What do you hate the most about first dates according to your zodiac signs?

What do you hate the most about first dates according to your zodiac signs?

We all arrive very excitedly on the first dates about what can happen with that person that we like so much. From there, we will return to reality with the typical high or, on the contrary, somewhat disappointed (or very disappointed). In addition to hope, in those first dates, there is always something that we do not want to do, that we do not want to happen, something that we hate, some attitude that we do not want to repeat. If you do not know it already, you may not be aware of it. According to your sign, do you want to know what you hate the most about first dates? Well, keep reading.


Aries, your sense of justice is so great that the fact that the other pays for everything on the first date does not go with you. If the other person is generous and wants to invite, that’s fine with you, because that’s what you will surely do. But you don’t like anything to be taken for granted. The best thing is that each one pays his own, or if the appointment is extended, invite one first and then the other. What happens to you is that you like romanticism, but you like your independence and individuality more, and everything that is to feel that you have to do what MUST BE DONE, because you refuse. The rules should not exist. You like that things flow, and the rest will be seen. Even more hidden, you have another secret: that your shyness does not come out because you have it, and sometimes it plays tricks on you. You hate feeling shy. 


Taurus, yours on the first date always follows the same pattern. You are romantic by nature, so you like face-to-face dates, nothing to know each other forever on the Internet or the phone. And that they are in a beautiful place, in a pleasant environment, quiet and unhurried. For this reason, what you hate the most about first dates is that the person arrives and that their attitude is different from yours, that they do not relax, that they are in a hurry, or that it shows that they want to fill out a form. You don’t like those fast-drinking dates. You like to savor life, and dating too. Come on, questionnaire-type appointments don’t go with you. You hate them, and if it weren’t for your education and patience to prevail, you would get up and leave as soon as you realized that you were in one of them.


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For someone as open as you, Gemini, you can’t stand those dates where nothing seems natural. Suddenly you have in front of a person who appears to be glued to the chair, who answers mechanically, who does not relax. And that makes you nervous. And when you get on your nerves, something goes wrong. For you, if you have reached that appointment, it is to advance in what you do. It is no longer just the fooling around on mobile or social networks that works for you. You want to have him in front of him, ask him a thousand questions, and that the other person is equally interested in you. So if what you find is someone who is unnatural, you will feel like you have been deceived and with doubts as to whether that person in front of you is the real one or the other person you were meeting through other media. Indeed you make it clear how you are, and even, with excellent words, tell him that you do not want games that make you dizzy or pretend what he is not. And that you can play, of course, you can, but when everything is more transparent between you.


Cancer, you are a bit fed up with others seeing you as that sensitive lunatic being with many character changes that you cannot control. You are a bit of that, but also a person who is in control of his life, no matter how sentimental it may be. And one of how that control is more apparent is that you like to arrive on your own on the first dates. To be able to go alone if you did not like something about the date or the person you have been with. So yes, you are romantic, but also determined and brave, someone who will let them handle him from the first moment no matter how much you like someone else. You will go on your date with the most incredible illusion in the world, but you don’t have the strength if you need to go home alone on foot, in your car or by public transport, with your date disaster.


Leo, you love dating, everything from the first to the last. But you like to set the rules, manage the times. And that’s why what you hate the most about first dates is taking the first step, even if you’re dying to stay. You love the game of seduction, and it seems that some of that ends with the first date. Deep down, you’re looking forward to that first date and moving forward, but you like to play out a lot. That’s why you hate that the other person imposes the first date before you want it. You need to control, accumulate desire and desire, and create them for the other person. You want him to chase you more, to like you, to die for that date. Because that’s precisely what you want, is it so wrong to want to lengthen the seduction, the game, the flirting, the extreme desire?


For you, Virgo, who has Mercury as the ruling planet, if there is something that you do not lack, it is good conversation. Your head is a well of knowledge, of all kinds, that you also know how to transmit with calmness and charisma in a way that quickly seduces whoever is listening to you. For this reason, and although the conversation with you is not going to be absent on that first date, you refuse to be the one who speaks all the time. On the first date (and always), you hate that the other person adopts the passive attitude of listening to you and not saying anything, talking, or contributing. You also want to see their knowledge, way of seeing life, and opinions on all issues. The perfect balance on the ideal date for you would be an intelligent conversation, which flows without feeling, and in which the two of you know how to speak and listen to each other. A delight, hey.


For Libra, first dates are something else for a sociable person like you. You indeed have no problem relating to half humanity daily, but the first dates impose you. You arrive at them with certain insecurity, but love issues do not control them. A first date is to go from fooling around and showing some interest to more intimate areas. Perhaps at the beginning of a possible relationship, there is nothing. A whole path of roses and thorns, illusions, yes, but also indecisions that create a lot of insecurity. You hate being forced to say exactly what you think, what you want on that first date. You don’t know, because you will have to think about it, you will have to define yourself before saying anything. You hate the pressure that that date means exposing yourself because there you notice that you lose some control,


Scorpios, sometimes, that need of yours to keep your private life under control, and hidden in some way, gives you some problems on a first date. Because it is assumed that after the fooling around, the first date is to move forward, and you, however, want to meet the other person, but you want to do it by not showing much of yourself. So you hardly even ask because they don’t ask you. And, of course, that imbalance does not give good results. You get so severe that the other person does not know what you feel or intuit if you are comfortable. Or, to appear less intense, you go to the opposite extreme and joke too much, looking too clown, shallow. Precisely the opposite of what you are because your interior is powerful. In the end, since what you are good at is contact, sensuality can, and maybe you use it to fill in the silences. Well, yes, what you hate the most about first dates is that you don’t want to be questioned and done. You will open up later.


Sagittarius, for you, the first dates have to help you to get to know the person better. To that person you like, with whom you want to do many things. For that, you have to understand what she is about, what she wants because you are so clear about what you wish to do that before moving forward, you need to be clear if your interests coincide. So, if there is something you hate in those first dates, it is that alcohol sends, that is, that the other person, to gain courage or make a date more fun, takes the fart of the century and wants you to do the same. Well, no, you want to be sober, and you also don’t need alcohol to get brave and talk about everything. When you leave the date, you want to know many things that interest you—not knowing that the other person can drink vodka like a Cossack. By God, you have plenty of that. Like you have a confused mind that gives you a hangover. Because what you like is to be lucid to value that first date.


Yes, your friends and family have already told you many times that you are so upfront, confident, and sincere that you scare anyone who is not like you. But it is that you, Capricorn, do not conceive of reaching the first date and that it is to make the subject dizzy, talk nonsense, frivolity. For all that you already passed before arriving at that date, when that person liked you, liked you, and you started to fool around. When the first date comes, you need to move forward, not continue doing the same thing you have been doing. You don’t waste time on that. And if you can, you will tell him, although if you do not see it clearly, you will shut up and go home thinking that it has been a disaster. And with little desire to repeat, because what you want is to find someone and have a relationship, and all the previous steps make you lazy, frustrate you, and they seem artificial in many moments. You are honest, don’t like to lie, and want to get straight to the point. And whoever doesn’t like you like that, all the better. You don’t want to waste time with someone who doesn’t deserve it. And yes, the first dates and having to make an effort to please take away all the desire.


Aquarius, what you hate the most about first dates is that the other person invites you to their house, which at first makes you feel uncomfortable. It seems to you that everyone’s home is such an intimate place that sharing it like that at first is shocking. Maybe other people are so open and natural that they work like this. You, too, consider yourself genuine and honest, but intimacy is precisely that, intimacy. And whoever offers it to the first one who passes, for you shows that they do not care about it. That special person with anyone will have the exact details as you (not to think about the people who have already passed by their house). If to all this is added that the first dates for you always create a lot of pressure, for having to pretend that you are someone normal, instead of being able to be yourself,


Pisces, it’s evident to you what you hate on your first dates: You hate meeting and going to the movies. When they propose, you almost escape saying: Excuse me? And inside, you think: “And be two hours quiet next to each other, without talking, without laughing, without fooling around by God, that’s the first date!” If everything goes well, you will meet to see a movie another day, hopefully, many movies. But for your first date, you want to look the other person in the eye, smile face to face, talk and see how he moves his hands, check what you have in common. Your romantic cravings want answers, and if you go to the movies, at most, you are going to go home knowing what kind of movies he likes or if he eats popcorn (and even if he makes a lot of noise eating). Well, you can always do a handyperson, but come on,