What color should you wear at the end of the year according to your zodiac signs?

Colors convey emotions, sensations, they can even lead us to have one state of mind or have another. They have personality and can really push us to new actions in our life. Certain signs and certain colors share qualities and together, the power and energy they have can be multiplied. Despite this tradition that says that you have to wear something red at the end of the year, we believe that this color does not give that strength to just anyone. Therefore, here we leave you the color that you should wear at the end of the year according to your sign. It does not have to be a suit of that color, you can wear a small accessory, a bracelet, necklace, socks, rubber bands ... Or even some detail at home could be worth it. What you find that works for you. Happy New Year.


Of course, your personality is closely linked to the color red. And in the end, it is a color that gives you brutal luck. With you adding a red lipstick to your look, your power is multiplied by 10. Think about looking for any red detail that, surely, is not complicated at this time. The redder the better.


Look for something green whatever. It will reinforce your growth this new year. It will help you boost your desire for progress, your strength and your temperance when making the right decisions. Your connection to green is very strong. If you don’t like this color, start using it little by little and we are sure that you will see results quickly.


You have to find something yellow. This color is just as loved as it is hated. Some people have tried to get it into our heads that it is the color of bad luck when in reality the color of life, joy, energy, birth ... Try looking for something yellow and use it this end of the year. It will brighten your darkest moments, make you shine and inspire you more and better, enhance your mental power and focus.


Try to find something that is light blue Cancer. Like the color of water, of the sky, of freedom ... It will help you to let go of old weights and look to the future with optimism, it will transport you to that future you want to find and in which you want to live ... It is a relaxing color, a color that calm down ... Maybe it will help you express yourself much better, it is even possible that your memory will also improve. Blue will give you peace, the one you need so much sometimes.


Tonight you need to wear something gold Leo, although the truth, being you, probably something gold you wear. Even before you have read this article. You are somehow attracted to this color. The color of power, of kings, of leadership ... It will help you to have more confidence in yourself, to believe your worth, even finally to value yourself and put yourself on a pedestal. Yes, on a pedestal ABOVE those who hurt you.


You have to wear something white Virgo, yes or yes. Try to find any accessory you can find, a hair tie, whatever. It will help you a lot to inspire you, to clean yourself and to start from scratch, what you need this year. In addition, it is also a color that channels healing energies very well. There are open wounds that have to start to heal little by little and the target helps a lot.


Try to find something that is pink (something you will have for sure) and put it on tonight. Pink will give you peace, it will help you connect with your most romantic self, the one you often hide out of fear. Pink invites you to Libra balance and harmony. There is a lot of sweetness inside of you, don’t be so “hater” as you are sometimes and let yourself be loved a little more. Pink will help.


How could it be otherwise, your color is undoubtedly black Scorpio and precisely today, you have to end the year wearing something of this color (the strange thing will be that you wear it from another but hey, there are many Scorpios in the world with different pleasures). Black represents your depths, those to which you have to go down to question everything, to understand it, to know yourself and accept yourself as you are. The color black is associated with death but also with rebirth. And it will help you bury old wounds ... To be reborn, to transform yourself.


Look for something purple or purple, it is your color and today, you have to wear something (whatever) of this color. It will help you to expand, to enlighten you, to extend your goals. In addition, it is the color of Jupiter and now, we have also changed the era with it in Aquarius so, whatever you have in mind or that is in your head, an idea, a project, whatever, try to bring the purple. It will foster your natural luck and propel you to success.


Tonight it is ideal that you wear something Capri gray. It will be an ideal way to connect with your innermost self. Gray is versatile and elegant, and in addition, it is not a color that is too distracting so, for your personality, something like that is great for you. It will help you to give you emotional stability, much, and more now, in this chaotic world.


At the end of the year you have to wear something silver. Whatever it is, it won’t be difficult Aquarius but try to find it if you don’t have it. You are in direct opposition to Leo, and therefore your colors are also “opposites.” It will inspire you to write your brightest stories, to bring to light the most promising ideas, the most successful… Make sure they are captured somewhere.


If you can, try to find something dark blue for today, a color that reminds us of the emotional depth and adaptation skills of water. This color will help you calm your mind, clarify you, even sleep better. It also invites you to heal and renew everything and will make you connect more easily with your subconscious and free yourself from toxicity to give way to new expectations, new horizons.