How is Sagittarius as a universal sign?

How is Sagittarius as a universal sign?

The last four signs are the so-called universal signs, and their archetypes have a lot to do with the maturity of the self. There is much more evolution, probably these signs have already learned lessons from personal and social signs, but perhaps they can also lose in some way the individual contact or the emotion of social contact to immerse themselves in their stage of life. To go much deeper into themselves concerning the world. In this article, we will look at Sagittarius as a universal sign.

When an Astral Chart is made, you have to observe the energies as a whole, the planets, the aspects, the houses, and although we base ourselves mainly on the sun sign, everything is essential. Therefore, if you have many planets in your chart in these signs, you will feel their energies. And if it is your sun sign, you will possibly feel very identified / o.


Sagittarius as a universal sign

After Scorpio, the sign of the depths, darkness, and transformation, the light returns with Sagittarius, the vision returns. Sagittarius is a universal sign. If we had to define Sagi with one word, it would probably be this: vision. Sagi sees what others do not see. Moreover, he sees it. Clearly, he is sure of it. And then you point your arrow straight at it. You want to get it. Sagittarius is a sign full of passion and emotion. In addition, they have confidence in themselves, and although the rest of the world does not see what they see, they do not care. He will not change his course for this.

His fire element is mutable, an expansive fire, challenging to control, the one that burns strong, capable of burning hectares and hectares without anyone in this world being able to extinguish it alone.

It is ruled by Jupiter, a bright and expansive planet. For this reason, Sagi expands her vision all the time. There are no limitations or barriers. There are no borders. There are no walls. Sagittarius sees further, and if your site is not enough, imagine. You need to get to the places that convey important things and emotions related to life, the universe, and the most philosophical issues. He wants to find meaning and tries to find it at all costs by broadening his sights, traveling, meeting people, relating, exchanging information. You will always think big and something more significant and robust.

Sagittarius has higher impulses. He needs to know and learn, to be filled with knowledge. In general, optimism and enjoyment are part of Sagittarius, and everything develops there. They have a positive vibe noticeable wherever they go. Sagi’s personality is fun and cheerful. His need for something greater always pushes him to explore more and more, and he always acts through fiery intuition.

In a different scenario, Sagittarius can embody another type of personality. A personality that aligns with a traditional belief or point of view. And he makes it his truth. He can also be an incredible philosopher. They will always be interested in learning about the world and life, and they need to see it.

In the same way, people with the Sun or ascendant in Sagittarius or with many planets in this sign can be teachers. Because they find what they want and spread it. They will not keep their truth or their discovery to themselves. They need to tell it to the world. They need to help others know it too.

They teach, debate, discuss and spread the word. Sagi can get a bit aggressive due to that fire and can come off as even a bit bossy. Passion can get distorted, debates can get more heated than usual, and it can become somewhat intransigent at worst. If you positively channel your energies, you will be a charming person. You will feel the emotion of life in every step you take, in every moment. You will be generous and will always be there to share and teach what you know.

But if the energy is misdirected, its fire can turn into something that hurts, that burns hard. You can create conflicts with other people, you can try to force others to share your ideas, and you can become very attached to your particular views, beliefs, or traditions.

Sagittarius can be amazing.