What are some of the most common dreams and their meanings?

What are some of the most common dreams and their meanings?

Surely many times, when you just woke up, you wonder what your dreams mean. According to psychology, dreams are the interpretation that we give to the world of which we are conscious and the subconscious. Most dreams have meaning. Some dreams are very common, and many of us have dreamed of them even once in our lives.

There are indeed dreams that have an ordinary meaning but do not forget that your imagination also plays a significant role, and each one of us must give it the interpretation that seems most correct to us. Dreams, after all, reflect who we are, how we think, and our way of being. Therefore, each of us must also give it a different interpretation. These are the most common dreams and their meaning:

Dreaming that you are being chased or running away from something

This dream can happen in many ways. That someone else is chasing you, that an animal is chasing you, that a monster is chasing you, etc. You are running away from something that scares you or generates a lot of anxiety. What you run from or what chases you is a problem for you. Although it can be an overwhelming dream and often it can even be a nightmare, our subconscious tries to tell us that we must face this problem and that we have to be strong and not let ourselves be overcome by it.

If an animal is chasing you, it may mean that you are running away from your feelings, desires, or anger. If something dark and unfamiliar haunts you, it may be related to past trauma. If you are being chased by a person you know, you may have feelings for them and are trying to run away from your feelings.

Dreaming that your teeth are falling out

This dream is closely related to self-confidence. In the end, the smile is a very important part of our face. It says a lot about us. The smile is not only physical and superficial, but it is in the mouth and where we communicate. To dream that your teeth are falling out means that something has happened in your life that has made you lose confidence in yourself. It is related to anxiety about our appearance, wanting to be someone we are not real, or worrying about how others see us. This dream arises from the fear of rejection, shame, or having very low self-esteem.

Being also related to communication can also mean wanting to say something and not being able or that it is very difficult for you to express yourself.

Being naked

It is very common to dream that we are naked in front of others or missing some piece of clothing that covers our body. In your dream, you feel exposed, even ashamed or humiliated. It means that you are afraid to show yourself as you are and that others will see your true self. You are afraid to show what your imperfections and your flaws are.

But if you are naked and you feel comfortable and do not feel ashamed in your dream, it can mean the opposite. You are happy to be who you are and want people to admire and recognize you. You are comfortable in your skin because you have nothing to hide. You have enough self-confidence that everyone sees you for who you are.

Dream of fire or a fire

We often dream that our own house is burned or that something that we hold dear is burned. The house represents ourselves, our intellect, our mind. Being on fire, we need to find a place to be safe. There is something that is making you feel trapped, and you need to get out of there any way to find calm security.

Dreaming of fire is closely related to transformation, with the end of something and the beginning of something new.

Dream about spiders

common dreams and their meanings

That spiders in your dream mean that you feel trapped in something or that you feel that someone is lying to you, especially if cobwebs also appear. You feel trapped in a situation that you surely cannot see with your own eyes.

Dreaming of spiders can indicate that there is something that gives you a lot of anxiety and a lot of fear. It is also related to your emotions. This dream can mean that something in your relationship does not let you be yourself, catches you, and does not go. If you dream of spiders, pay close attention to what is happening around you because it may indicate that you should take a little more care of your relationships.

Dreaming of spiders in the middle of a pandemic is VERY common. We feel trapped in this situation, we cannot do anything, and we worry that we will not enjoy our life. We need to protect ourselves from our fears.

Dream about pregnancies

It does not have to be that you dream that you are pregnant, simply that your dreams are pregnant. It is something positive because it means that something is forming, that is growing. If you dream that you are pregnant, there is something new growing “inside” of you. It can be anything, from an idea to a project, a job, a relationship, etc.

It is a dream synonymous with changes. If you dream that you are giving birth, it indicates that you will achieve your goals and go as far as you propose. It is a super positive dream, and dreaming about it frequently brings excellent luck.

Dream of dying or death

These dreams are nightmares, and they can leave us unsettled when we wake up. If you dream of the death of a person you love, it reflects anxiety about changes, fear of the unknown, or fear of losing something that makes you feel very safe.

Death means the end of something and the beginning of something new that is unknown to us. If you dream that someone dies, reflect on what that person means to you. Go much further, to the end of the matter. In the end, it will be something that you are terrified of losing or something that is coming to an end, and you do not want it never to end.

If you dream of someone’s death, you are giving them years of life.

Dream about the person you like

When you start to like someone or are very much in love, you do not stop thinking about that person ALL day long. So it is pretty normal to dream about them. You may be in a relationship with another person but dream of someone you liked in adolescence or that you dream of someone with whom you left things pending. This dream is related to your desire, wanting something very strongly and never getting it.