What does it mean to be born during mercury retrograde?

What does it mean to be born during mercury retrograde?

Now that we are in Mercury retrograde season, it is a good time to talk about what happens if you were born during retro Mercury. If you are interested in astrology, you probably already know if you were born under Mercury retrograde or not. This transit happens about four times a year. Although it is not common, it is not rare either. You may think that being born during Mercury retrograde is synonymous with bad luck, but in reality, it is not. Let’s see what it means to be born during Mercury retrograde:

  1. You feel misunderstood for much of your life

People born during Mercury retrograde are usually quite introverted because society feels misunderstood. Not everyone finds you easy to understand at first. Even throughout your life, it is common to feel that the fault is yours, that you do not know how to express yourself or that you are the weirdo, but in reality, it is not like that. It’s like you feel that you are not “normal” or you have something that makes people not quite able to catch you. This can greatly affect your self-esteem for much of your life, but in the end, you will realize that being like this makes you unique and special.

  1. You are very deep, and you turn everything around a thousand times

When Mercury is retrograde, it means introspection, reflection, thinking about things more. And you, if you were born during that period of time, you are probably like that most of the time. You are a person who thinks more than anyone. When something happens or is going to happen in your life, you think about it too much. Before acting, you have to have everything very clear and know the pros and cons of making that decision. You cannot move on without having studied all the points of view.

  1. You have a very particular state of mindMercury retrograde

You face things in a different way than others do. When nobody cries, you cry. And maybe when everyone is crying and sad, you decide to stay strong and serene. You face the upside-down problems of the world, but in the end, be that as it may, you come out safe and sound from it. Also, you have a sense of humor that few people understand, which is why you are so special. A little nonsense makes you stand out from the rest. You have different but very mischievous humor. When it seems like you’re going to be quiet, you end up spouting any jokes.

  1. You are a person with a lot of ingenuity

Being born during Mercury retrograde makes you a complex person. All those complexities and misunderstandings make your intelligence and ingenuity develop to the fullest throughout your life. People born during Mercury retrograde often see things in ways that no one else sees. You are that person who always proposes the solution that nobody has imagined. You have no problem turning the tables and changing everything completely. It is not surprising that people with Mercury retrograde in their birth chart have been a weirdo during their childhood. Still, later they have become intelligent people and excellent communicators.

  1. You know how to take advantage of the Mercury retrograde periods

When everyone goes crazy when Mercury goes retrograde, you are so calm watching those movements mounted in his head. Mercury retrograde is rare for everyone, but you are more than used to it. In this, you have the advantage, and you know how to deal with the problems that Mercury retrograde can cause. During these periods, you take the opportunity to reflect, prepare yourself, and take advantage of others.