How is Aquarius as a universal sign?

How is Aquarius as a universal sign?

The last four signs are the so-called universal signs, and their archetypes have a lot to do with the maturity of the self. There is much more evolution. Probably these signs have already learned lessons from personal and social signs. Perhaps, they can also lose the individual contact or the emotion of social connection to immerse themselves in their stage of life. To go much deeper into themselves concerning the world. Aquarius is a universal sign.

When an Astral Chart is made, you have to observe the energies as a whole, the planets, the aspects, the houses, and although we base ourselves mainly on the sun sign, everything is essential. Therefore, you will also feel their energies if you have many worlds in your chart in these signs. And if it is your sun sign, you will possibly feel very identified.


Aquarius as a universal sign

After Capricorn’s ambition, something arises that rises much higher. Something that goes beyond this material world and the need for survival. Aquarius has the quality of representing what is with courage and momentum. It is a confident and robust sign, airy and fixed, and impressive intellectual, mental, and artistic abilities.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which is the first planet not visible to the human eye from Earth. This has a much deeper meaning. Aquarius is not a person who gets hit hard. You will not see everything that is with your eyes. You will understand its essence with your heart.

If your Sun sign is Aquarius, or if your Ascendant is, or if your Moon is in Aquarius, or if your House XI has a lot of presence in your chart, you will understand very easily what is going to be said here.

The Water Bearer sign needs to have a high purpose in your life, and this purpose is divided into two main ideas. The first: is the idea of differentiating yourself from others somehow. And the second idea: create a change in people or the world at a global level.

Aquarius will always rebel against mainstream currents because they know different and unique. They have another way of thinking and often even love to consider themselves “weirdos.” They prefer that to follow the masses. His mind is very active, his ideas brilliant, exceptional, visionary, and inventive. Sometimes they are geniuses in some issues.

It is very common to meet Aquarian individuals with a strong vision of the world that is very different from the usual one- the musician, the artist, the one who fights for the protection of animals, the mad genius, the entrepreneur, the vegan, the healer, the hippie, the designer. And these are just some examples. Be that as it may, his profile is always that of someone who is out of the ordinary.

Aquarius will stick to his ideals strongly and will not let other waves of thought affect him. It is possibly the sign with the broadest and most unbiased perspective that has ever existed. She is not attached to the earthly, although she may like it and understand how the game works.

You will have a masterful mind, and your creativity will be strongly developed. Somehow, he follows his instincts, knows what he has to do in life, and stands up to all the blockages that may come from outside.

It also has a bad side. Your personality can somehow disconnect you on a personal level from others. And it can seem like a heartless being making some pretty emotional decisions. Sometimes, it seems that he cannot feel the other, as if he cannot understand. Even if the best advice in the world. His negative side can cause him not to show affection. Perhaps you can also forget about your present life because you are dedicated to that “higher goal.”

If the scenario is negative, Aquarius can hold back. And your life can eventually be filled with frustration. But the best thing about Aquarius is that always, whatever happens, even if the family presses, even if the friends put aside, that need to feel unique, special, superior will emerge. And even if he has streaks in which he is down, later he will resurrect and rise. Always.