How does Cancer react to betrayal?

How does Cancer react to betrayal?

Cancer belongs to the water element like Scorpio and Pisces, and if something characterizes this zodiac sign, it is pretty emotional and understanding. Now, what happens when they betray you? Cancer always seeks emotional stability. It is a sign that you need to feel calm and safe around the people you love. Unlike other signs, if you are deceived or betrayed, you will go through a process that will change your life forever. Here’s how Cancer reacts to betrayal:

  1. Take distance

When Cancer feels betrayed, he immediately steps back. You will not be one of those people to get pissed off and put on a show. Not one of those who blame all the wrong you have done to him. Cancer goes and goes when it has to go through a crisis of this type. He will hide in his crab shell and will need time to assimilate that someone important to him has been able to betray him or fail him in some matter. The distance will be for Cancer, the period it needs to heal and continue through life with its head held high. After all, it was not them who were disappointed or betrayed. So why hide? Get ready. Cancer will become more vital than ever, and he will be willing to fight his own emotions even when they betray him. Will take distance,

  1. Feel a grudgeCancer react to betrayal

Cancer does not identify resentment. Cancer simply feels it. He acknowledges the feeling. For Cancer, rage is that whirlwind they feel when they discover that someone has betrayed them. It is that bitter taste that runs down your throat and sets fire to your stomach. Even if you refuse to admit it, Cancer is capable of holding a grudge for a long time, and a long time can be even years. They are quite emotional, so much so that it can remain with the open wound for life when it is hurt. What happens when a wound bleeds? It happens that it hurts. It makes you suffer. It happens that it becomes difficult to bear it. Well, this is precisely what happens to Cancer when they betray him. No matter how much he tries to give way to forgiveness, if he accidentally brushes the wound, he will bleed again. It hurts again, and you feel that resentment again.

  1. Think if forgiving is worth it

To forgive, it is necessary to learn to forget. Although Cancer gives many turns to what happened, it can be sincerely forgiving. Of course, not without first asking for a good explanation and an apology as God intended. Cancer has the gift of empathizing with others and knowing when there is a sincere regret or simply whoever betrayed him wants to calm his conscience. To free himself from the resentment, he will have to have a good time. The time necessary to make sure that the one who failed him is at the foot of the canyon, waiting for his true forgiveness. In the case of a couple, if they show him that they are capable of fighting for him despite their changing moods, then he will open his little heart and will be able to give himself up again.

  1. Revenge, yes or no?

Cancer will not be as vindictive as Scorpio, for example, but it will be one of those who think that sooner or later the person who pays it. Cancer is one of those who feels that revenge is best served cold. So after the distance, the hatred, and even the forgiveness, comes Cancer’s revenge. It seems incredible to think that you can first forgive and then avenge, well, yes ... for Cancer, yes. He often is not even aware of this. He simply feels a sudden desire to do a little harm to the one who previously dared to betray him. It is understandable, after all. After a betrayal, Cancer will find it difficult to be the same again and have cold and distant behaviors on many occasions. There is no greater weapon for revenge than indifference, and when something hurts Cancer, it turns out to be cold.

  1. We talk about second chances

To know how Cancer reacts to a betrayal, it is only necessary to see him give a second chance. Despite all that Cancer has to go through and experience after a disappointment, it can forgive as long as it does not remain in doubt. Then he will do what he sees fit according to his mood, but deep down, he thinks that second chances are opportunities for them too. He prefers to live a transitional stage in which he can check whether or not it is necessary to altogether remove the person who betrayed him from his life than to remain with his doubts. If Cancer tries to hurt a person who neither goes nor comes to him, he may even laugh at her in his face, but if someone he truly loves hurts, he may suffer a before and after in his life. life that changes him forever. Both as for well and for worse,