What are some things that a Taurus cannot stand?

What are some things that a Taurus cannot stand?

Taurus is respectful to everyone. Although he does not understand many people, he knows that each is the way he is and likes colors. Taurus is loyal and very strong, but certain things bother him and even that he cannot stand. Do you want to know what they are? Read on to find out what things Taurus can’t stand:


Let’s see, Taurus is not the most transparent sign of the Zodiac, especially when it comes to talking about feelings. But for everything else, Taurus is quite sincere. You will never be able to fool anyone or make up a lie to hurt someone. Taurus does not tolerate lies or falsehoods, much less betrayal. For them, it is essential to surround himself with trustworthy people, and that is why he analyzes very well the people they know throughout his life. If Taurus realizes a lie, he closes the chapter quickly. That is to say. He removes the person who tried to deceive him with the clear little things and his face out of his life. In this sense, Taurus does not cut a hair. If he has a calm conscience, he does not have to swallow with anyone’s shit.


a Taurus cannot stand

Taurus does not pass through there. If something he cannot bear, it is to be opposed, especially when he is 100% sure of what he says or does. You will rarely see Taurus enraged, but this will be one of them. As someone dares to contradict him in something for which he would bet his life, you will not see the anger that he will get. In this sense, Taurus is very stubborn and never gives up. Now, since we are all human and we can make mistakes, when he realizes the error, he gives his arm to twist and recognizes that he was not right. It is hilarious to see him do this, although not so much for the person who had to endure the downpour that day, it must be said.


The lousy mood sometimes takes hold of Taurus, especially when things do not go the way he wants. But from there to that, Taurus is a person who looks for problems no. What’s more, it can’t stand conflict. Those people who at the slightest shout or provoke uncomfortable situations do not go with them. In the case of living together or having a partner who only seeks to argue or invents problems, Taurus will flee sooner than you imagine. He wants to live in peace with the people around him. Avoid conflicts because you know they affect your emotional balance. And when that happens, it ends up falling apart. Luckily he knows how to get away in time from those who have the power to steal his good vibes.


Taurus may be late one day, but they will have a good reason. In the end, he will always reward you and ask for a thousand pardons. It is not something that happens often. He can’t stand being late, and for that reason, he manages times very well. You organize yourself to get things done and give yourself time to do it right. When Taurus has to wait for someone, not only does he despair, but he gets in a terrible mood. Not a bad mood like the one you get when you are opposed, no, a bad mood of those silent ones that are sometimes worse than hearing four screams and reproaches.


Taurus is not only generous. Taurus is very devoted to the people he loves and sometimes even with those who do not touch anything, for that reason and because they seem to fall so low, those people who are selfish and stingy. Taurus doesn’t want anyone to give him anything, but if he sees the selfishness in your eyes, he gets sick. This attitude, behavior, or way of being does not suit them. Therefore they will not want this type of person at their side. He is very good at suitable times, but he also has his genius at bad times.