How will the first new moon of the year make zodiac signs feel?

How will the first new moon of the year make zodiac signs feel?

This Wednesday, January 13, the first New Moon of the year, will occur in the Capricorn sign. 2021 started on January 1, but this New Moon will usher in something new. It is the perfect time to create a new routine and change our habits. In addition, being in Capri, the Moon will help us focus on our objectives, set our goals, and plan well the strategies to achieve them. This New Moon is perfect to start new projects related to work, money, and the future. Read on to find out how the first New Moon of the year will make you feel according to your sign:


You’re not quite feeling yourself lately, Aries. You have too much on your mind, and it is difficult for you to focus on what is essential. This New Moon will help you get rid of any distraction, and it will give you that little push you need to start taking things more seriously. Perhaps you have activated the year feeling very insecure in your work, studies, and professional life. You think that neither people nor yourself are valuing you as you deserve. Aries, don’t stress more than you need to. Let things go at your own pace. Yes, you always do your part. If you know how to do things right, a very successful opportunity may arise this week in your job. Aries, it’s time to get down to business.


You are used to working like the most and leaving your skin to reach your goals as soon as possible, Taurus. So, you may be wondering how the first New Moon of the year will make you feel. Well, this Moon asks you to take things differently. You do not stress so much with everything. You organize yourself well to have time for yourself and your people. Even if you’ve already set to work to fight for your 2021 goals, it’s time to take life differently and find more time for yourself. This New Moon is the perfect excuse to start practicing that hobby that you like so much but that you find it challenging to find time for it. This week don’t push yourself. Just relax. Get ready for a good marathon of one of your favorite series, and that’s it, Taurus.


This New Moon, Gemini, asks you to start facing all those situations and responsibilities that you do not stop postponing due to lack of time (and desire). There is no use running away and hiding from them, Gemini. They will remain there until you solve it. It’s time to start working on all that you’ve been putting off because of your lazier and lazier side. That we already know each other. In addition, this New Moon makes you more united to your intuition. Now that a new year has begun and a new lunar cycle, you feel that something is about to come into your life. Gemini, just let yourself be carried away by your intuition. Let it guide you. It will be excellent for you to reconnect with your most mystical side.


It’s time to make changes in your relationships, Cancer. There is a new chapter about beginning your love life, and you know it. This New Moon will allow you to start building the foundations of what your life will be from now on. Cancer, you have to start taking seriously whom you invest your time in from now on. You are often disappointed when you give 100% to someone, and then they can’t even thank you. This New Moon will make you feel like you have to reorganize your time with each person. Now you’re only going to be there for those who are there for you, no more, no less. Even if it costs, Cancer, you have to start taking this very seriously. It is the best for you. And this is how the first New Moon of the year will make you feel.


New year, New Moon, new life, Leo. This New Moon will make you feel like it’s time to start a new routine. Now is when you have to start planning how you would like your life to be from here on. Above all, Leo, this New Moon helps you focus more on yourself, your health, and your happiness. This Moon being in Capricorn will make you face all those new habits with much motivation. Maybe this is the perfect time to start hitting the gym, join yoga, and call a nutritionist. And not to get the PERFECT body, but to feel good about yourself both inside and out. Take care of your body but also your mind. With this New Moon, you will realize that it is time to leave the past behind.


Your creativity wants to do new things, expand, and find new ways of expressing yourself, Virgo, and all of that is because of the New Moon in Capricorn. You may feel overwhelmed because you don’t know how to satisfy your desires and make all those ideas come true. But the New Moon asks you to take time for yourself and stop pushing yourself so hard. Don’t demand more of yourself than society demands of you, Virgo. With this New Moon, you will have the perfect opportunity for your creativity to start giving its tricks. Now it’s time to be organized but also creative. This 2021 you have to focus as much as possible on yourself, on growing as a person. This New Moon marks the beginning of something extraordinary.


You’ve been more thoughtful than average for a few days, Libra, and that’s it for the New Moon. You have put your social side aside to focus on yourself, to see what is failing with others at the moment. This New Moon comes to force you to do what makes you happy, to help you find yourself comfortable with yourself, Libra. Please start writing everything in your mind and look for new ways to vent. Please don’t keep it all to yourself. If you do not want to share it with others or do not feel ready for it yet, writing it down on paper will help you feel much more secure and organize your crazy head a bit. In addition, the New Moon will also mark very positive changes in your work. You will begin to feel like every effort finally has its reward. This is how the first New Moon of the year will make you think.


You want to go super far this year, Scorpio, but first, you have to focus on what you have at hand, on your smallest goals. Instead of looking ahead and imagining all the dreams you are going to fulfill in 2021, this New Moon will help you notice the small details of the here and now. It’s all very well to dream big, Scorpio, but you have to start at the beginning. During the next few days, take your time to organize EVERYTHING perfectly so that not a single detail is missed. It will even be good for you to start setting schedules. Scorpio, this New Moon in Capricorn is coming to get you down to earth again. It will also help you find new ways to communicate in your relationships. Perhaps now it is not new that you let yourself be carried away so much by your passion and your inner fire.


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Now the only thing that worries you, Sagi, is your professional life and your bank account. And not because it goes wrong, but because you want to make it grow anyway. How will you feel the first New Moon of the year? It comes to help you reorganize your life, put your feet on the ground, and start working on everything you have pending. These days, you may find a new way to earn money, or you may realize how you can begin to get a lot more out of your wits. COVID-19 and the pandemic have also brought a tremendous economic crisis. You feel like it’s time to reinvent yourself, Sagittarius. This New Moon will give you that push you need to launch yourself fully into new projects. Your intelligence and creativity, mixed with that energy that this Moon will provide you with, will create something super top.


It’s your moment, Capricorn. This New Moon in your sign will help you leave your fears behind and move forward as the great champion you are. It is time to put aside all those doubts that do not let you trust yourself completely. These days you feel prepared to speak your mind, to go ahead and stomp. Now you will learn to lean on your power and realize how far you can go when you trust yourself. You are not afraid to ask for what you deserve, Capri. For that reason, this week, you may be direct with your boss, with people in a higher position than you, and with your partner. The New Moon will make you feel that you have to start leaning on all your strengths and that you rarely use.


This New Moon, Aquarius, comes with a new routine under the arm. After the chaos of 2021, you feel like it’s time to put your life in order. You have to return to give meaning to your life as it is. These days you will begin to adopt new habits. You will even propose to lead a healthier life and a much more organized work. Stress, chaos, and hassles are left behind. This New Moon will put you in touch a little with your more spiritual side. You feel like you have to go back to certain things that made you very happy before. It is true that perhaps the past is more present in your mind than you would like, but this New Moon asks you not to punish yourself for it. It is time to learn from the past and stop carrying it like an ordeal. Everything you have lived has helped you learn, Aquarius. Stick with it because that’s the way it is how the first New Moon of the year will make you feel


This New Moon brings new beginnings in your social life, Pisces. New friendships may emerge over the next few days that will completely change your perception of relationships. Not only will new people come into your life, but the bonds you have with the people who are already in it will be much stronger. The pandemic has been very negative for your relationships and your social life, but now, everything is beginning to improve. Open your mind and your heart, and let yourself go. It’s the perfect time to reconnect with those who make you happy but not spend much time on them. You know some people deserve more love, so go ahead Pisces.