What defines a Gemini woman?

When you see the Gemini woman, you will know that she is because of how she moves from group to group, talks with some, with others, greets from afar, gets into conversations that are not even her concern but she does it so naturally and spontaneously that no one thinks ill of her. When he gets bored or loses interest in the subject, he turns around and does something else. This is precisely what the Gemini woman needs: entertainment, challenge, information, nourishing herself with everything possible, everything she can ... She needs to know, to know ...

The Gemini woman will ask the questions that no one else dares to ask, she will say what others do not dare to say, she will be quick in answers and when she finally gets what she wants, she will walk away again too.

Everything catches his attention, is super curious and also adapts easily to everything. Maybe sometimes they can call her false but she does not see herself that way, she simply changes her mind often quickly because in the end, she has evolved, she has obtained more information due to her infinite desire to know and has decided to give her ideas a turn . For Geminis that is evolution. And yes, there are many versions of a Gemini. Not just one.

His emotions are changeable, he can love you madly one day and hate you the next day and he will not apologize for it. Live by seasons, and in one season you will feel and act rampant, vibrant, and even unpredictable. And yet another you will see her more prim and devout, a little isolated from everything and without much interest in others. Nobody knows when the wind will change, so it is best to enjoy it in the moment, without expecting it to last too long. With Geminis it is always better to live in the present without making too many plans for the future. He may be by your side for life, or he may wake up one day and make a final decision by turning his life 180 degrees.

Despite having a certain degree of intensity, he knows that his head will be able to with his heart. He uses his words as weapons, both in good and in bad. He can tell you what you want to hear, what you should hear, or what he wants you to hear. His mind is as sharp as his tongue and he loves playing with it. If he doesn’t want to, he won’t tell you half of what he thinks, but if he wants to, he will tell you twice as much, more than there was even.

The Gemini woman has a natural charm. At times you will want her to disappear from your life forever, it can drive you crazy, it can take you to extremes but later, you will forgive her. Life is exciting with you, but it can also be a bit exhausting. She knows it, but she is like that. Staying in one position costs him a lot.

When you are sick, you will go to her to get a good dose of positivity. The Gemini woman is super enthusiastic and her attitude towards life, love or work is always quite light. If things get too stressful or too intense, it won’t stick around. But once you’re ready to get out of there and the environment has changed, chances are it will come back.

The Gemini woman is not promiscuous but she will be a person who leaves many broken hearts behind her. If your partner gives you space, everything will be fine. If you try to appease or subdue her, you will end up leaving forever.

You need to keep your mind busy, always. He has vision and security in what he wants to do but it is true that sometimes, he changes the plan too many times. You may always have a million projects in your head even if you end up executing 1 or 2 of that million.

Perhaps you can think that she is a little crazy, in the end, she is impulsive, changeable and sometimes she starts arguments just by arguing, just like that. Discussing and seeing different points of view stimulates him a lot. He doesn’t want fights, but he does want you to stand up vehemently for what you think. She will. And then there will be no resentment or bad vibes. Her spontaneity, her open mind and her good humor will end up making you understand that the Gemini woman , no matter how variable she may be, is special. The journey by her side will not be easy, she is the first to know it, but there is one thing for sure and that is, it will be worth it.