What are some things that a Sagittarius cannot stand?

What are some things that a Sagittarius cannot stand?

Sagittarius is kind, honest, affectionate, attentive, and a host of good things that we could highlight about this sign. But like everyone else, there are also several things that it cannot stand. Things that get on your nerves. It is the sign of good vibes, of positivity, but you cannot always be with a smile on your face. These are the things Sagittarius can’t stand:


Be careful with fooling a Sagittarius. He will go from being a person with a noble heart to an indomitable beast. If there is something he cannot bear, it is deception and betrayal. Sagittarius can do genuinely horrible things when feeling cheated on an emotional level. He will try to get revenge, at least on the first impulse. Once Sagittarius reflects, he keeps his anger to himself and lets his enemy pass by without doing anything. Now, how do you catch someone who dared to betray or deceive you just when you just found out? You may say or do things that you will later regret.


Sagittarius can be the most peaceful person in the world as long as you are not fooled and as long as you do not see any injustice before your eyes. Even if you try to count to ten to avoid getting into moves, sooner rather than later, Sagittarius comes out in defense of anyone who is suffering injustice. Like a runaway horse, he is capable of lashing out at whoever dares to treat any human being unfair. Sagittarius has not come to this world to remain impassive in the face of the actions of those who seem to take the law into their hand. Sagittarius will do the impossible to achieve a better, fairer, and more sustainable world for everyone.


a Sagittarius cannot stand

Sagittarius hates the pride that certain people can have and, at the same time, imitates it. It imitates it and also very well. No one is better than anyone, but if you dare to treat me as if you were better than me, you will drink your own medicine. This is how Sagittarius thinks. He considers that anyone who believes himself superior should be treated differently so that he feels in his flesh what it is to be discriminated against. When Sagittarius gets arrogant, he perceives how someone goes out of line. And what happens when someone goes too smart? Sagittarius takes out all his weapons, forgets his big heart, and puts each one where he deserves.


What are this about staying a home day in and day out? Sagittarius can cope with apathy, neither with his own nor with that of others. He cannot sit still and cannot stand whoever lives with him or she does. For Sagittarius, life is an opportunity to do interesting things and intensely enjoy those moments that we can make unique. We can all have a bad day, and we can also allow ourselves to do nothing to recharge our batteries. But living without motivation, Sagittarius can’t stand it. Sagittarius wants to surround herself with positive people, eager to meet and grow simultaneously. The energy they receive from others is important to them. Whoever wants to have a Sagittarius next to him better move his ass.


Life without humor is boring. Sagittarius is serious and responsible when it has to be, but other than that, it does not tolerate people with little sense of humor. He knows that everything is easier when you can laugh even at your misfortunes, and Sagittarius does it often. Taking life with that philosophy makes you maddened by those people who do nothing but complain about nonsense. As long as there is health, everything else comes along. Sagittarius knows that a sense of humor is essential both to have a good time and to have a bad time. When there are problems, just as you can cry, you can laugh. Sagittarius will get out of his life those negative people who believe that complaining and grief can get you somewhere. Facing life with a smile is Sagittarius’ greatest challenge.