How does an Aquarius react to betrayal?

How does an Aquarius react to betrayal?

Aquarius always goes to his ball. He is so focused on the things that he passes from all over the world. It seems that nothing affects him, but in reality, it does. There is something he cannot bear, and it is betrayal. You may react in such a way that no one expects it. Aquarius also gets angry, and things hurt too. Here’s how Aquarius reacts to betrayal:

  1. ANGER AND MADNESSAquarius react to betrayal

The mix is explosive. Aquarius has problems when it comes to expressing their emotions, but when they see signs and suspicions, the opposite happens. They enter a bubble of anger and madness that makes them adopt one of these two attitudes; The first and most likely is that it explodes and releases everything through its mouth, especially if it is family or friends. Or the second is that they close themselves with a deadly silence with which they will turn their back on whoever has betrayed them.


Aquarius loves to have a quiet life, with calm and inner peace. He has no evil, so he is not spiteful at all. Hence he does not take situations seriously or do dramas like other signs. Aquarius does not invest or waste valuable time in people who can harm them and neither in resolving enmities, creating bad vibes, etc. For Aquarius, their priority is their inner peace, their clear conscience, a job well done, and staying away from toxic people who disturb them. Although a betrayal hurts his soul, he will not stop breathing or being happy about it. He will continue with his life and put aside whoever is necessary without even blinking.


Aquarius goes from moving to stirring shit. He hates betrayal and everything that involves pain and sadness, so even if he may think of revenge when he feels betrayed, he will not take it as an option. He faithfully believes that whoever caused him harm will pay for it in due time. Aquarius does not take revenge does not mean that he has forgiven and forgotten.


AQUARIUS can give way to forgiveness if he can understand well what happened and what led that person to betray him. Despite being very independent and detached, Aquarius is sensitive and does not like fights. He will try to forgive offenses even without receiving an apology. If it is infidelity, things get much more complicated. In this sense, Aquarius neither ignores nor forgets. If it is another type of betrayal and the thing was not so bad, it is most likely that they seek forgiveness to avoid bad vibes in the future.


With Aquarius, it depends a lot on who has betrayed you and what reasons that person has for it. It is clear that there are things that have no justification, but Aquarius needs to find it to make way for forgiveness and to be able to continue with his life as before. This sign is incapable of holding grudges, but it does try to learn even from bad experiences. No harm does not come.