How is Capricorn as a universal sign?

How is Capricorn as a universal sign?

The last four signs are the so-called universal signs, and their archetypes have a lot to do with the maturity of the self. There is much more evolution. Probably these signs have already learned lessons from personal and social signs. But perhaps they can also lose the individual contact or the emotion of social connection to immerse themselves in their stage of life. To go much deeper into themselves concerning the world. Capricorn as a universal sign:

When an Astral Chart is made, you have to observe the energies as a whole, the planets, the aspects, the houses, and although we base ourselves mainly on the sun sign, everything is essential. Therefore, you will also feel their energies if you have many worlds in your chart in these signs. And if it is your sun sign, you will possibly feel very identified / o.


Capricorn as a universal sign

Suppose we had to define Capricorn in a few words, survival and preservation of life. Capri needs to conserve, perpetuate, get out of everything alive, and keep up. It is an earth and cardinal sign. Taurus who is earthy and fixed needs to feel secure in everything, Virgo, who is earthy and mutable, needs to exploit and use resources but Capri is on another level. You need to strive and succeed, succeed in life. He not only wants to live in the world that has touched him, but he wants to get to live in the best possible way. It needs to be strong. For this you need to be very logical, be practical and have a lot of skill with everything. That is Capricorn.

And Capri will achieve all that security and protection by working. It is very common for almost everyone to have some goal in life already set from a very young age, and that goal is usually closely related to that instinct for preservation or positioning. One of the essential qualities of Capricorn is undoubtedly perseverance.

Despite being a cardinal sign, it is not too impatient, as perhaps it can be Aries or Cancer (also cardinal), it knows how to work constantly towards a goal. He knows how to be patient until he reaches his ambition.

They know their abilities and will not hesitate to use them, in addition, they are faithful to their objectives and very responsible.

Even if your sun sign is not Capricorn, if you have many planets in this sign or it is your ascendant, you will feel very identified with this.

Sometimes, like everything, some things go wrong and even though some people have an easier time adapting to changes, with Capri, this gets complicated. He is a bit intolerant and does not like to improvise too much or things to go out of the established script. He wants the hand to remain the same and that of his family and the people around him. Because in the end, what some do wrong ends up splashing Capri. Probably because of how much he gets involved with the rest. It is very common for Capricorn to be a leader in their family, their group of friends, and their environment. And if it is not, they will possibly look for you in some way to ask you, ask your opinion or even order and manage, somehow integrate the structure and even order and say what to do. You will represent a model for the family and teach your family and loved ones life lessons. And the most important task will be this: DO NOT GIVE UP.

Capri has a very good eye for finding the good life and has a unique vision for detecting the good. You will seek status and rank, and also have a good reputation. But of course, everything can be corrupted and the dark side is one of the worst.

When Capricorn represses his feelings and emotions, his attitude becomes bitter, cold and at times he can even be labeled as someone without a heart. It can be a person who is moody all the time, a person who is too “mature” who forgot the joy and that child that we all carry inside. That also being emotional is a positive thing.

It can also distort everything when repressed, it can be damaging and toxic and very harmful in some extreme cases. And for that very reason, those ugly feelings can even create colon and bone diseases.

At its most pessimistic, Capricorn can be a bit of a dictator and oppressor.

But that’s just the wrong part because the positive is incredible. He has an intelligence far superior to the others, his logical ability is excellent and he knows how to plan tremendously well. In addition, he will be persistent, he will not throw in the towel even if things get ugly and he will have his super fun and sociable mood point.

In addition, he has a solid and robust heart and will protect his people better than anyone. Although he does not show much love and is rather detached, it does not mean that he does not love you. It does, and possibly a lot more than you think. It will teach you that you have a goal in life. It will lead you to persevere, fall, and get up—what better lesson than that.