How to handle stress at work according to your zodiac sign?

How to handle stress at work according to your zodiac sign?

The usual thing about working is having some stress. If you don’t work, you still have stress, or rather, anxiety about not having a job. Be that as it may, the stress, pressure, and anguish when we work are entirely assumed. Sometimes it is not because of the load of tasks but because of how burdensome some people are. Sports and talking about it with family and friends helps. But above all, it helps a lot to know what or who causes that stress and combat it from the beginning. According to your sign, do you want to know how to manage stress in your work? Read on and take a deep breath. You will see how you can.


Surely, you are one of the most active and productive people in your work, if not the most. Aries, you have plenty of energy to give and give away, and the proof is that you do your job, half of your partner’s work, and you still have the fuse to encourage the rest with theirs. All that ability, coupled with the impetus you exercise it, obviously has to have its consequences. Stress hits you when not only do you want to do what you should and a little more, but you want to do it very quickly. And of course, one day is fine, another also, but that overload takes its toll in the long run. Aries, the world will not end at the end of the day. Take things slower. Do not run so much either. Surely your work does not depend on speed. In addition to going like bullets, you can make mistakes more easily. And that will stress you out even more. Stay away is also something you can do, and don’t argue when the storm rages.


You, Taurus, like to work hard but at your own pace. And this rhythm can be your source of problems with bosses, teams, and yourself. Because there are tasks that require more energy and not arriving on time can be a source of problems with others, and with the results, of course. You indeed know how to work brilliantly, flawlessly, but in your own way, and unless you work alone, sometimes you will have to adapt to the rest yes or yes. In addition, you do not like negative comments about your way of producing, nor do you like to give in when you argue so bad business. You will notice how you boil inside in certain situations, and you will want to rip the head off more than once, but since you cannot, you will have to eat it inside, and your stress level will rise at times. Start by listening to criticism with a different attitude. Not because they are necessary means that they are wrong. There is constructive criticism that if you accept it in a receptive way, it will affect your productivity, and above all, your state of mind. Do your part. You need to avoid the anguish of discussions for work reasons, do not feel attacked. Try, and you will see how you feel better.


Whatever job you have, Gemini, you are one of those multitasking people who leave everyone with their mouths open. As your sign is dual, you can show many different facets when working. And besides, you don’t care about taking on managerial duties or rolling up your sleeves to the elbows and performing the most challenging and least glamorous job in the world. Tensions will come from your lack of perseverance and little attention to what you do at all times. Your mind is the cause of so much dispersion because it does not allow you to concentrate and causes you to be distracted by a fly that flies by. And if they scold you or call to order, the tension will come because you think you do a lot and that you do not deserve any reproach. If these problems are frequent, you will notice it in your mood, and you will be more nervous and anxious. Try to concentrate more, avoid distractions such as mobiles,


Cancer, when you work alone, you have an enormous capacity to do, solve, start, and finish each task. The problem comes when you attend to each other with their own jobs, letting yours accumulate, that you do not finish on time or that you finish it but with failures because you had to do it quickly and running. You are like an NGO that helps all those who ask for it and many cases of abuse. They pull at you over and over again, and they don’t care if they interrupt you. If you ask them to wait for you to finish with yours and as you always give them, they keep looking for you over and over again to help them. Your virtue is to praise but in virtue goes your penance because being aware of them prevents you from being aware of your responsibilities, of which they will ask you to account. The only way to handle stress in your work has to be by setting limits on others, Cancer. Get your character out, do not be convinced, and do not listen to them because they already know you and know that you will not leave them lying. If you do all this, you will be more focused on your work. You will feel better and then you can help them. But first, your thing, come on.


Leo was born to lead, be the king, be at the forefront, make decisions, and for everyone to support him. You are the lion of the jungle, the sun of the sky. How good does all this sound? Partly because it is true, your sign is well above, but always believing this and not putting limits on yourself prevents you from seeing another reality. And it is that you will not always be your own boss, and even if you are, you will depend on other people for something, for sure. The impotence born when you are given orders, when you cannot have what you want, or get where you want, can put you on the verge of a nervous breakdown. You know that you can achieve much more by being more humble and less arrogant. Because others will be delighted, everyone wants to work and benefit from your abilities, but for that, you have to ensure that the admiration for you does not have shadows or resentments. You have to be the real boss, the one everyone wants, not imposed on them.


Talk to you about stress, Virgo. It means stressing out even more. You live in permanent stress, but nobody would say it. Because on the outside, no one will notice it. If they could see your head inside, they would see your numerous neurons moving at a thousand per hour, thinking, organizing, anticipating, managing. They don’t stop. Not even when you sleep they stop. There is no homework you have to do that you don’t do and that you don’t do on time, which isn’t perfect. You are almost excellent at work, but it fails you that it is difficult for you to work with others. In front of you, you only see a job, and you don’t see anything else. But this is disastrous for teamwork, which is usually the vast majority. You need to look around you, Virgo, and complement yourself with others. Do not think that this will affect your work, do not do it, and thus you will avoid stressing yourself more. Try to work more closely with others, and in any case, You supervise the final result if that is going to leave you calmer. Think that forcing that rhythm of tension will end up exhausting you. Even more.


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For you, Libra, knowing how to handle stress at work is vital. And since you are brilliant and a fast learner, you know a few tricks. Your problem is that you need others to work, as for almost everything. Others help you with your decisions. They are the perfect complement to everything you do. You like to know that someone has your back, that someone is there to push you through one task or another. Your stress comes precisely when others fail you because you feel that a piece of your world collapses before your feet. But it’s not like that, Libra. You should try to fend for yourself more often. Because you’ve ever done it, and you know you could, you know it wasn’t so bad. And that the results have been acceptable. Why not do it more times? You have the ability. You lack the initiative and the courage, just that. Stop listening to your fears. Stop allowing your insecurities to speak for you. Acting on your own, you will also achieve an important achievement: not depending on anyone, making you stronger. And it will also serve to set limits to those who want to take advantage of you, to those who put the medal they did not deserve because you did the necessary work.


For you, Scorpio, the primary source of stress for your work comes from your strong character and the high level of tension that your discussions with others reach. You accept criticism badly, you do not like to do things differently than you do, and your stress is imposing on yourself. You have to learn not to be so dominant, to trust others. With criticism, you are very quick to make them, and on the contrary, you accept badly those made to you. Besides that, you don’t like to praise when someone deserves it. Acting like this, it is as if you destroy all the virtues you have working, which are many, starting from your intelligence, and continuing with that courage you have to face any challenge. Being closer will favor your charisma, which will redound to your productivity. Ask for help if you need it, and help whoever you ask. Do not distance yourself from others. You are not alone.


Working you are the most complete, Sagittarius. If necessary, you are good at being at the top of the production chain and the bottom. Although you have a great capacity to command and lead teams and tasks, you do not mind doing all kinds of jobs. All you ask is to feel that you have a certain margin of freedom to do your tasks. If you feel stressed by schedules, times to perform one job or another, or forced to work with people who you dislike, you start in a bad mood and end up having a nervous breakdown. And when you go wrong, you find it difficult to return to a state of calm and good vibes. You can with the stress and with what you propose, Sagittarius, and you know it. Do not be angry if they do not flatter you, do not criticize and accept criticism, do not take things so personally, don’t let any “noise” make your day bitter ... It’s as easy as getting your joy and optimism not to be clouded by any bullshit. For important things, yes, but not for nonsense, and recognize that sometimes you get too destabilized by absolute bullshit.


Having the capacity to work at 200% is not easy, Capricorn. You are the best when working, fulfilling tasks, assuming responsibilities, meeting deadlines. The only flaw is that you seem like you only work for yourself. You develop everything depending on the part that touches you. Your degree of involvement depends on what you will benefit from the results. That distances you from others who think that you are doing your thing a lot, and deep down, you know it’s true. Deep down, you do it because you believe that if you don’t look out for yourself, who will? Seeing yourself so estranged from others creates sadness for you. You think that no one understands you, discussions affect you, and you suffer when you have no one to talk to (you are an introvert, and it is not easy for you to open up to anyone even if you had that person close to you). Open up to someone.


Your work, Aquarius, is very personal, different, like you. If you work alone or are the boss, it will be easier for you to do what you want, set your own rules, and skip existing ones. But if you have to work for others, you will suffer a lot having to submit to rules that are often outdated for you and are products of old minds and threaten personal freedom. You stress a lot trying to be yourself in hostile environments where everyone works the same way. They are like robots, you think. They say that if you can not with your enemy, ally with him. Play by the rules, embrace them in what is most noticeable and work your way whenever possible. Manage stress at work by creating your own rules at the limit of what they are and what you would like them to be. And ally yourself with other people who are like you,


Pisces, you will know how to handle stress perfectly if no one is behind messing around because that makes you nervous. You know how to accept criticism, you know how to make amends for your mistakes, you know how to work faster when there is a rush, but you cannot with those who criticize for missing you, with those who want to sink you. And it affects you not only because of your sensitivity but because you think it is unfair. And because you think there is some abuse, because precisely those people do not dare to do the same with others who are more leaders. Continue as usual regulating your stress levels, the normal ones before work peaks and responsibilities. But don’t let other people attack or stress you. To hell with liking or accepting them. No, no, and no.