What are some things that a Leo cannot stand?

What are some things that a Leo cannot stand?

We already know that Leo has a great heart, is noble, and has a great facility to relate to others. Leo, even so, is a very demanding person, and there are things that he will never overlook. These are the things that Leo cannot stand :


What does it cost to say good morning? And thanks? It is not that Leo goes through life being a hippie who only seeks peace and love, but less than being a little kind and pleasant with others. He is horrified by people who do not have a minimum of education, those who cannot give thanks, be kind when they turn around in the purchase and ask for forgiveness when they bump into someone. Leo is clear that he does not tolerate this type of behavior and will charge them as soon as possible to whoever has the nerve to treat someone or himself this way.

  1. THE LOWEST PRICESa Leo cannot stand

He cannot stand people who think they are above others. Those people who think they were born with some divine gift. A Leo is nervous about slights, whether it is directed at them or if they are directed at anyone else. Although Leo may seem arrogant and haughty, in reality, he is not. Leo is a sign that has a minimum of respect and hates any type of injustice. When he observes contempt, abuse, humiliation, ridicule, or unjustifiable indifference, Leo goes into a rage and does not let anyone get away with it. He will start yelling and putting everyone in their place. Even though Leo seems self-centered, he always does justice.


It’s the height of the heights. If there is one thing that Leo cannot bear, it is for someone to dare to judge or give an opinion on their life or on that of a person very dear to them. When this happens, the Lion will soon send that person to hell. He does not understand how people believe they have the power to speak about others without knowing what is behind that person. For Leo, it is a waste of time listening to criticism. In social networks, Leo is typical of blocking anyone who comments about him, about him, or about anyone for whom he has a minimum of appreciation. If it is constructive criticism, Leo can listen to it and make sure it is good intentions. But if not, Leo will quickly cut him out of his life.


Nobody controls Leo. Someone who can control you has not been born yet. When you notice that someone intends to do it, you take control of the situation and put yourself in their place. Leo will not allow anyone to rule his life. You can’t handle those controlling people who say how and when things must be done. Leo is a very independent person and likes to go to his ball without depending on anyone. That doesn’t mean that you can’t live with more people. Leo loves to surround himself with people who keep up with him. People who let freedom flow.


Leo is like a Phoenix that always rises from its ashes. It also has its times of drama and sorrow, but it doesn’t take long to get out of there and be cheerful again. Leo is a positive person who achieves everything he sets his mind to. So you want to surround yourself with people who give you a lot of good vibes. People who only contribute complaints, lamentations, and boredom are invited to leave their life immediately. Sorry, it is what it is.


Leo needs transparent people in his life as much as he can. He hates people who are not honest. It is one of the most sincere, direct, and honest signs that you can know. Leo is only friends with people who respond to him in the same way. If he picks up on a single lie, he pulls you out of his life with incredible ease. You can’t avoid these kinds of falsehoods even if you try. Leo will make the cross for you both in his heart and his mind.


Boring people? Thank you, NEXT. Leo is a person who always sees the good side of things. To bad weather, good face. He loves to surround himself with positive people. People without a sense of humor completely flatter him. He is clear that life is already complicated enough to put up with boring people who do not make him laugh. His heart is enormous, and Leo will love you whatever you are. He’s going to give you a chance, and it will surely spark your sense of humor a bit. Of course, Leo can’t stand people who don’t have blood in their veins. Those people are cold as ice and hard as a brick wall. With those, he has zero patience.


You don’t like irony. Is that clear? Tell Leo things clearly and in good manners. That people go around trying to tease him, nope. Leo is indeed the king of irony. Well, he’s the king of absolutely everything. But they can’t stand being used satire with them. Leo will respond in the same way that you speak to him. He is not vindictive, but it is true that one way or another, he will treat you as you treat him. No more, no less. Who dares to use a dangerous irony with the Lion, prepare to receive the same in return.