What does each zodiac sign need to feel good in a relationship?

What does each zodiac sign need to feel good in a relationship?

We hope that love relationships make us happy. Put simply like that. Then, each one has what happiness means according to his sign. But what about when we talk about those little things that give us peace of mind in our relationship? Those little details that we value make us love the other person a little more? Do you want to know what each sign needs to feel comfortable in a relationship? Well, read on to find out what to give to that person you like so much and with whom you love more and more.


As confident as you can always see Aries, his personality proves everything. And whatever happens, Aries pulls with everything on his back, fights, does not shut up, argues. He is a born fighter, for whatever. That on the outside. Inside, it is different. Normal, nobody is perfect. Inside, Aries has its insecurities, fears, traumas. But knowing that you are there makes them feel good, like when children feel safe when their parents are around. If he is in love, Aries will not want to lose you, and part of his fear will be that you will leave or that you could hurt him with a lie or betrayal. If you make him forget these fears, he will feel comfortable with you, and your relationship will settle in a much more mature way. Anecdotally, if you caress his head, or cuddle him, then Aries will already feel like heaven,


Taurus will want to talk to you about everything that happens to you. If not, you will notice that he twists the gesture a little when he sees that you are not listening to him or when you listen to him, but you downplay what worries him. Taurus needs to feel comfortable in a relationship because communication is perfect. Sometimes it won’t be just talking. Taurus watches, listens, and loves to touch. A glance can leave you very calm in a tense situation. Or if you see him arguing with a family member or friend, feeling your hand on his back or his leg, it will reassure him. It will help him to face the problem. It will make him think that you are there with them. And for Taurus, when it feels comfortable, it feels good, and when it feels good, it feels happier. And that will lead him to love you more too.


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For Geminis, the support of their partner is essential. Look that he moves through life with strength and personality, independent and most charismatic character. But when life is hard for him, he will like to feel accompanied and supported by you in those moments when hard times come. If Gemini knows that you are there in difficult times or when trouble comes, it will give them a tremendous taste inside. Encourage him, and he will add to his Gemini ability to act. He will feel capable of everything, to fight against everything, even if the most terrible situation imaginable comes before him. In another sense, never stop giving him conversation, showing him your culture or knowledge. He loves to talk and learn, and if it is with you, all that will make him feel very satisfied in your relationship.


For Cancer, you need to feel comfortable in a relationship because the person you choose is the right one. And to be the right one, it has to be someone honest, faithful, and sincere. All this will give you security and make you feel very, very comfortable. Cancer would also like it to be romantic, with personality and intelligence, and much more. But all this is secondary. If above all, that person is a good person, with values, and their love for Cancer is authentic. Deception is the worst thing for the crab, and that is why the people who have deceived him have done him so much harm, for the deception itself and having had to leave them. Because forgiving something like that is death for your relationships, and Cancer knows it. Tenderness in another order of things is also one of those details that make Cancer feel loved, pampered, at ease.


Pay attention to Leo, dedicate time to him and let yourself be surprised by them. If you do all that, you will have him healthy at ease and chewing like a kitten (daily, happy and pleasant version of the lion). Leo can’t stand that the appointments or the time you want to spend with him be a little longer, anywhere, in any way, as if you didn’t care to see each other quickly, in an uncomfortable way. Leo wants exclusivity to everything. But because that is what he will also offer you: his person, who cannot be more special (and if not, ask everyone who has been with a Leo), and a relationship dedicated to you. Leo gives you everything, everything. It makes you feel that you are the most precious thing in his life, it gives you courage, and he shouts it to the wind if necessary so that the whole world knows. Well, he will want the same from you. He will wish your times together to be prepared, magical, with details and quality. None of that “here I catch you, here I kill you.” Not with Leo.


Virgo has a mind where everything has to pass and be filtered and subjected to examination. When a person enters it, it feels like dying in a beastly chemical plan, but of pure taste. The crushes break his schemes (but not as negatively as might be expected) but imply that nothing he sees, feels, hears, tastes, or touches is within his control. And Virgo, when that happens, feels like another person when that happens, and a particular pleasure sometimes gives him a lot of pleasure. And even if you stir inside because you feel like you lose control a little, you know that you NEVER lose everything. And enjoy. You like to surrender to the feeling that person can offer you. In addition to chemistry, there are shared interests. Virgo can roll his eyes at times (pure life, taste). Also, please do not get any illusions that it has fallen into your networks completely. Virgo knows how to rationalize sensations and feelings very well and does not lose his mind or abandon himself so that you can do with his life and with his heart what you want. Do not even dream about it.


Libra wants stability in their life. The unstable gets on your nerves. It makes you feel more insecure than you are. It shakes him in all his foundations, and the worst thing is that inside he feels like a need to decide to cut what makes him unstable. If it is a love relationship, you will have to involve yourself to give it stability and not fight a lot by arguing with them about it. As simple as that. Otherwise, it will start to move, physically and mentally, and fly from here to there. Come on, you can lose him, but because he disperses, he focuses more on his social life to escape what he wants to see. Be careful that this freedom and not thinking about what worries him may like them. And feeling good, believe that it is better to be without you. Turn it all around, give it stability, provide it with security, that he does not think or move uncontrollably (with a lot, a lot of social life), that he feels comfortable by your side. You will see how everything with Libra is always very easy.


Scorpio is happy as a couple if the relationship is authentic. They know when your relationship is genuine. You know, period. And if you ask him, he will look at you and tell you that he knows, without further ado. And you will end up believing him before so much security. It does, it is true, but in the face of others. Because inside, Scorpio processes differently. With more fears and less sure / a. But there is his strength, in overcoming what he sees as threats, in fighting them to win the game. Your life and relationships are created between external reality and the struggle you wage within. In addition, that path of his is personal. He does not want help, nor does he ask for it. Therefore, if you want him to feel comfortable with you, make him think you are committed to your relationship. That you take it as seriously as them. You will see how knowing that he has you like this,


Sagittarius usually does very well, almost always in their relationships. They have what they want. So he rebels against people who want to sneak a relationship he disagrees with—that which goes ahead. Besides, take note of this. When Sagittarius is with someone they like, what they need to feel comfortable in that relationship is TIME. It is hard enough for him to accept that he has become hooked on you for you to mark the times. Why run to who knows what? Sagittarius wants to enjoy the days and weeks with you, so they will be very happy if you don’t push them. His fears of commitment and that you pressure him to go further sound like jail, life imprisonment, impositions, that you want to dominate him. With Sagittarius, always remember your sense of freedom to understand how it works in a relationship. And if you give it to him, you will always have him close, always, even if he comes and goes. It will always come back to you.


Capricorn wants a relationship with a good foundation because that will ensure that it can stand on a good foundation. One of those that hold up well if you want a future. Like the good buildings that endure centuries and centuries. Give him friendship, affection, commitment, shared interests, joint projects, and he will be delighted with your relationship. You also like sex, but you enjoy it more when you already feel safe. If you offer him a lot of sex at first, he will start to overwhelm himself, thinking that your relationship is pure physical attraction. And you will not like to see so little complicity, love, and future. And from there, he can go backward, away from you, because Capricorn is not to waste time. It can be distracting at times, but he swears that he will end up leaving you if he thinks that yours is sex and little else.


To feel comfortable in a relationship, Aquarius has to notice that yours has consistency, that it is something moderately strong, that it looks good to have an inevitable journey in time. Aquarius accepts that a relationship will last as long as it has to endure but To get into it, you want to see a few minimums that ensure certain security and tranquility. He does not like negative surprises; he does not like to suffer because he believed that he had something substantial WITH YOU and that nothing turns out to be so fragile and inconsistent that it can evaporate at the first problem. Aquarius is mental, and when a sign moves with the head (and not with the heart, nor by the physical), it needs to process in its head everything that it feels with its heart. And to move forward, you have to know that you are on safe ground. Not quicksand, water that sinks you, or mud that smears you.


Pisces, to feel safe in your relationship, will need your support. It will need to know that you are there at all times, to enjoy the good or to help you in the bad. Pisces knows that his way of being is very ethereal, volatile, and sensitive, and when problems come, he does not know quite what to do. Or you know but are not sure how to deal with them. Or you know it, but you fear being wrong. Your presence nearby will make her feel comfortable, safe, calm, and capable of facing whatever it takes. Your encouragement will be his most precious value, and your support will make him fall in love because Pisces values everything he receives from his partner. If you are that couple, make him feel comfortable by seeing that you will always be there for whatever he needs.