What do the zodiac signs hide from the world?

What do the zodiac signs hide from the world?

We all have secrets. We all hide our personality traits from certain people because we do not want them to know that we are vulnerable. Or perhaps because we believe that it is not the time to teach something that we consider so intimate, so ours. We all have something to hide, and this is what the signs hide from the world:


If you have to hide something from the world, it is undoubtedly your vulnerable side. You don’t let anyone see that you can be weak, that you cry, that sometimes you also fall, that you break, and that it is difficult for you to get up. That not everything is as simple as it seems. You will end up showing it, sure, but with Aries time. And maybe when you break down.


Sometimes you hide your sexiest Taurus side. You have to measure everything. You are often afraid of being yourself, throwing yourself, and not thinking before acting, probably because you are afraid that something will go wrong or not turn out the way you want.


You hide your Gemini Machiavellian side. Although you know that it is there and can also be perverse, you try not to let others notice it too much. Also, it will only come out when you are hurt, and still, you will hide it. No one will expect that someone like you can take revenge so intensely.


If there is something you hide, it is undoubtedly your dark side. You know it can be one of the darkest in the Zodiac, Crab. If you want to be wrong, you can become the worst, and you keep so many secrets and have so many dark thoughts that even you scare yourself. Be careful with yourself, especially when someone hurts you.


Of all the signs, you are probably the one who least hides anything from the world. You like to talk about yourself, your feelings, what goes through your head. But if you hide something, it is perhaps that you do not tell others your part of some stories. That is, especially in couple fights. You know that you can become another person when you feel hurt.


In the end, what you hide from the world is your insecure Virgo side, that side that few know and even those closest to you do not know exists because you have never let it be seen. All that perfection, those hobbies that desire for everything to be the way you want it may be due, among many other things, to that insecurity.


You are a lovely and diplomatic person with everything, but sometimes you hide your “hater” side that you also have, and that is perhaps one of the strongest in the Zodiac. Despite your famous balance, there are things for which you are very clear that you will not go through and people that you will not endure. And no patience, no diplomacy, no nothing. But you indeed try to hide that hatred most of the time because you do not want to see yourself (or be seen) as someone a bit aggressive. And that is what the signs hide from the world.


If you hide something, it is your sad side. You seem like a complicated person as a stone, who also makes it very clear to the world what he is, what he wants, and what he expects. With you, everything is measured, Scorpio. Everything is controlled and in order. You need organization, and even if you don’t seem like the happiest person on earth, others wouldn’t imagine that you are sad many times. Very sad. You have super confrontational Scorpio feelings, memories embedded in you, and you know it will always live with you. That nobody knows. That’s what you know.


You often hide your sweet side Sagittarius. You are a lovely person. You make friends quickly, know how to adapt well to others, and fit in everywhere. You do adapt. You can be cordial, funny, friendly, super funny many times and a very pleasant person, but you hide your sweet side perhaps because you want the world to have an image of you and not another that would seem softer.


zodiac signs hide from the world

You hide your Capri emotions, like this, directly. All. Although those who know you more or less intuit what you feel and what is happening to you, you never say it, comment on it, and never make it clear. So, be that as it may, there is always a doubt with you. Sometimes even for you, it is difficult to do it. Many times you would love to be otherwise, but you are not. Many times you are about to say what you feel. But you don’t.


You always hide your superficial side Aquarius. And everyone has one. The truth is that you are a very upright, free, independent sign, who fights against injustice, is rebellious, honest with yourself. But Aquarius, you also like posturing from time to time and criticism and gossip. Please do not deny it, do not hide it. You have immovable principles many times but do not be so “serious” with yourself.


You often hide your worries quite well. Although they are there, you try not to show them too much. You are more of a pretend nothing happens until the least expected day you explode. And the people there are left in check, without understanding absolutely anything. Because maybe you explode with a drop. The last straw. A glass that has been overflowing for a long time.

All this is what the signs hide from the world, what they will never dare to show.