, he has been wrong. We know that Sagittarius is impulsive, but he is very smart and will not react as we will see below until we are sure.

  1. Go into a rage

What happens when Sagittarius confirms that they have been betrayed? Well, there is no place in the world where the scoundrel who has dared to betray him can hide. Sagittarius can have many defects, but if there is something he does not sin, it is not being loyal to his loved ones, and therefore he does not conceive that someone he loves could stab him in the back. Sagittarius is a very passionate sign in every way and also very impulsive. Once he is sure that he has been betrayed, he will go into a rage and destroy everything without measuring the consequences. Be very careful not to anger Sagittarius!

  1. Start thinking about how you are going to pay for the damage you have done.

Clarify one thing before anything else. Sagittarius has no evil when everything is going well, and it is good. Now, as soon as it finds out about a betrayal, it can become the most malicious being on the face of the earth in milliseconds. Pain can wreak real havoc in Sagittarius’ life. Because when he is injured, he does not measure the consequences of his actions by carrying out revenge that sometimes gets out of hand. As a good sign of fire, he knows how to accept his mistakes, and that is why over time, he learns that the best way to make someone pay for his betrayal is not to take action on the matter and let life itself take care of it.

  1. Consider whether or not it’s worth forgiving

If something is clear after all that has been said, Sagittarius is not submissive at all. If he acts the way he acts, it is clear that he has his pride because things affect him. Although it seems incredible, he can forgive whoever hurt him in the depths of his being after a while. Sagittarius has a noble heart and does not like to hold grudges. In addition, it can be said that when he executes his revenge, he feels bad about it, and in a certain way, he sees himself in the obligation or in need to forgive the other. It is worth emphasizing that no matter how much Sagittarius goes to forgiveness, he will not be able to trust the one who one day turned his back on him or, what is much worse, betrayed him.

  1. Second Chances?

When the fever passes, Sagittarius begins to believe in second chances, although, of course, it will depend on the type of betrayal. If it is infidelity, you know that you are doomed to failure no matter how hard you try. Sagittarius knows that whoever betrays him once can do it twice. However, he prefers to check it out for himself before ending any type of relationship. If, after a while, Sagittarius sees that whoever asked him for an opportunity repeats the same action, although, without grudges, he will completely remove that person from his life. After all, Sagittarius is not a game.