What is making you come down lately according to your zodiac sign?

What is making you come down lately according to your zodiac sign?

We all have moments of the maximum downturn, things as they are. And now, the truth is that we have them more than ever. Mercury retrograde is approaching, and the shadow is already doing its thing. Most people have this general feeling of low spirits and hope for the future. Shit, come on. Some signs indeed carry it much better than others. What is making you down lately based on your sign?


You have certainly been too pessimistic, Aries. You have been down because you feel limited on all sides. And it would help if you got out, get in, socialized. Being negative is the worst thing that can happen because you don’t tolerate that feeling well. Restrictions and limitations hurt you more psychologically than anyone else. And this, in the end, distracts you from everything else.


You have a desire to escape from everything that is not normal, and until a very short time ago, you had not made a single Taurus decision. You were blocked with everything. Something stopped you and made you stay in the same place, even knowing that it was not right, that you were not progressing, and that on top of that, you were somehow unhappy. But you are Taurus, and in the end, even if it costs, you move. Look for the light and the exit to all that as it is. And think a little about yourself and your future.


Although you try to be positive or always look at the “good” side of everything, this pandemic is taking you to limits that you did not know. Boredom is slowly killing you and the apathy of others, too. In addition, you who analyze everything also do not find common sense to certain decisions that are being taken, so you come down below. Your environment does not help.


You were going through a moment of certain uncertainty. You know that not everything has been going well for you, and no matter how easy it is, it seemed that Cancer was not coming out. Perhaps it is time to be a little tougher with everything, to put yourself “firm” in some way, and to fight for what you know belongs to you. If you don’t ask for it, nobody will. So you already know.


What has been distracting you from everything lately is having no idea what your life will be like. Of course, you live in the moment and inside the bad. You are always looking for an alternative to have a good time. But sometimes, everything is uphill. You have goals, and you do not know how you will reach them if this is not fixed. And the worst thing is that now, there are not many alternatives. At least you try to find a way to laugh every day, even if only a little.


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You drag things from the past Virgo and above, as now you can not escape anywhere. Everything accumulates. And some people don’t help too much either, so everything comes together. Try to focus on things that are now in your power. You want to travel, you want to go out, you want to oxygenate yourself from all this now. But since it is impossible, the solution or at least something that will help will be to live in the present, prioritize, and not be too overwhelmed by what comes. It sucks to live without a plan, even a small one, but now more than ever, life is testing you, and you have to be able to keep up.


Sometimes you have a strong desire to escape, leave everything, and start from scratch. But it is not possible, and less so now. That’s what has made you fall apart lately. And above all, feel so limited with everything around you. For this reason, giving up is also okay at times, Libra. And let everything pass without having to fight it.


If something has made you collapse, it has undoubtedly been the fear you have that things will not turn out Scorpio, that your plans will not work, that everything “invested” will go to waste. The truth is that your worries leave you very touched, and you almost go to sleep at times. Sometimes you don’t have to think so much, Scorpio, sometimes you also have to fail to learn. And nothing happens. The Sun will continue to rise every day, and life continues the same. With your worries or without them.


This time ago, you remembered a lot of the steps, and that is precisely what has made you collapse so quickly. You had a fucking life, goals, illusions, and a lot of hope, and now? Well, everything seems to fall at times. But remember that you are possibly the most optimistic sign within you. Remember that you have the power to transform a shit day into the best day in the world for others. Now you just have to apply it to yourself, Sagittarius.


If something has made you collapse this time ago, it is undoubtedly a toxic person who wants to see you down. You are powerful, and the truth is that a few times someone has paralyzed you, but sometimes, there are people whose main objective is to undermine the morale of others, and unfortunately, you have met someone like that. Watch out.


What has made you come down a bit these days has undoubtedly been the lack of confidence in yourself for things that have come without waiting and when you least thought they would arrive and have turned everything upside down. This is life many times. Aquarius does not warn of anything. Ask, do not stay with the desire for anything. Be yourself and find your way.


L or has been getting you down lately is that constant worry about the future Pisces. You go round and round everything. You are afraid of not being able to return to your previous life, of not being who you once were. And it is so frustrating. Try not to overwhelm yourself too much and live in the present moment. New illusions will arrive. It always happens. Even the worst, there is always something good prepared for you.

What’s causing you to break down lately based on your sign? You already have the answer. Now you just have to get to work on it.