What are the secrets of a Capricorn woman?

When you think you fully know the Capricorn woman , apply this rule, you only know a third of her. No more. Capricorn is a rare species within the Zodiac, it protects itself from others and fights with passion for its own, but its feelings and emotions are the protected value of all. The secrets of the Capricorn woman are many more than you imagine.

The Capricorn woman is complex, mysterious and seems to always be full of self-confidence. You may go slow and do things calmly, but at least you do. The only thing that happens is that she likes to know where she is going, and somehow wants to be sure of where she is going. There is nothing that bothers you more than having to back up so, even if you take your time, you usually choose well in the end. Time usually proves him right. Although some of them fuck it.

He keeps his heart safe, he has a hard time showing his true emotions because he has an excruciating fear that they might harm him. But like everyone else, she too suffers for love and is beaten. Although he almost forces himself to overcome the damage. It will suppress the pain anyway. Capricorn will always prepare for the worst and thus, there will be no surprise factor. Although he secretly hopes for the best, he prefers to think of the worst.

Breaking the heart of the Capricorn woman will be difficult, very difficult. And if you do, you probably never will. Because he won’t tell you. She wants to protect her self-esteem in any way and even though she wants to trust others, she is very afraid of being vulnerable. She will always want to control everything, including her emotions. And although what she wants most in the world is to be loved and loved, she believes that life is hard and she has to arm herself for it.

But the Capricorn woman wants to love someone, she wants to be able to get rid of that armor that she always carries and to be free. She loves with strength and passion and that is what makes her more human and close. Her love, bring out the best in her.

Despite what the world may think of her, she believes that the details and little things matter the most. Her heart heals those who come into her life and while she may be a bit blunt and often even blunt, you know that deep down she is trying to protect you and give you the best advice.

The Capricorn woman will notice everything, she will know what you are hiding her, what you want to tell her, what you want to ask her ... And she will know just by looking into your eyes.

Prioritize your dreams and goals and firmly believe that hard work will lead to success. She imagines her future before going to sleep and dreams of him ...

You will worry to death for the people in your life, and those people will end up clinging to you for help. In the end, the Capricorn woman may be the toughest person on the face of the earth but also the most reassuring soul of all.

With her you will be safe, and although her words may make you fear her, her heart will make you love her. There is no other way.