What are some tips for a Taurus to increase self esteem?

What are some tips for a Taurus to increase self esteem?

You are a powerful person who tries to achieve goals. Many people adore your presence and want to have you in their life. The problem is that you do not value yourself as you deserve. On the outside, you seem very sure of yourself, but that does not mean that on the inside, you see yourself as you reflect. You often feel that you disappoint yourself, you do not stop comparing yourself to others, and you think you are worse. Taurus, that’s just a misperception of yourself. Therefore, we will give you the perfect recipe that you should use when you are down. These are the tips to increase Taurus self-esteem:

  1. Focus on how far you’ve come

Taurus, if sometimes you see yourself having a life that you think you do not deserve (and all because of your lack of self-esteem), think that you did not come to that life as out of the blue. If you got there, you would do something good. Successes are not given for the pretty face to anyone. So your job must have cost you to get what you have. Why deny now what is yours? Why do you think you don’t deserve it if you worked so hard to get there? Many envy you that you are there but not because of what you have, but because of what you demonstrated to achieve it: discipline and willpower. Value what you have, and in any case, share what you have achieved if that makes you feel better. But don’t think for a moment that you don’t deserve it because you probably deserve so much more.

  1. Focus on how much you have learneda Taurus to increase self esteem

If you look at your successes with suspicion and think that you are not up to the task, Taurus makes this reflection. If you consider that you have reached a certain level, it will have been with work, and you will have learned along the way. Getting to the top implies that path. Learning. Sometimes harshly.

If you value what you have learned, you should also value what you have gained because one thing goes with the other. Denying success is denying a path of learning that once tasted like glory to you. Also, because you weren’t cool right now, so down and discouraged, but it’s all a matter of changing the chip, okay?

  1. Rate the obstacles you have overcome

Because if you have come far, there must have been. There are no long and hard roads that do not have hard stones to tread and navigate. If what you have achieved now gives you vertigo, what you have achieved has height. And if there is height, there has been a slope to climb it. Not everyone can do it. Why underestimate having reached the top with what it costs to climb? Taurus, you are where you are because you are worth it, and you should reward your effort, not punish yourself for it. Perhaps now what you have is fear of losing what you have gained. And then that fear comes the downturn and the lack of self-esteem as a rebound. But fears are for the weak, and you have amply demonstrated that you are brave and that you look fear in the eyes.

  1. Even if it is somewhat frivolous, look around you and enjoy the material

When you have a self-esteem crisis, you look worse than you are. This is how you are now, Taurus. We have already given you several guidelines to come up with and enjoy your successes without feeling guilty. Above all, you deserve them because they are yours and nobody has given you anything.

But in case the rational or spiritual therapy hasn’t worked, it’s time to go for it and make yourself see what your successes have translated into. At home, car, clothes or whatever you like. All of that is yours, Taurus. Only yours obtained with your work. You are practical, and you want your material whims. Why not appreciate what you are worth and all the material you have achieved for it? Stop seeing yourself as you are not. Let yourself be envied because you are someone with very important values. And assuming that what you fear is some external assessment that is not fair, fuck what others think if you know what you fight every day, how hard you work, the problems you have to solve without falling. You are not a fraud. Deception is to keep seeing yourself as you are not, instead of someone special who is worth gold.