What happens when you go out with someone of the same zodiac sign?

What happens when you go out with someone of the same zodiac sign?

Surely at some point, you have wondered what happens if you go out or if you fall in love with a person who has the same zodiac sign as you. It can go well, or it can go very wrong. You will be so equal that you can understand each other very well and clash in many things. It’s like dealing with your good side and also your bad side. You are living with your defects and your virtues for two. You must know that we are not all “astrologically” the same. Even if you and your partner share a sun sign (for example), your astral chart is different, which also influences. Now we’re just going to talk about the sun sign, so read on to find out what happens when you date someone with the same zodiac sign :

Aries + Aries

When two Aries get together, it is a real-time bomb. You are two very energetic people, very dynamic, very active, and that’s cool when it comes to making plans and having fun. In bed, you are pure passion. You know perfectly what the other likes. There will be fireworks constantly, but not everything will be good. The drama comes when there is the slightest discussion. You both have so little patience that you immediately begin to argue, to shout, to mount an authentic movie drama. And it is that when you piss off, you completely lose your sense of reason. A relationship between two Aries can be very intense, for good and evil.

Taurus + Taurus

This relationship is scarce. More than anything, because from the beginning, you are looking for someone who will give you what you lack. Taurus are people who need someone a little more sensitive and carefree by your side. You are so stubborn that you will probably spend all day arguing to see who is correct as you go out together. As long as you do not agree on something, that will be like the story that never ends. Also, later, it will cost you a lot to make up and start over from scratch. The good thing is that you are a very patient and committed person, and that wins everything. No matter what happens between the two of you, you will always be there, and you are not afraid to overcome any adversity.

Gemini + Gemini

This can be either sheer chaos or the best relationship you have had so far. The good thing is that there is no other person who understands your dramas better than another Gemini, but you have to bear in mind that those dramas will be multiplied by two. Indeed, you crash a lot because you have zero patience, which is not good for any relationship. You will never be bored. You are people who love to be from here to there, try new things, travel, etc. Without a doubt, when you go out with another Gemini, a life full of entertainment awaits you. Of course, you must be careful with jealousy. When a Gemini is jealous, there is no one to stop him.

Cancer + Cancer

Something exceptional arises between you from the beginning. Most Cancerians know that you are dealing with another Cancer just by exchanging two words. Perhaps it is not the sign with which you are most compatible, but without a doubt, there is no other that understands you better. It will be an idyllic relationship in the realm of the romantic. There will be no lack of details or gestures of affection. The bad and what fucks everything are your damn mood swings and strong feelings. There will be a time when this gets too uphill. There is no doubt that there will be too many bumps in your relationship because of everything that happens within you.

Leo + Leo

The perfect definition of an overdose of good vibes and pride together. The truth is that between Leos there is a lot of attraction and surely at some point in your life you will be with one of yours. You feel that you are made for each other, and you don’t care how bad happens between you. Without a doubt, when you start dating, you are on everyone’s lips. You are the center of attention. People will admire you because you seem like the perfect couple, but there are also problems in your relationship. You have to know that the ego and lousy character are multiplied by two, which is very dangerous. It may also be difficult to date someone with whom you share a sign because it will be a competitive battle to see the best.

Virgo + Virgo

The best person you can live with is another Virgo. It is not going to touch your things. It is not going to mess up your order. It is not going to demand more of you than you can give. Your relationship can become perfect because you are very respectful people, and you can accept the defects of the other. You are a very perfectionist, and that taken to the extreme can become very unbearable. Although you understand each other, each has their hobbies, and it isn’t easy to deal with that. You also take criticism very badly, but you like to criticize, which can make you end up arguing more than necessary. Excessive perfection and criticism can make the relationship not work at all, but the love you give can with everything.

Pound + Pound

zodiac sign

The truth, Libra, is that when you start to meet another Libra, even if you don’t know their sign yet, you know that they will become a very special person. In your relationship, anything can happen. It’s like you’ve been waiting your whole life to meet that other Libra. Although there is a lot of attraction, love will not arise overnight. It will cost you horrors to take the first step. The good thing is that before being a couple, you will be friends. That the basis of your relationship is friendship is something incredible. You can spend hours and hours talking about anything. You will do whatever it takes to please your partner, but your relationship does not fail. You have to be honest and always talk about what worries you. Don’t be too closed-minded ...

Scorpio + Scorpio

One of the most powerful couples in the Zodiac, without a doubt and possibly the most toxic. Between you, there will be a huge attraction that will not end at any time. You will have such interesting conversations that you will want to spend your whole life with that Scorpio who has you crazy in your head. The big problem with such jealousy. And you are a sign that arouses many passions, making jealousy the protagonist of the relationship. At that point, the best thing will be either to cut your losses or change the chip completely. You are one of the signs that have to take care of your relationship the most, Scorpio because you have strong tendencies towards toxicity.

Sagittarius + Sagittarius

This duo can be the best of the best. Without a doubt, your perfect life partner. You can spend hours and hours talking about whatever it is. Neither of you will be afraid to take the first step, although it is true that it is complicated for you to have a super romantic relationship. When one of you two decides to go on an adventure, the other will follow without a moment’s hesitation. You understand each other so well that you can read their minds. You will never get bored. From the routine, you will do something super fun. In bed, the passion will be incredible. You will not stop trying new things, having fun, laughing at all times. The bad thing is that you talk little about your feelings, which can cause some other problem.

Capricorn + Capricorn

It is quite uncommon for you, Capri, to be attracted to another Capricorn. When your pride, lust for power, and stubbornness come together, it can even become dangerous. Despite being a person who does not cost anyone his secrets, communication becomes much more fluid when you meet another person like you. You will realize that he is someone with plans for the future very similar to yours, which wins you over. It can be a very enriching relationship, but the truth is that it is not quite what you are looking for. You need someone a little more passionate, who brings out your sweetest and most affectionate side, and it is difficult for another Capri to take that out of you.

Aquarius + Aquarius

This relationship will be anything but boring. The best thing is that this relationship is born from friendship. Besides being a couple, you are friends, which is worth valuing. If at any point, your relationship ends, surely you will continue to be close friends. You are people with incredible ideas and a great creative capacity. When that is multiplied by two, you can create incredible things. Even if you are not good at communicating with the rest of the world, between the two of you, you will understand each other even without speaking. With just one look, you can tell yourself everything. Your relationship will be full of surprises, which can be a good thing because you will never fall into the routine, but perhaps it makes everything too unstable.

Pisces + Pisces

Possibly it is the couple who share a sign that best gets along. For you, Pisces, meeting another Pisces is the best thing that can happen to you. It is challenging for someone to understand you, and finding a person who is just like you will make your whole life much easier. You will have to fight a lot, perhaps more than any other couple in the Zodiac, but you know that the result will be worth it. There will be a problem, especially related to jealousy and past loves, but if you manage to trust your other fish to the maximum, nothing will come between you. Together you can reach very high peaks, but at the same time, you can have somewhat toxic behaviors. Be careful.