What does each zodiac sign need from their partner during the pandemic?

What does each zodiac sign need from their partner during the pandemic?

The pandemic is being very hard for everyone. We need support and affection from our loved ones and partners more than ever. Above all, of the latter. In the end, we are alone in these, and having someone to cheer us up will change our day completely. Each sign needs one thing from its partner now more than ever. What each sign needs from its partner during the pandemic:


The best thing your partner can give you now is calm, Aries. You are a person who gets stressed and overwhelmed by everything. You go a thousand an hour, and you can never stop. In situations like this, in which you can hardly leave the house and feel frustrated because you cannot do anything, you need a presence that reassures you. Aries, you need your partner to calm you down when you have entered that loop of nerves and maximum stress. Therefore, the best thing now is to surround yourself with people who transmit calm to you and are not as nervous as you. Surround yourself with peaceful, calm people who help you take a deep breath when you are about to send it all to hell.


Trust and commitment are what you need most now from your partner, Taurus. Being so far from your people and seeing them for such a short time, you feel lonely in many moments. You need to feel that your partner will be by your side no matter what happens. You are a person with incredible confidence, Taurus. But in your worst moments, you need someone who is there to remind you of how much you are worth and how far you can go. Now more than ever, you need your partner to know how to leave space for you and not overwhelm you but give you your space. Let him listen to you and understand everything going through your little head right now.


You need a lot of love, Gemini. Since you can hardly see your friends or family, you feel like a part of your heart has been stolen. You need your partner to give you all the love you cannot receive from your people. It seems incredible that you ask for this, but you have no other. The pandemic is getting too uphill, especially for you, Gemini. You are a very social sign, and it’s like you can’t be who you are. Therefore, you need your partner to be there for you, to give you attention and affection since you are isolated from the rest of the world unless there is one person who does not drop you at any time.


You need peace of mind, Cancer, but also security. Let your partner know how to calm you down when you are at your worst because of this situation. For you, your family is super important and not being able to be with her in special moments is the worst thing that could happen to you. Your world falls apart, and you have a hard time, Cancer. Therefore, you need your partner to be by your side to remind you that everything will be fine when you are convinced that it will not. You need positivity and your partner to help you be strong. Sometimes, it only costs you because you enter that loop of drama and negativity, and it is very difficult for you to get out of it. That’s why you need your partner to give you all the good vibes in the world.


The pandemic is primarily affected by your self-esteem, Leo. You don’t leave the house so much, you don’t have any chance to shine, and that makes you look a little worse every day. All-day locked up at home also makes you feel a bit worthless. You need that ego and that self-esteem to raise you a little. You know that you can make your self-esteem go through the roof if you want. But it would be good if your partner would remind you how handsome you are that day, even if it is in your pajamas and without even combing your hair. It is evident that you need affection, attention, and good company but having your partner say those things to you is something that makes your heart melt.


Virgo, it is very difficult for you to be positive or think that everything will be okay in these difficult moments. If you are already a slightly negative person (rather realistic), now you are much more so. Therefore, you also need your partner to be a friend who makes you laugh and encourages you at all times. Besides love, you need good company. You need hugs, but more than that, you need him to do things to make you forget everything bad, even for a couple of minutes. Spending these difficult moments with a person who helps you face the day differently is appreciated.


What you need, Libra is for your partner to lend you a hand with all that stress and fear you have above you. You need a person to help you disconnect from everything. You turn off the TV when you are watching the fateful news or take your phone when you do not stop looking at the situation in the world. You need your partner to talk to you, to force you to do things so that you don’t spend all day thinking about the same thing. Affection, kisses, and hugs are fine. But you also need a helping hand, to help you with day-to-day things, to do everything possible to forget that we are living in a pandemic.


Everything that we are experiencing, Scorpio, is constantly making you live on an emotional roller coaster. You are feeling so many things. There are so many new feelings arising through your body that you need your partner also to be your confidant. You have so many things on your mind that you need to vent more than usual, and you want to feel heard at least by your partner. You have to let go of everything, Scorpio, because there are times when there is so much information in your mind that you can’t take it anymore. And you need your partner to listen to you and help you not to see everything black.


There are too many bad things happening in the world, Sagi, and you cannot live locked in so much negativity. You need your partner to make you forget all that, and what better way than to do it under the sheets. You need your partner to be like your escape route from all that, not just in bed, obviously, but that adds points. Since you can’t do much and you can’t even go out into the street, because you have to give your body joy in another way. You need your partner to help you burn all that energy you have accumulated in your body.


You are living very hard things, Capri. Your mind is going a thousand an hour and is thinking more than necessary. That is why you need your partner to support you at all times. May it give you a lot of encouragement and give you back the joy you lack. If you are already a dark person and a little negative, you need to give a little color and joy to your life when you see that the world is literally falling apart. But, also, he is willing to listen to everything you have inside, even if he rarely talks about what you are thinking.


Your life has stopped being so entertaining, Aquarius, and you feel that you live in an absolute routine. Therefore, you need entertainment, fun, disconnection. Aquarius, you need your partner not to let you get bored for a single second. It isn’t very easy, but you know you can do it. It would be best if you had someone close to you to keep you busy so that your mind does not start to think about everything that is going on. You will also do your part and try to make plans (inside the house) with your partner not to get bored. But there are times when you break down and need to be with someone to help you get through this.


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They have taken something that you liked very much, Pisces, and that is physical contact. Therefore, you need your partner to give you all the physical contact you lack from your family and friends. You need someone you can kiss, hug, touch, etc ... since the pandemic does not let you do it with others. He may be a little overwhelmed, but if he loves you enough, he will be willing to leave everything you need. Your partner must be now receptive and loving to you because you also need someone to give you affection.