What has the full moon of this month prepared for each zodiac sign?

The first Full Moon of 2021 is going strong and you want to prepare for the busiest night of the month. Do you want to know what the Full Moon of this month has prepared for each sign? 

The books already say it, that men / women wolves and they come out in a Full Moon, but not all are the same, because every month it passes through a sign that colors it with its energy and this time it is Leo’s turn, on January 28 . It will illuminate both the good and the bad, it will bring to light many things that were hidden ... But it will also bring you confidence in yourself and that feline look that leaves no one indifferent.

We all know that things are complicated so let’s get the lion’s claws out, let’s be brave. And most importantly, laugh and play, because let’s not forget that the energy of Aquarius is also there, Leo in his nocturnal splendor with Aquarius in the background, it can be all very crazy ...


The Moon knows what you are worth, Aries, and it will help you connect with yourself and remind yourself of it. Tonight you will be able to feel your strength again as it has been a long time since you did, it will make you want to catch fire, to go out into the world. It will bring you the passion and spark that is missing so that you finally explode and go for what you need. Not everything will be easy, you may be presented with something that has been hurting you for a long time. Remember who you really are, your strength and the best you can contribute to the world, Leo will help you with this. If they come to hurt you, remember that you are above that, you are brave and your strength is more than demonstrated. You have the opportunity to broaden your horizons, maybe now you don’t see it but changes are coming, if you take advantage of the moonlight you will see what is still holding you back to get it out of your life.


You are going to take this Moon with Taurus strength , everything is ready for you to get going, to fight for what you need. Nothing can stop you. It is important that you have clear ideas, it is very difficult in these times to make decisions because you do not know where life is going to come ... But it is time to do it.

You are going to feel a bit radical with showing yourself as you are, perhaps this will clash with some people who do not want you to shine more than them. Because your light is going to stand out. Leo reminds you of your worth and makes others see it too. You have an exquisite way of presenting yourself to the world that is going to be enhanced by the brightness of this Moon, and that can generate envy. No case Taurus, turn a deaf ear. It’s going to be difficult for you to overlook some things, but why are you going to listen to people who are not happy about your achievements? Do not worry because life puts everyone in their place, sooner or later the truth will be seen. You, Taurus, are already above them.


One night of Gemini self-love, it’s okay to overlook it all. It is time to look out for yourself, to put yourself in your place and show who you really are. Without fear or complexes. Regardless of what people think.

The Moon will help you introduce yourself to the world, there is much in you Gemini to admire, and the Moon will help you highlight it. You have your goal clear, do not let anything or anyone make you doubt.

It is a good time to use social networks or just walk in front of someone. You will be seen, admired, and who knows how many opportunities may come out of there. And if your intentions are with someone in particular, make sure that you have been observing them for a long time, that the light of Leo does not eclipse you, because your optimism can make you look too great when perhaps it is not worth that much.


You are much stronger than you think Cancer, life is teaching you. The night of the Full Moon let yourself shine, trust yourself, believe your worth and show it to the world. Rebel and break with the things that no longer give you anything, you don’t owe anything to anyone, you don’t have to stay where you don’t deserve Cancer. There are people you know all your life, who instead of contributing, they subtract you. And these people, Cancer, you don’t have to keep putting up with them. Do not feel responsible for people who are already adults to make their own decisions. Let the Moon illuminate what you are concerned about at this moment, so that you can see it from a more rational point of view. It’s a bit difficult for you to understand the madness that Aquarius is bringing. But the Moon brings you enough confidence to face all problems from yourself. The answers are within you and you will realize a lot ...


The Moon passes through your sign to fill you with the most powerful night light.

If you have not felt very well this first fortnight of the year, now the Moon is on your side. Tonight you will shine Leo, because you also need a moment to connect with yourself. But be careful because it can be too dazzling for those around you. You do not have to force anything, without trying, others will feel overshadowed and this can also cause them to arouse some envy. But you, no case Leo. It is the brightest energy and you have to use it for what matters. Be yourself and let yourself be seen. You are sure to attract a good opportunity. It is time to be brave and dare to see with realism where things are going, how you are feeling in this first month of the year. Are you going where you wanted?


Put your complexes aside and see how much you are worth. The Moon in Leo will help you to attract attention, so use that energy to give a boost to your projects by making more people interested in them, that they see that you are on earth, you know how to organize yourself but you are also original and unique. There are things that only you can do, dare and give them a touch even more of your own, put some color on them, of what is on your mind at the moment.

What the Full Moon of this month has prepared for each sign ... In your case, Virgo, if you are aware of someone there is a chance that they will notice you, your best qualities will be shining on their own, you just have to have a little initiative. It is a good time for you to take a bath with salt or lavender essence to relax. Because if you take care of your body that will help you perform more in the important moments.


This moon will help you orient yourself in the right direction, take your time to think about where you are going, and see if you are on the way, try not to get lost and take advantage of the fact that the Full Moon is going to illuminate and make everything clear. In addition, the energy of Leo will help you to be less indecisive, to trust yourself more, and to be more courageous in everything. This moon is going to do you a lot of good, you need to free yourself from your doubts and your fears, there are things that have to go for new ones to arrive. Even in relationships, you have given opportunities, you have fun. But deep down you know that he was always the person who suited you the best. Now is the time to value yourself, have they been taking advantage of how good you are? Make sure that those people who have entered your life deserve to be, that they are not a drag on your life. That they have not approached just to get something out of you. Be honest with yourself Libra, you are worth a lot, do not settle.


The Moon comes to you intensely, Scorpio , its light will bring you such a great and magnetic energy that you will feel tired without knowing why and at the same time restless about Leo, who will illuminate things that sometimes you prefer to leave hidden inside you. Don’t fight this, Scorpio, don’t be afraid to be who you are and show yourself as is. Maybe it’s time for the rest to find out. If you are starting relationships of love or friendship, you will see the truth of other people just as they will see yours. But you should not fear, because those who are really worth it will stay. There are people who need someone to give them that spark that you have, that strange and beautiful connection with the dark. So don’t hide anymore.

Also, if you redirect all the energy that the Moon brings you, you can make very deep progress in your goals, changes or advances that will help you get on track. Breathe and let yourself go, you will see things clearer.


Sagittarius, you’ve been feeling trapped, locked in for a long time. Deep down you are a person who comes out of all, so become you again, Sagittarius, empower yourself with this Moon and show yourself shining even in these difficult moments. Be careful not to go crazy and explode with those people who are not exactly helping you, it may be your own family. They are not worth paying attention to, redirect that energy in making yourself known. Get out of your comfort zone, stop talking to the same old people, stop paying attention to what hurts you. You will have a chance to get someone to notice you, as long as you are not wasting your time in meaningless battles. Better to use all that energy to shine like never before. And that is what the Full Moon of this month has prepared for each sign and for you, Sagittarius.


It is time to shine, to see what is the best in you and make it known. Relax Capri , the Moon will help you with this. You tend to value yourself little, according to you, you are realistic with what there is. But many times this way of thinking makes you not see everything that you are. You have very special qualities and they will be highlighted, it is up to you not to look the other way, to enjoy being the center of attention. You know better than anyone that things do not come quickly, that they take their time, but understand that it is not for you, you are worth a lot, and the Moon will remind you.

It seems that luck will be on your side in love, so be brave, if you have been thinking about someone for a long time, go ahead and take a first step, do not leave it until the last moment or you will lose the opportunity.


You may find yourself a little confused Aquarius, it is your season but this Moon makes you a little nervous. You will feel it as a pressure to do things, finish jobs, and get to what you need as soon as possible. But for a bit, and take a moment to observe, are you on the right track? If you miss important details you may have to fix it later. Quiet because this Moon is going to put everything on the table.

The truth is that you are focused on improving your life, and this is great Aquarius, you have plenty of creativity to do it. Even in relationships. But if you feel the need to stop, the Moon tells you to have fun, go out and be more you than ever. Take a break, call your friends and tell them about your projects, they will love it.


A brave Moon comes to help you get out of all the fears that you are feeling. You, Pisces, know how to connect with the most subtle. Take advantage and put light, objectivity and clarity to be able to make the changes you need in your life.

Pisces you have to understand that not everyone is as good as you usually think. You can’t keep trusting everyone and then cry when they disappoint you. Be a little more realistic, because nobody is perfect. Even you have your dark side. This Moon helps you to illuminate it and not be so scared, in addition, you can use it to your advantage, because that side makes you more human, and perhaps there is someone who needs to see your little demon. Be happy to be who you are, put yourself in your shoes and say no to people who are trying to manipulate you. Because you are no longer for people who do not love you.

This is what the Full Moon of this month has prepared for each sign. Ready to feel its effects?