What is the life line in palm reading?

What is the life line in palm reading?

In Palmistry, the lifeline begins at the edge of the hand, just where the thumb and forefinger meet, and then goes downward in a kind of arc around the thumb area. Many people think that the lifeline is technically the length of life, but it is not. By that rule of three, all the people who have the extremely long line would live long, and those who have the shortest line would live little. There is indeed a relationship on many occasions, but there are variations. The life line represents the quality of life that a person has over the years.

This line can represent the vitality we have, the enthusiasm with which we face life, the light that we give off, or the absence of it. The life line can also show us certain diseases and even deal with problems. As time passes, the lines can fade or fray, indicating the years of life that we have been leaving behind.

The deeper the line or, the more marked it is, the more mark the person will have left on the world. This depth will also be seen in the character of the person. If you have the deep line, your inner strength is exceptional, you leave a mark on others, your imagination is dynamic,  and you have tremendous vitality.


If you are right-handed, then reading your right hand indicates things happening now and in the future. The left-hand reveals patterns that you received at birth. If you are left-handed, then it would be the other way around.


People who do not have a life line can experience high levels of nervousness or anxiety. They need to increase their strength so it will not be strange that they always seek physical things such as many sports. They must rest very well because they can burn a lot of energy in their day-to-day. According to ancient Palmistry texts, people who lack this line have more trouble living their life to the fullest. Positively, even if you don’t have a life line, if your thumb is big, and if the headline is clear and deep, everything will be much more balanced.


The life line marks the beginning of everything, our life, and is located between Mount Jupiter (just below the index finger) and the thumb. The beginning of the life line is very important, and you have to pay a lot of attention to this beginning. If he begins on Mount Jupiter, the person will have an ambitious life, full of desires for fame, wealth and success. Even acting in the shade. Perhaps you need to expand, grow, and have the feeling that the world is often too small for you.

If the line begins halfway between the mount of Jupiter and the thumb, the usual thing is that the person wants a balanced life, without great excesses. They will accept any challenge and meet it. They are not scared by what is coming and that uncertainty of acting under demanding situations puts them to the test. They have a lot of energy and a spark that lights up often and makes them create unexpected things. However, if external circumstances do not motivate you in any way or you find yourself in environments that hold you back, you can end up with a certain level of depression.


In ancient times, palmist masters were able to predict people’s happiness based on the course of the life line. This line is very different and varies substantially from person to person.

If the line extends across the palm, the person can strongly appeal and be fiery and generous. They are usually warm people willing to give a lot to others. You may fall in love intensely and have partners at a fairly young age. You will have many moments when you act impulsively and your greatest experience in life will undoubtedly be trial and error.

How the line of life is curved is very important because it describes how the person deals with problems, as well as the changes that happen suddenly in their life, emotional, physical. If the curve of the life line is very close to the thumb, the person is very familiar and somehow feels a strong bond that makes him stay close to the family. The further the curve, the more adventurous and independent your character will be.

If the curve is rounded and “elegant”, people have a full capacity to handle stressful or dramatic situations in life.


Some theories say that the length of the life line is directly proportional to the length of the person’s life span. Ancient palmists believe this to be true most of the time. Some studies on corpse hands indicated that the life line indicated their exact death, but this was not true for all. There are cases where the life line extends beyond the exact age of death.

The life line can provide an overview of the health and the strength of the person. For the most avant-garde palmists, the death of a subject can be indicated in other lines. But it is essential to analyze everything as a whole to arrive at a much more exact analysis.


A very marked and well-defined, deep and clear life line endows a person with strength, good health, vitality and resistance to adversity. Sharp lines are common in people good at sports. It is difficult for them to relax. If the life line is in addition to deep, long, especially if you go beyond the wrist down, it indicates maturity and robustness to what is coming. Also, also some self-confidence.

That inner strength will increase depending on the end of the line if it ends on the wrist at the height of the mount of Jupiter (below the index finger), more strength a person will have, and more happiness.


Having a narrow life line can lead to a somewhat weak immune system. It does not mean that you are sick but it can signify delicacy and fragility. It will be necessary to compare this line with others to reach a complete conclusion, but it indicates a certain weakness in the health issue or even in the way in which we deal with problems. The person who has this line can lead an exhausting life.

If the line is thin and also short, there is a lack of strength and resistance. They can generally be more tired than other people. You may have significant limitations and not fully develop your aspirations and your goals due to laziness or laziness.


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Having a shallow line will be indicative of a lack of vitality. People with barely noticeable lines are prone to nervous and physical disorders. They lack stamina and self-confidence, and their constitution is weak, with low energy levels. They do not necessarily have to be lazy, but what may cost another person little to them may cost twice as much. In general, they need constant help from friends or family. They need to feel that they are close to them because only they feel safe with other people. Emotional attention is very necessary.

Despite everything, they can assume roles with some responsibility and launch themselves to do things that no one would bet on. Still, they have a feeling of emptiness and of constantly not doing things well. Sometimes, they leave them half-finished precisely because of this: they do not end up being perfect.

People with a shallow line are more likely to fail in life. This is due to their physical weakness or their lack of emotional strength.

Studies show that suicide victims had this shallow line on both hands, almost non-existent. If you have this line in your hand, it is good to create limits and always go as far as possible. Frustration is the cause of many ills for people in this position.


When the life line is frayed or has chains, there are misfortunes. The carrier of this line can find themselves with serious problems and with anxieties that lead him to have very unhappy episodes in his life. If the frayed is at the beginning of the line, it will represent a somewhat difficult childhood. It doesn’t necessarily have to be that way, but the person did feel that way.

If the chains occur all the way, there may be some chronic disease. If you chain yourself at the end, the most critical moments of your life may come at the end of your life.


These bars are lines that cross the life line. The effect they have is that of cutting. It can be a setback, a great change that turns everything upside down, it can even be a disease alien to us, but that affects us somehow.

If the lines are very thin and short (barely visible), they can be a sign of almost chronic concern. Concern for life, for others, for their lives, for the future.

If those crossbars are deep and you can see perfectly how they cut the life line at various points, the disease may be significant.


If you have several parallel life lines, the mental and physical energy is strong. The double line is very common. You will constantly feel that important decisions are always made based on two things. As if I always had two ways of life. As if you always need to do two things that have nothing to do with each other.


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Having the figure of a star in this line is positive. The person will have a good life. Many things can be achieved, and it is a symbol of good fortune. If, in addition, the life line is strong and marked, it will undoubtedly be an indication of important well-being. There is strength to face life with optimism. Many times, the disease is fought and ended thanks to this.


An island in your hand can spell a serious health problem. The island marks the beginning of a period of illness or even a divorce or a great period of depression.


It is normal for people with this ending to end up living far from home, even abroad.


You have to be very precise to estimate age from the life line. The beginning of the line between the index and the thumb will represent childhood. That is the origin of the line. Typically, any area under Jupiter’s finger (the index finger) will represent ages 0-21.

Events must be marked. The total area of Saturn (the middle finger) will represent the age between 21 and 42 years. And the area covered by the Apollo (ring) finger ages 42 to 63. The area of Mercury (little finger) will be the equivalent of more than 63 years.

If there is a traumatic episode that can be marked and easily recognized, the approximate time of life can also be marked somehow.

This is an occult science closely linked to divination and it does not mean that everything is fulfilled in 100% of the cases. In the same way, although the person feels certain parallels with the meaning that the lines of the hand and their life give, there is always the possibility of improving that path. You are the captain of your ship. The rest is just the stage.